Exploring Comic adventures on Brussels Comic Strip Route

We were visiting Brussels for the second time with a plan to visit the cities of Antwerp and Dinant. We planned to start Antwerp late morning hence we had some time to spend in Brussels. We decided to play treasure hunt for the comic strip tour.

Brussels being the hometown of popular comic character Tintin one can find more than 55 comic strips spread across the city. We browsed through the internet and found that there were more than half of them around Brussels south to Brussels north station.

We started with Brussels south station and the first one we found left us in awe. The colorful over long mural was depicting a scene from daily life with a fun loving boy Jojo with his friend Tarzan and Jojo’s Grandma in the second part.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Le Petit Jojo by Geerts At Rue Piereman, 1000 Brussels

We were searching for one around the flea market around 10 minutes from Jojo and casually turned around to check how far we had come and there we stood stunned. Mural was there right on the back wall of the small house we just passed by. Mural shows mischievous little boy Boule with his lovely dog Bill.

Boule & Bill by Roba At Rue du Chevreuil, 1000 Brussels

One need to look for these comics 360 deg around you because if they are in the opposite direction of your walk you may give it a miss.

This mural will definitely catch an eye where a lovely lady is been helped by the missionary Odilon Verjus to escape the leopard and his scared disciple hiding behind. Chalukya too doing his bit hoping that the lady gets impressed.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Odilon Verjus by Laurent Verron At Rue des Capucins 13, 1000 Brussels

And the back side wall of the building was bedecked with another mural where a caged animal manages to grab a fruit through the cage which annoys the seller but looks like in second part the seller looks calm with a bill ready to be settled.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Blondin et Cirage by Jijé At Rue des Capucins 15, 1000 Brussels

This painting was easily hiding being the skyscrapers near the Notre dam and we were lucky enough to spot it. Spirou is an adventurer in striking red uniform solving mysteries around the world accompanied by Spip, his pet squirrel.

Spirou by Yoann & Velhmann At Rue Notre Dame des Grâces, 1000 Brussels

Sometimes the strips are snuggled up between buildings and it is really difficult to notice them. This one was hiding behind the scaffolding. Mural shows St. Peter watering a cannabis plant while a bunch of uncontrollable angels trouble around.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Passe-moi l’ciel by Stuf At Rue des Minimes 91, 1000 Brussels

There was a construction work and we were having a look at work and found this mural peeking. The Mural is about Jeune Albert a kiddish naughty  young boy reading a detective story from the famous “Série Noire” series while waiting for the tram.

Brussels Comic Strip Route

Just a couple of steps from the infamous Mannekin Pis we bumped into the comic hero himself. Tintin. Tintin, his dog Snowy and his friend Captain Haddock were busy with their adventure from The Calculus Affair – the eighteenth album in the series.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Tintin by Herge At Rue de l’Étuve, 1000 Brussels

Along the same street as the Manneken Pis. The mural shows a young man who merrily takes off his straw hat and holds his hand to the beauty Colombe Tiredaile amidst the celebration and the colorful fireworks.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Olivier Rameau by Dany Rue du Chêne 9, 1000 Brussels

In the mid of the heavy traffic junction, these couples walked hand in hand. Broussaille was the very first comic strip mural in July 1991. Gingertop and his lovely girlfriend Catherine go for a walk around the city.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Broussaille by Frank Pé Plattesteen, 1000 Brussels

Found this one in a square when we were searching for next mural we were skeptical about it being the one we were looking for.

Brussels Comic Strip Route

Dubious and hesitant we started to leave and we thought to have a last look at it and found this! Nero the man peculiar nosed man holding out hands for the birds is the popular heroes of Flemish comic strips. Nero is supported by other comic characters while Tuizentfloot hides in the tree.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Nero by Marc Sleen Place Saint-Géry, 1000 Brussels

This was in a playground well fenced and least expected spot. Asterix, Obelix and their spirited and enthusiast fellow villagers led by the dog Dogmatix are speeding to attack a Roman camp.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Asterix by Uderzo Rue de la Buanderie 33-35, 1000 Brussels

This mural was at end of the same street. While the paint on the name of the bank is still not done the infamous Dalton brothers rob the bank and the hero Lucky Luke as always is on the go to chase the robbers.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Lucky Luke by Morris Rue de la Buanderie 19, 1000 Brussels

This one’s really awesome isn’t it? Looks like there is a fun party happening down the road, everyone soaked up in their passion for dance, shaking a leg at the beats. The best example how to make the best use of space available. The facade is painted blue with the windows showing the scenes from the party. Caroline Baldwin the private detective can be spotted in the last window.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Caroline Baldwin by André Taymans Place de Ninove, 1000 Brussels

On the same street Cori, the ship’s boy waved to us with joy and jubilation from a mast top probably for he was set on his passion for adventures in the sea.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Cori the ship’s Boy by Bob De Moor Rue des Fabriques 21, 1000 Brussels

We were done with the hunting and decided to start towards our apartment and found a mural of this cute white doggy Cubitus having fun imitating the Mannekin Pis.

Brussels Comic Strip Route
Cubitus by Dupa Rue de Flandre 109, 1000 Brussels

We had walked for around 5 km and were completely exhausted. Brussels definitely has no dearth of artists. Comic strip walking tour on your own is definitely not a good choice. We would suggest hopping onto a bicycle or joining one of the guided walking tours in this way you could save time and energy too.

There is an entire museum dedicated to the Belgian Comics and its creators. Read More.

Let us know if you have done this tour of comic strips and how many could you spot?

If you are planning to stay for some time in Brussels then go for day trips to the gorgeous Belgian cities of Ghent, Bruges, Antwerp and Dinant brimming with architecture and history.

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  1. What beautiful artwork! I love finding gems like this in new cities and now I cannot wait to travel to Brussels to see this in person!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Agree Rachael. Comic Strip is indeed a gem of art in Brussels.

  2. These are fantastic! I haven’t been to Brussels yet, but I will look for these when I am there. So glad I read this!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Thank you so much. We are sure you would have fun hunting for these 😉

  3. Marcelle says: Reply

    What a fantastic post! I shared it with my uncle who is publishes comic books.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Thanks Marcelle. Glad you liked it 🙂

  4. Kerri says: Reply

    Absolutely stunning photos. I loved seeing some of this when I was in Brussels last year but you have done it all so much justice. It’s a great part of this city. Well done.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      True Kerri, Comic Strip Route is one beautiful treasure trove of Brussels. Thanks!

  5. I did see few of them but did not go hunting them since I did not have time. All these ones are so good.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Thanks Soumya. Even we could cover only half of them. One definitely needs more time and energy 🙂

  6. Garth says: Reply

    This is awesome I had absolutely no idea about these, as we’ve not visited Brussels yet. I’m a graphic designer so I love street art, will definitely look up a walking tour, thanks for sharing!

  7. What a great idea!! I have a Belgian friend who lives in Antwerp so I am very aware of Tin Tin but didn’t know you could carry out this fabulous “route”. When I visit her again, I will be sure to do this … so much fun, and a different way of exploring a City! I am just doing a post of painted pianos around Gloucester centre so it’s nice to know there are other travellers out there who like similair adventures 🙂

  8. David says: Reply

    This looks like a lot of fun and a creative way to get people to explore the city. I was a fan of Asterix growing up, so I would get a kick out of this. Will have to do this next time I visit friends in Belgium. Cheers!

  9. I’ve seen a few of these on my visits to Brussels but you’ve managed to find so many – fantastic work! I will definitely keep my eyes peeled the next time I visit! I think these strips definitely give Brussels a playful feel!

  10. Comic Strip hunting looks like a lot of fun. Will definitely do this when I get to Brussels!

  11. Vyjay says: Reply

    Brought back lovely childhood memories of TinTin and other comics characters. The art is so colorful and fun.

  12. Barry says: Reply

    I recently did a road trip around Belgium but didn’t get chance to see this great art. The pictures of TinTin are spectacular. Just shared on Pinterest now.

  13. How cool! Love that there are comics around the city. What a fun adventure to seek them all out.

  14. Cathy says: Reply

    Finding street art is like a scavenger hunt! I love this, great art!

  15. Claire says: Reply

    Looking at these pictures is putting a smile on my face. Love all these comic paintings over Brussels. Looks like there are a few I missed though!

  16. Jen says: Reply

    What a cool way to explore Brussels – I had no clue comic strips were such a big thing there! I always love seeing street art in new places, but this takes it to a new level.

  17. How fun! I don’t think I’ve seen a city that celebrates its culture and street art so much. Definitely something we’ll have to look out for!

  18. I didn’t know Tintin was from Brussels. Thank you for sharing the comic strip tour. I loved see all the comic strips and murals. Loved the colors! So vibrant!

  19. Great article! I Love the comics! that’s an amazing art work! thank you for sharing this. I didn’t know that Brussel was such an artistic city! will need to add it to my wish list.

  20. I loved comic strips as a kid. Who doesn’t, right? This would be such a fun tour idea for a family with kids, just as much as travelers of any age.

  21. Anne says: Reply

    OMG. I absolutely love these. I lived in BXL for a year and never saw these although it was a long time ago so maybe they weren’t there. Or maybe I wasn’t very observant!

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