Giverny – A Garden born and cherished by a Painter’s imagination!

Giverny a commune in northern France well known for Claude Monet’s garden and home. Visiting Giverny and the Monets garden is a popular day trip from Paris.

Giverny day trip from Paris

Before starting with the tour of the garden we decided to stop by a restaurant near the bus station for some light breakfast. We discovered that the owner had an interest in currency notes collection donated by the tourist customers, we were glad to add the Indian currency to the collection.

Giverny day trip from Paris

We started walking towards the garden through the calm and quaint village that had spring blossom on every corner of the street which epitomized the passion of the painter who nurtured the nature.

Giverny day trip from Paris


Giverny day trip from Paris

We presented our online booked ticket at the entrance and walked through a souvenir shop into Monet’s garden. The first thing one can see is the Monets house on the right overlooking the large garden in front called Clos Normand. The garden had a variety of flowers plants with vivid hues amidst the plenitude of greens.

Giverny day trip from Paris

About Monet
Monet was a founder of French Impressionist painting. He bought a house overlooking the garden in Giverny, spent on collecting a variety of flower plants for his gardens and cherished them.

Monet House
Monet lived in this house for forty-three years with his family. The barn next to the house became his first studio which today has replicas of Monet’s works. Above the studio, Monet had his own apartment where he could work and sleep. All the furniture, Ceramics, and kitchen in the house are recreated to give an impression of the bygone times.

Giverny day trip from Paris

Giverny day trip from Paris

Clos Normand did not interest us much, we crossed an underground passage to the other side to the water garden. Ten years after he bought the house in Giverny he designed a pond and a garden inspired by Japanese garden on the other side of the road. The water garden inspired Monet’s famous paintings of water lilies, flower beds, and the Japanese footbridge.

Giverny day trip from Paris

Giverny day trip from Paris

Giverny day trip from Paris

Giverny day trip from Paris

Giverny day trip from Paris

Monet’s garden is open from April until October and this the time when botanists, art lovers, and other garden enthusiasts flock to Giverny to visit Monet’s garden.

Giverny day trip from Paris

At the exit, we found a small chicken yard where we found this cute chicken smiling at us.

Giverny day trip from Paris

Best Time to Visit
Monet’s garden is open from April to October and is the time when vibrant embracing colors are blooming in abundance. The colors change gradually with the season but there is always something to wonder and admire the nature.

How to visit
There is no direct train service to Giverny. Take a 45 minutes train from Gare St. Lazare in Paris to Vernon. Then take a local bus from Vernon to Giverny which would take around 10 to 15 minutes. And then 5 minutes walk from the bus station.

Giverny day trip from Paris

Giverny day trip from Paris

Have you been to Giverny? How was your experience? Do share with us in comments.

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29 Comment

  1. Dr.Mohanraj. R says: Reply

    Such a Wonderful place with so many varieties of flowers and greenery. Nice post!

  2. Joanna says: Reply

    It was so interesting to read your post and see the picture with you on the bridge. You know why? Because two weeks ago I visited the National Gallery in London and I remember stopping in front of the Water Lillys painting and reading exactly the same story, that he specifically build the pond for his painting.

  3. Giverny is not somewhere I’ve ever though about going. Definitely one to visit after reading your post.

  4. Simply beautiful! I love to visit different gardens and especially those ones with a history and a certain connection to something well-known. It seems that it’s quite easy to visit this garden from Paris. It’s a great way to start a tour after having breakfast first 🙂

  5. I would love to see Monet’s garden he was such an inspirational figure and his work will be remembered for centuries to come. The garden is beautiful.

  6. You can see from the Garden pictures why he was so inspired to paint such beautiful pictures!

  7. Kerry says: Reply

    What beautiful colours and a bright garden. Looks fantastic and your pictures have done it great justice!

  8. Nya says: Reply

    I have never been to Giverny before, but I’d surely like to. The pictures are so beautiful. I love flowers, and Monet is an inspiration.

  9. Sonnie says: Reply

    The place looked so serene. A place to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation and just unwind from the craziness of the urban jungle.

  10. Its such a great place to visit. I have been to gardens before but this is the most beautiful one i have seen till date. I dont know why your writing reminds me of this open park scene i saw once in leeds where a little kid was playing with her parents under a tree full of lilac flower; with the entire ground covered in lilac petals and the wind blowing the petals as if it was raining petals that day. quite out of context but I just got reminded of it 😛

  11. Monet’s garden was closed when we were visiting. We really need to plan a trip back. The garden looks so beautiful and your pictures are gorgeous!

  12. Sona says: Reply

    I missed to visit Monet’s garden during my last visit to Paris. It looks very beautiful especially in the flowering season. Pictures are very nice. 🙂

  13. Epepa says: Reply

    I have never been there but I love to walk around the gardens so it’s a definitely a place for me to visit. I suppose it looks even more colorful in the middle of the summer season.

  14. I looked into going here on our last France trip but it didn’t fit our itinerary. I’m very jealous of your photo on the famous bridge!!

  15. This is a beautiful place. As a fellow India, i could not have more proud when the Indian currency was added to the collection 🙂 These houses are so beautiful arent they? i have been to quite a few manors and halls in and around Manchester. They are so well kept and preserved.

  16. Vyjay says: Reply

    Giverny is such an enchanting place, and Monet’s garden looks so surreal, straight out of one of the artist’s paintings. We would love to get to Giverny the next time we head towards Paris.

  17. I have not been to Giverny but I definitely want to go someday. A visit to Monet’s garden looks wonderful! Your pictures of all the beautiful flowers are giving me some wanderlust.

  18. Ami says: Reply

    A beautiful garden indeed. No wonder he painted the way he did. Thanks for the virtual tour. 🙂

  19. Tae says: Reply

    it felt like I was there with you 🙂 What beautiful gardens and experience! I love the chicken’s hair – so cute 😀

  20. I love Monet’s paintings so it’s a shame that I’ve never been to Giverny. I love the photos of the flowers and the footbridge. You definitely show why someone would want to visit.

  21. Monet was a great painter and his works are often discussed in the Sunday issues of the morning newspapers. Your photographs and concise text are a delight, I must say. The photos particularly do justice to Monet’s house and city and God willing, someday, I will definitely visit this place.

  22. Karen says: Reply

    I’ve always wanted to go to Monet’s garden and having seen your beautiful post here, I must make plans to go, as I live in France, so it’s not as if I have to visit another country! A lovely post with great photos, Karen

  23. It looks much more tranquil than when I visited last May! Did you happen to go inside his home? I was unable to because there were just so many people but the gardens are indeed stunning. Monet’s paintings are gorgeous and truly reflect the magic of his garden, as do your photographs.

  24. Komang Ayu says: Reply

    The chicken very funny. I have never seen a chicken like that in Indonesia. I want to have a chicken like that. hehehehehehhe …
    What the flowers in your picture it really there? flowers are very beautiful.
    I like it. I love flowers many colors.

  25. Giverny looks like something picked out of a fantasy read! I’ve always loved Monet’s paintings, and I would love to visit his house and gardens. I assume you can be struck with inspiration just walking through them.

  26. Blair Villanueva says: Reply

    Beautiful garden! No wonder Monet became fascinated with these. This garden seems bringing a good charm for visitors.

  27. I’ve been eye-ing this town for some time now via Pinterest but I had no idea the history, let alone a full picture of the amazing gardens. Thank you for the great info, I think we had plans for next fall – I’ll make sure to go before they close in October

  28. This is absolutely breathtaking! I would love to see this. I am a fan of all things flowers.

  29. I love this article! But then I’m always delighted to read posts about places, people and viewing pictures of beautiful flowers!

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