Ghent – This city would want you to re-live your student life all over again!

Ever wondered how it would have been like if you had to study at a university located in a city decked with picturesque canals and medieval architecture buildings so close to being surreal and yet not indifferent to the city life.


An atmosphere where calmness and charm of the city would offset the load of the heavy books. And a multitude of festivities throughout the year would keep you relaxed and rejuvenated.


Belgian city Ghent is a university city thriving with a large population of students. The allure of the city is an inspiration to the students who in turn have kept the city vibrant amidst the riches of the well-preserved medieval charm.

Ghent Town Hall

The University of Ghent ranks among the top hundreds and has produced many scholars.

The city of Ghent hosts a string of festivals and carnivals throughout the year which beckon partygoers, music-lovers, and performers from all over the world.

Gentse Feesten held every year in the month of July is a music festival which is attended by more than 2 million enthusiasts. The 10-day festival hosts a series of street acts, free concerts, and music shows.

The Light Festival held every three years at the end of January lights up the city with stunning glow and spectacular colors. The arrangements all over the city by the light artists give a different perspective to the charm of the historical center. The festival also provides the Ghent students and youngsters with an opportunity to showcase their talent.

Then there is the six-day track cycling event held annually in the month of November in ‘Kuipke’ stadium where the cyclists race through the crowd engrossed in the carnival atmosphere. The city also hosts several other festivals which keep the spirit and vibrancy of the city intact.

The city of Ghent is well connected with the capital city Brussels by trains with a journey time less than an hour. The city of Ghent is also well connected with the other popular tourist cities of Belgium. Bruges and Antwerp can be easily visited as a day trip from Ghent.

Hop on onto one of the tour boats to cruise around the city’s romantic waterways dotted with Gothic guildhalls, iconic Castle of the Counts, and the local markets or spend an evening at one of the trendy bar or cafes and talk the time away.


The Ghent city awash with stunning medieval architecture, towering churches and gorgeous quaint houses along the dreamy canals would not have to try hard to make a place in your hearts.

How do you feel about an idea to spend your college life in a city bedecked with canals and festivities? Do share your views in comments.

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  1. Bob R says: Reply

    Thanks for this brief look back. I visited here once very briefly on a long day trip from Paris via train. It was work-related so had little time to see much of anything.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Good to hear Bob. Ghent has many more historical places which can easily take up a complete day. Hope you get to visit it again as a tourist this time 🙂

  2. Lily says: Reply

    I’ve been to Brussels and a couple of other cities in Belgium but not Ghent. It looks beautiful and it definitely would have been a memorable experience if I went to school there!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Its true this beautiful town of Ghent does not easily make a place on everyone’s list. But believe us it’s truly wonderful and worth a visit.

  3. Roxana says: Reply

    Thanks for sharing this. I’ve been to Belgium, but I didn’t know about this town, You pointed out some interesting facts. Mmm, I guess you’ll enjoy the college years everywhere. They are the best

  4. My first and only exposure to Ghent was when we learnt Robert Browning’s poem, “How they brought the good news from Ghent to Aix”. But how I wish I had spent my student days in such a picturesque place like Ghent.

  5. This town seems so lovely and colorful! I think I’ve never heard of this town before but hopefully I’ll visit it soon.

  6. Franco says: Reply

    Well Ghent sure looks charming! The architecture reminds me of the university I went to.

  7. You just can’t beat European architecture. I always noticed on trips to Germany how nice the college buildings were compared to our super industrial class room buildings. How nice it would be to attend school in such beauty.

  8. maryam says: Reply

    I’ve been there haha love it. The vibes there are so simple and pure 🙂 But nothing makes me want to relive my student life lol

  9. Ghent is a very beautiful city. I would definitely like to visit it some day, well, not as a student, I may be a little too old for that :), but as a tourist. Ghent seems a very romantic destination to me and so full of life!

  10. Ghent is beautiful and the university is as you said renowned for having top class educators and churning out good results. European architecture is just beautiful!

  11. I can’t get over how pretty the buildings are. I’d love to spend some time exploring the city some day.

  12. Chris says: Reply

    I’m past my student years but I might go back to University just to blend in with the amazing city of Ghent, absolutely stunning.

  13. Bella says: Reply

    I visited Belgium a many years ago while I was a student and NEVER wanted to leave. I can’t imagine trying to get anything accomplished if I lived in this beautiful city.

  14. Jenn M says: Reply

    Although I’m happy I graduated, and I would never ever repeat student life, Ghent looks beautiful. The buildings are so pretty, so simple yet pops of color.

  15. KatR says: Reply

    The buildings are so colorful and the architecture is intricate and beautiful! What a lovely city to visit. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos of Ghent.

  16. Sara says: Reply

    It looks like a nice city to explore. I wish I traveled more when I was a student, it’s a great time to discover things. I love the architecture.

  17. Alison says: Reply

    I think being there as a student sounds amazing! But it would also be super distracting with all of the fun going on, too! It is beautiful there!

  18. Carrie says: Reply

    Looks like a beautiful city! I would love to live there! The architecture is incredible! Going to university here would be a dream!

  19. Wow, the photos look lovely. Every time I visit a travel blog, it makes me wish I could get up and go. Lots to see.

  20. Amazing pictures! It gives you a pleasant feeling when you look at them and you remember your uni years! I would definitely go back for a while just to experience the feeling of freedom again!

  21. LAURA says: Reply

    Looks absolutely beautiful I would love having that as my daily backdrop/view!!

  22. EG III says: Reply

    You mentioned on your post of Bruges that it’s worth dedicating an entire day to the truly take in the city…Seeing that you’ve been to both Ghent and Bruges, if you had to choose between one or the other, which would you choose?

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      People tend to club Bruges and Ghent together which may be possible but if we would have to choose we would want to spend a whole day in Bruges exploring the romantic city on foot. We did spare one full day for Bruges and Ghent separately.

      1. EG III says: Reply

        Ok, it’s settled. A day in both it is! Thanks for your input!!

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