Bruges – A charming medieval town that breathes Romance!

Bruges is a pure and untouched surreal medieval town. A walk through the perfectly preserved cobblestone streets, the elegant houses lining the pristine canals dotted by the swans, arch stone bridges crossing over canals and the historic churches are sure to create an aura of a fairyland.

The Song “Chaar Kadam” from the popular Bollywood movie ‘PK’ which is completely shot in the gorgeous town of Bruges is enough to leave anyone wonderstruck. We headed to Bruges for a relaxed and laid down trip, oblivious of the excitement and adventure awaiting us.

We reached Brussels-Midi/Zuid Station early morning (one can also take a train from Brussels central) only to know that all the trains to Bruges were canceled due to a local strike. After waiting for sometime dispirited we decided to check if there were any buses running to Bruges and to our utter astonishment the guy at the information desk informed that a train had just arrived and was ready to leave to Bruges in 5 mins. We bought tickets and rushed to the platform and boarded the train waiting there.

The train started around half an hour late and stopped at Ghent, which is on the way to Bruges. We were waiting for the train to leave Ghent when there was an announcement that the train is canceled and another train on some other platform would now continue to Bruges. We ran towards the platform and boarded the train, which was about to leave. Finally, we reached Bruges!

Once in Bruges station, we visited the tourist office where a lady handed us a walking tourist map and informed us that all the sightseeing points were at a walkable distance which completely relieved our worries as we were already overwhelmed with the hustle and loss of enthusiasm.

After a delectable treat of colorful donuts and pastries in a bakery shop next to tourist office, we started walking towards the nearest sightseeing point as per the map. We came to the picturesque ‘Minnewater’, the name translates into English as “Lake of Love,” a small pristine lake flocked with beautiful swans, the reflection of the surrounding trees with hues of fall, quaint brick houses, and a neo-Gothic castle created a romantic atmosphere.

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

Beguinage of Bruges is a tranquil area with gorgeous lush greens and houses a museum with information on Beguinage history and its inhabitants.

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

We stopped by to try out some waffles. When in Belgium one should indulge into trying as many flavors of waffles as possible and it can’t be better than Bruges in Belgium to taste some of the exotic flavors.

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

Bruges also has some of the best fries made yummy with a topping of mayonnaise or tomato ketchup. Indeed, Bruges is said to have the first and only museum dedicated to potato fries and the production of Belgian fries.

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

We visited the ‘Church of Our Lady’ and ‘St. Salvator’s Cathedral’ and walked into the heart of medieval Bruges the Markt Square, which was packed with tourists. Fine buildings and busy horse-drawn carriages flanked the square.

Markt Square houses belfry with a carillon of 47 bells and a climb up to 366 steps rewards one with breathtaking panoramic view of the city, the Basilica of the Holy Blood with the exquisitely adorned basilica and amazing stained-glass windows and the Bruges City Hall which is one of the oldest city halls in the entire region.

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

Next stop was the Jan van Eyckplein, one of the prettiest squares named after renowned Bruges painter Jan van Eyck whose statue stands in the middle of the square.

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

The square was once a center for most of the port activity. Today the tranquil and less touristy atmosphere of the square and the colorful ornate buildings along the canal holds a captivating appeal.

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

We spent some time relaxing around the square and started walking in the direction of the St.-Anne quarter looking for the windmills. We visited the beautiful and peaceful Sint-Annakerk church in Sint-Annaplein and finally came to the Kruispoort that has 4 windmills dating from the 18th century. We took some pictures with the windmill and started heading towards the station.

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

On our way back to the Bruges station we took lots of pictures of the narrow cobbled streets, colors of fall along the canals, the tourist boats, and the medieval buildings. One cannot just stop taking pictures of this wonderful town; every corner has something to fascinate everyone.

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

Bruges a charming medieval town that breathes romance

Though the best way to see the sights of Bruges is on foot one can also rent a bike and enjoy the ride or take a relaxed horse carriage ride through the heart of the city of Bruges under the guided tour of the carriage driver.

Usually, people tend to combine Bruges with Ghent yet another enchanting town in Belgium but Bruges deserves a full day at leisure to completely enjoy it.

Have you been to Bruges? Do share with us your experience in comments.

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  1. Yuck, I never understood the fries with mayonnaise. The architecture is pretty enough to forgive even the mayo fries.

  2. Marije says: Reply

    Aaah, it felt like I was there back again. It’s been a couple of years but I recognized most of it. And those waffles! Yum!

  3. What beautiful pictures! I definitely want to travel around Belgium some day as well. When we do, we will be sure to try out the waffles in Bruges. They looks so delicious.

  4. I love Bruges, it is so pretty and romantic! The architecture is beautiful there, and the Belgian food is always so delicious!!

  5. Sheri says: Reply

    Bruges is a fanastic place to be! I love this place. We went there from Amsterdam on a day trip and it was so beautiful. I think one more day there might have been nice but it was well worth it. I love the picture of you on the stairs by the windmill!

  6. Continually seeing photos of Bruges and its reminiscing beauty makes me want to go there more and more. I guess I will have to make a trip before we move back to the US next year. Oh and the waffles look delicious… bc I am sure they are! 🙂

  7. Kat says: Reply

    You know, this is the second time this day that I’ve read something about Bruges. Though I’m not aware of this place before today, it seems like a marvelous place to visit for a day when in Belgium. What are the exotic flavors of waffle that you’ve mentioned and tried?

  8. Another FABULOUS post about Bruges, I have just read another one, but I never get tired of reading about and seeing this amazing city, it’s one of my all time favourite places to visit! I LOVE the architecture, but it’s also the beer, chocolate and fries with mayonnaise that attracts me too!

  9. Vyjay says: Reply

    Bruges is such an enchanting place, so picturesque and charming, still has the typical old world elegance which you find in many of the European towns. A stroll along the town would be such a soothing experience.

  10. I’ve just read a post about Bruges but it wasn’t mentioned there that Bruges has a museum for potato fries. It’s an interesting tidbit of information. Also I liked the places you have here, it shows me more about the place and surrounding area.

  11. I’ve never been to Belgium, but I’m soon leaving for an interrail trip through Europe and I’m seriously considering stopping by for a couple days!
    Plus I must try those luscious waffles in the country where they were born. I can almost smell the delicious fried dough by just looking at the photos 🙂
    And the fries museum, I HAVE to see it! I’m actually a local-food-museum-junkie, I’ve visited currywurst museum in Berlin and would love to add potato fries one to my list!

  12. I’ve been to Bruges and I already want to go back! You are right to say that there is always something beautiful to photograph. And those fries and waffles look delicious! I’m glad the train strike didn’t stop you from going.

  13. Tae says: Reply

    How beautiful 🙂 I love the picture of you two on the river, with the quaint homes. And those waffles :O :O Give me, now!q

  14. This is a great way to spend a day in Bruges. I dont think I got you clearly but did you visit the museum you write about? Also, those waffles look very delicious.

  15. bruges city could be my next travel destination. I am interested in this place. bruges city is unique in the building. maybe there are other things better there. your article makes me want to get there.

  16. Blair Villanueva says: Reply

    Bruges looks so romantic and those foods seems delish 😀 Yum!
    And those swans are soo dreamy..

  17. Bruges seems to me like a quiet and relaxing city, but still very interesting to visit due to its medieval architecture. I’d definitely love to visit sometime soon!

  18. Lance says: Reply

    What I like about Brugge is that the town is only an hour away by train. I find this place so relaxed and so green. Oh my I can’t remember the exact number of waffles I ate that day. Its been two years since I last visited Belgium. Brugge is a fine, worthwhile place to spend for a day or more.

  19. Liana says: Reply

    Bruges is such a nice city! It’s romantic, and the architecture is incredible, and such a perfect getaway for a couple. It’s quiet and you find everything there. I guess, you might get bored at some point, but there are a bunch of stuff to do when you’re visiting for a couple of days a you stated!

  20. Inka says: Reply

    You are making me hungry with you posts about Waffles and Posts. Bruges has never been on my list but it has been added now. I especially like the Photography of you sitting on the River and the Castle look Building in the Back ground. I think it would be a Photography Heaven like you have mentioned.

  21. Wow. A museum dedicated to waffles and fries. That is one place that I would love to visit someday 🙂
    Beautiful pictures as usual Rashmi and Chalukya

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