A visit to the Catalonian Capital Barcelona

Gaudi, football, and the sea have lured millions of tourists every year to visit the fascinating city of Barcelona. And once in the vibrant city the wide range of culinary delights, the awesome weather throughout the year and the lively atmosphere are going to hold you back and rethink on ending your vacation here.

We booked an apartment in Avinguda Gaudi close to Sagrada Familia. Avinguda Gaudi is a bustling street connecting Sagrada Familia with the Hospital de Sant Pau and is lined with many outdoor and indoor restaurants.

Sagrada Familia
Sagrada Familia designed by Antoni Gaudi has been under construction since 1892 and is expected to complete by 2026 at the centenary of Gaudi’s death.

Visit Catalonian Capital Barcelona

The church is made of complex geometric designs and the angled columns resembling trees all inspired by nature. One can climb to the top of the tower through an elevator for spectacular views of Barcelona.

Visit Catalonian Capital Barcelona

Gaudi’s tomb is present in one of the chapels in the church. There is a school building in the vicinity originally designed by Gaudi for the children of the construction workers. A museum exhibits the plans and models, which were used to construct the basilica.

Passeig de Gracia
A couple of km walk from Sagrada Familia is the prominent avenue in Barcelona the Passeig de Gracia. The popular shopping street with designer brand shops is home to some of the ornate and meticulous style of architectural design by several famed architects including Gaudi.

Visit Catalonian Capital Barcelona

Among all the most gorgeous ones are the Casa Amatller, Casa Batllo, and Casa Mila, which are also open to the public.

Football Club Barcelona
Next on our list was Football Club Barcelona. Due to a scheduled match, the club was open only till afternoon hence we had to rush. We boarded a metro line L5 and got down at the station Collblanc close to the club. We collected our tickets and started our FCB tour through the museum.

FCB is a professional football club and the largest stadium in Barcelona with a capacity of more than 98k. The tour begins at a gallery with a collection of trophies representing the achievements of FCB teams.

Visit Catalonian Capital Barcelona

An interactive wall display shows important historical moments of FCB.

Visit Catalonian Capital Barcelona

There is an entire section dedicated to Argentinian superstar Leo Messi. We walked past the conference room, team changing rooms to the pitch which gives one the feel of excitement as experienced by the players during a match. Both the stadium grounds and the spectator seating section have stunning views of the stadium.

Visit Catalonian Capital Barcelona

Park Guell
Once we were done with the FCB tour we took the metro on L5 and changed to L3 to get down at Vallcarca station. Just around 5 minutes walk from station one can find several sets of escalators to climb the Carmel Hill to visit the Park Guell.

We entered through the west entrance and walked through the public park area to the ticket counter to visit the monument area. There is restricted entrance to the monument area in batches hence its recommended to book tickets online to avoid waiting for the time slot allocated.

The main entrance to Park Güell monument area is on the south side, on Carrer d’Olot. To either side of the entrances are the two small buildings that house a shop and a museum on the history of the park.

Visit Catalonian Capital Barcelona

Other architectural interests are the dragon fountain on the stairs leading to the large esplanade called Nature Square which has some of the remarkable tiled mosaic seats. The Square provides with wonderful views of the park and the City. An iron gate from the square leads to the gardens area with a walkway with amazing architecture work.

Visit Catalonian Capital Barcelona

Visiting the park through the Vallcarca station would take around 20 to 25 minutes with a steep hill walk for last 250 m. This option is not wheelchair or stroller accessible. The better option would be to visit park through the bus line 92 or 24 that has a stop at Carretera del Carmel-Park Guell at the main entrance of the park.

Barceloneta Beach
After the enchanting experience, we decided to end our day with a relaxed stroll along the beach. The last stop of bus line 92 from the main entrance of Park Guell is Pg Martim, which is at the broad walkway built over the Barceloneta beach. This is the closest beach to Barcelona city center and takes around half an hour to reach the beach from Park Guell.

Visit Catalonian Capital Barcelona

Barceloneta beach is known for its sandy beach and has many seafood restaurants along the boardwalk. Beach is also equipped with Lifeguard, public toilets, children games area and sports activities. The beach can also be reached by metro station Barceloneta on line 4.

We boarded back the bus line 92 that has a stop at the Avinguda Gaudi, close to our apartment. We enjoyed our dinner at one of the restaurants with outdoor seating.

Other Attractions
One can also visit the Barcelona’s largest aquarium that has over 450 different species and an amusing 80-meter long underwater tunnel. The light and music show at the Montjuic Magic Fountain is also a popular attraction for the tourists.

Have more time in Barcelona? Why not plan a day trip to the Catalonian Pilgrimage Destination of Montserrat. We visited in November when the climate was very pleasant. If you are planning a visit to Barcelona or some of other parts of Spain do read for best time of the year to visit Spain for some insightful information.

Have you been to Barcelona, What are your favorite attractions? Do share with us in comments.

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  1. Beautiful Church I must say. Looks like you got to explore a lot. Need to take a trip here especially after seeing that football ground.

    1. mm GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Yes there is lot more to explore in and around Barcelona. Check out our trip day trip to Montserrat.

  2. Brian says: Reply

    Wow, that’s quite a long construction period for the Sagrada Familia. I spent New Years 2010-11 in Barcelona and am glad I did!

  3. Jolina says: Reply

    The architecture is stunning! And I cannot believe that church has been under construction since 1892. Talk about delayed lol. Haven’t been, hope to go someday!

  4. That interactive wall display is really impressive. I’d love to visit Barcelona and see the church!

  5. Elizabeth O. says: Reply

    Barcelona is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen! I would love to go back someday and explore more of its many beautiful sights.

  6. That looks exactly like a gingerbread house straight out of a fairytale! There is such a variety of things to do, Barcelona is on my bucket list.

  7. Carrie says: Reply

    The Sagrada Familie is a beautiful church! So unique! I loved being in Barcelona! It has been such a long time though! Thanks for reminding what a beautiful place it is.

  8. They have all the unique architecture that you simply cannot miss! I would love to explore Barcelona someday! It would be awesome to see these lovely buildings in person!

  9. Barcelona looks like a vibrant and colourful place, I would love to visit myself one day.

  10. Joanna says: Reply

    I have been to Barcelona last year and at first I didn’t really enjoy it but then, with the right company, I found it amazing! I loved to suntan on Barcelonetta beach and walk alongside Gaudi’s architecture. Next time you are there I can recommend you watch the fountains “dance”. It’s quite an amazing show.

  11. lex says: Reply

    am a barcelona fan, and i must confess that this view is so wonderful. great architecture everywere and the great feeling of being so so close to the stadium and fans is warm for anyone who visits. the capital has alot more to offer than just the football as i can see from here.

  12. Ana says: Reply

    Looks like there’re so many things to explore in Barcelona! The architecture of Sagrada Familia is just awe-dropping! One of my friends is from Barcelona and have heard a lot from her about its boundless culture and fabled architecture!

  13. Barcelona is always a great place to visit! The Gaudi’s touch gives the city so special look, feeling and atmosphere.

  14. Mary says: Reply

    My family goes to Spain every year, but I’ve never been able to go. My sister has close friends that own a hotel in Barcelona, and the city always looks gorgeous. I’m so impossibly jealous that you got to go!

  15. I always want to go to Barcelona, but haven’t got the chance yet. The Nature Square is amazing, and unique. It must have been a great adventure for you and your family.

  16. bee says: Reply

    I’ve been to Barcelona and I loved it so much. I didn’t do much so I’m planning a trip back. This is a good guide.

  17. I love the architecture, which is just stunning! Very impressive! It seems like a very nice adventure 😉 I want to visit Barcelona (finally)!!!

  18. Jackie says: Reply

    I love all the photos, the city of Barcelona looks very beautiful, especially the interesting architecture. Would love to visit.

  19. Woah I can’t believe it has been under construction for so long, it looks like an incredible work of art if you ask me.

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