Blausee and Oeschinensee- A Day trip to the fairytale Lakes of Bernese Oberland!

We have always wondered if the fairies with the magical powers ever inhabited Switzerland years ago. Every place we visit in Switzerland has astonished us and made us wonder if they really exist. Most of the places in Switzerland look like they have been taken right out of some fairytale and the Blausee and Oeschinensee are no exceptions.

With a travel time of little more than an hour from Bern and a couple of hours from Zurich makes these two beautiful lakes in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland a favorite destination for day trippers to spend a day soaking in the magical wonders.

Train to Frutigen and then a bus to Kandersteg would take you the stop Blausee.

We bought our tickets from a counter in a small souvenir shop and started our walk through the stroller friendly paved paths of the forest.

Blausee and Oeschinensee

The first glimpse of the lake was absolutely stunning and left us in complete awe of the beauty.

Blausee and Oeschinensee

Blausee (blue lake in English) is a crystal-clear deep blue lake in the Kander valley of Bernese Oberland. The Lake sits in a breathtaking backdrop of towering pine forest.

Blausee and Oeschinensee

There is a legend that the lake color changed to an intense deep blue shade of the eyes of the young woman who drowned in the lake while mourning for her lost love. There is a statue of the young woman in the lake carved by sculptor Raphael Fuchs in her memory.

Blausee and Oeschinensee

You can take a walk around the lake through the paved paths, rocks, and the bridges or take a ride on the glass-bottom boat included in the entry ticket for an enthralling experience of the mesmerizing lake and the surrounding forest.

Blausee and Oeschinensee

On the other end of the lake is a large playground with swings and slides where Chhavi had her share of fun.

Blausee and Oeschinensee

It is also a perfect picnic spot with several tables and the barbecue grills with wood provided in the park. We had forgotten to unload our bag of the eggs we bought from grocery shopping the previous day. This struck an idea to experiment with cooking eggs on the grill.

It was great fun and they even turned out to be delicious. Many intrigued onlookers would turn up every now and then and check if the eggs were cooked and how they tasted. Am sure they are going to give it a try next time.

There is also a restaurant in the park for the ones not interested in the barbecue option.

After our Blausee adventure, we next headed to Oeschinen Lake. We took the same bus from Blausee stop and continued our journey to Kandersteg.

Blausee and Oeschinensee

The route to gondola station from Kandersteg bus stop runs through green meadows and lovely chalets surrounded by rocky cliffs.

Blausee and Oeschinensee

Blausee and Oeschinensee

A bunch of colorful paragliders sailed above us.

Blausee and Oeschinensee

Oschenensee is at a height of 1,578 meters above sea level.

Blausee and Oeschinensee

There is a sled run with a 750m long track next to the gondola station, which is great fun for kids. Walk through the pastures and pine forests for around 20 minutes or alternatively, take the minibus. The small road to the lake is stroller accessible. The first view of the lake was a sheer bliss and we instantly knew it was going to be the best.

Blausee and Oeschinensee

Blausee and Oeschinensee

Oeschinen Lake is a lake in the Oeschinen valley of the Bernese Oberland. High mountains surround the Lake on all sides. The lake is generally frozen during winter months. There is an option for row boating in the lake. The boat accommodating four people at a time is a great way to spend some delightful time on calm waters amidst the soaring mountains.

Blausee and Oeschinensee

There is a restaurant with food and stay options available.

By the time, it was late afternoon weather started getting colder and the lake was completely covered by clouds hence, we decided to head back before the weather turned worse.

We returned back home and as always browsed through the pictures taken from the trip accompanied by a hot cup of evening tea.

Have you been to these fairytale lakes or Share with us your memories of such stunning lakes in comments, we would love to hear from you.

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47 Comment

  1. David says: Reply

    Such a lovely place that I never heard of before. I love going to mountains and just free my mind. It’s great for taking photos also.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      True David. These lakes look like taken right out of fairy tale and a great place for some laid back experience.

  2. Wow what amazing destinations to visit! Your photos look great. I’d love to travel to these places one day.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Thanks Adina. Glad you liked them. Keep us updated if you plan to visit them πŸ™‚

  3. Alison says: Reply

    I have never been to these lakes before but they look so beautiful! I love your photos because I felt like I was there with you. Now the eggs – that is something I have never tried! πŸ™‚

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Thank you so much Alison. Glad we could make justice to the beauty of the lakes and you liked them. Yeah, Eggs was a kind of fun. Do try and let us know if you liked them πŸ˜‰

  4. I think that is the most stunning lake I have ever seen and what a fascinating legend to discover that they believed it was because a young woman with same colour eyes drowned.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Agree with you Ana, the intriguing legend makes the lake more compelling and stunning. Thanks for stopping by πŸ™‚

  5. Jenn M says: Reply

    My goodness, that destination looks amazing. I love the water, and how it’s clear!
    Beautiful photographs as well!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Thanks Jenn, Its amazing indeed πŸ™‚

  6. Wow this is amazing. I like the how clear the water. I can really see the fish. Wish I could go here with my daughter and wife.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      True! Its incredibly stunning. You should definitely visit these lakes with your family. They are going to have an awesome time πŸ™‚

  7. Denisa says: Reply

    OMG the color of that lake! Plus the legend , plus the landscape … I need to go there see with my own eyes. Thank you for sharing your awesome experience

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Sure Denisa. Everything about these lakes is awesome. You will for definitely love it. Do plan a visit and keep us updated.

  8. maryam says: Reply

    Been to switzerland so many times ! How come I never heard of this place ? when I saw the picture of the lac, I was speechless ! You guys are lucky πŸ™

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      True Maryam, Switzerland has so many hidden gems and its impossible to visit each and every place. We were lucky to spot this lake and make a visit to it.

  9. Great destinations and landscapes! This lake is stunning! I love all pictures, and could only imagine it’s beauty in real life!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Thank you so much. Lakes are stunning indeed. Thanks for stopping by.

  10. Oh my gosh this is so stunning I so want to go here now! The blue of those lakes! Such a beautiful place x

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      True Charlotte. The lakes are amazing. Thanks for stopping by.

  11. Kerry says: Reply

    So picture esque and fantastic photography! Looks like you had a great time!!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Yes Kerry we had a great time. Thanks!

  12. Dunja says: Reply

    Blausee looks like a lake from the fairytale! Switzerland is definitely on my traveliing bucket list

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Switzerland itself is a fairytale country and there is no dearth for magic here. πŸ™‚

  13. Bee says: Reply

    Never heard of seen this place. Looks amazing and worth visiting. Bucket list ✈️

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Switzerland has lot of such hidden gems and this is no exception.

  14. Varun says: Reply

    There is a similar place in germany, called KΓΆnigsee. You guys must visit that. Such a mesmerising place.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      We have not been able to do much of Germany but your suggestion noted to be done someday in future. Thanks Varun!

  15. is that lake REAL? it looks like crystal made, like the South Europe and Italy sea! πŸ™‚
    The pics are all amazing but I mainly fell in love with that azure water!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      It is real Sabrina πŸ˜‰ Yes it does looks incredible and amazing. Thanks!

  16. Absolutely plucked right out of a fairytale. The pics are divine, but I’m still in awe about the first pic and the lake pics. STUNNING!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Thank you so much Johnson. These lakes are indeed dreamy πŸ™‚

  17. Kasana says: Reply

    I read your story! I was searching for the day trips from Zurich to lakes such as oeschinensee and blausee and google directly brought me to your travel blog and I am lucky that it did! Amazing description! And I actually wanted to listen to stories from people already visited there and took some pictures than some marketing websites and photoshopped pictures! My husband and I are planning to to to Zurich next week and hopefully will visit these two lakes in a day. I got some other places to visit too. I have a question please, which month of the year you visited there as you were wearing coats and winter clothes, I am going there in mid August, so any suggestions on clothes, weather condition or any kind info would be appreciated. Thanks a lot.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Thank you so much for your kind words. You can easily visit these two lakes in a day. August is the best season to visit. You probably wont need any coats but carry some light jackets. During our visit probably early November it was, Oeschinensee got a bit windy in the evening till then it was nice sunny πŸ™‚ Happy travelling!

      1. Kasana says: Reply

        Thank you so much for your reply! That was helpful! Keep writing about your travelling! I love to write about my travelling too, but i mostly write them through pictures and my native language! All the best to your future travel plans!

        1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

          Thank you so much Kasana. Glad it helped you πŸ™‚ Have a great and memorable trip!

  18. Jo Billham says: Reply

    We’re going to Oeschinsee in a of days…Can we swim in the lake? Also, we would love to BBQ – what are the options? Are there grills there? Fuels etc?
    Thanks for any help anyone!!!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      You cannot swim in either of the lakes. Group boating is available in Blausee and you can take rowing boat on your own in Oeschinensee. But BBQ with fuel and grill stand is available only in Blausee. Let us know if you need any other information. Thanks for visiting our blog πŸ™‚

  19. neha says: Reply

    This is one place which is high on my wishlist. Plz don’t laugh when I tell you why. Its because I saw something extremely close to this in my dream! And that also long before I knew something like this existed in reality.

  20. The lakes in the Alps are always stunning..loved your pictures! Switzerland is on my bucketlist and I will go here for sure. seeing the fish makes it evident how clear the water is!

  21. Katie says: Reply

    I have never been to Switzerland but it has always been a place I have wanted to go because of its magical scenery and architecture. That lake looks like a scene from a disney movie, how gorgeous! The mountains around Oeschinensee look like something from Frozen – I need to go now!

  22. Switzerland is my FAVORITE and I never see a post about it that I don’t want to hop right into. The legend about the girl with the blue eyes drowning in the lake is crazy! Wonder if that’s true… Thanks for sharing!

  23. Kreete says: Reply

    These photos indeed make Switzerland look like from a fairy tale! That lake is so incredibly clear! I love the photo of you all in a boat and you can see the fish swimming under you! This sounds like a great weekend trip to take one day! Thanks for sharing!

  24. I love Switzerland. I have enjoyed my travels there and must agree that it feels like a fairy tale! The Blausee lake is amazing! The clarity of the water is unlike anything I have seen! Your image shows the fish so clearly beneath the boat! Unreal!

  25. Munchkin Treks says: Reply

    My kids would love to take a trip to the fairytale Lakes of Bernese Oberland. I visited Switzerland briefly when I was studying abroad in France, but I had never heard about these lakes. Your photo of the lake and surrounding forest looks magical!

  26. That rock looks heavy. You guys must be strong! Jokes aside, Switzerland is breathtakingly beautiful and the Bernese Oberland looks particularly special. Lovely photos guys.

  27. I have been to places similar to this (Austria and Germany) but I was not aware of Blausee in Switzerland. Definitely on my list now for my next visit!

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