Trekking Trips to experience the invigorating magic of Mumbai Monsoons

Mumbai is a city full of dreamers and yuppies who work hard to pursue their dreams amidst all the hustle bustle of the metropolis. And when one feels like getting away from this concrete jungle and hectic schedule, Mumbai will embrace you with a plenitude of rejuvenating verdurous nature and beaches.

To escape the monotonous 9-to-6 jobs and to respite from the city hustle-bustle we started exploring places in and around Mumbai. Hiking through the lush green forests, the gushing streams and chirping of the birds reinvigorated our spirits and refreshed our soul. And traveling became an indispensable part of our life.

Joins us as we take a stroll down our memory lanes and reminisce our wonderful trekking experience:


We boarded a train to Neral station and thereafter a sharing taxi to the top of the hill. The cars are not allowed into the forest beyond a certain point. So either one explores on foot, hire a horse or hop onto a toy train which runs every two hours to explore the natural beauty and various vantage points. Matheran has many hotels and homestays for people interested in a weekend getaway.

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai


We drove all the way to Bhivpuri village alternatively one can board a train to Bhivpuri station and then an auto to Bhivpuri village. We parked our car and walked through a small village to a large picturesque open green space with a gushing waterfall at a distance. The waterfall is around 20 feet high and the landscape has many small streams and rivulets to explore. Several activities like trekking and rappelling also take place here.

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Chinchoti Falls

We drove to Vasai and parked our car in Kaman Village alternatively board a train to Vasai station and then take a bus to Kaman Village. We walked through the lush green fields and then a paved path through the dense forest running parallel to a stream to reach the waterfalls. Chinchoti waterfalls have several small and large waterfalls. Valley crossing and Rappelling activities are arranged here. One can also visit the nearby attractions like Tungareshwar temple and Kamandurg Peak.

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai


Kolad a quaint village on Mumbai – Goa Highway is brimming with nature and turns out to be our favorite hangout spot in monsoons. We usually drive to Kolad and explore the places around.

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Our favorite stop in Kolad is the Bhira Dam. The Dam is situated in a scenic location surrounded by green hills dotted with waterfalls. It is usually less crowded and a great place to spend some peaceful time.

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Trekking, rafting, kayaking, river crossing and many more water sports activities attract adventurists to Kolad.


Kondeshwar is a town with an abundance of water bodies, dam and an ancient temple. A visit to Kondeshwar was an amazing experience biking through the muddy roads amidst lush green landscape and the pretty villages. We stopped at Bhoj dam built around the Kondeshwar Lake on the way to the temple. The Lord Shiva’s temple was almost submerged in the waters gushing down from the hills above due to the incessant rains. One can also board a train to Badlapur and then hire an auto to the Kondeshwar temple.

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Korigad fort

Korigad fort is a fort in Pune district. We drove all the way to Peth Shahpur village and started hiking through the dense forest stopping by small streams and several caves on the way. The top of the fort is a flat terrain with two beautiful lakes and small temples amidst the tranquil ambiance. The ramparts of the fort are completely intact and a walk along its entire perimeter rewards one with wonderful vistas of the surrounding villages and Ambi Valley.

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Kothaligad Trek

We boarded a train to Karjat station and then an auto to the Peth Village. The climb from Peth village to Kothaligad fort is accompanied with scenic vistas of the valleys and lush green forests. We climbed through series of caves and stopped at a temple at the base of the fort which had beautiful carvings on walls and pillars. The most interesting is a chimney-like tunnel to the top of the fort which is carved from inside forming a staircase reaching the top.

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai


Lohagad-Visapur is twin forts in the Lonavala region around 80 km from Mumbai. We drove all the way to Bhaje Village at the base of the fort. One can also board a train to Malavli and walk to the Bhaje village. The Lohagad fort is well preserved. Though the route up was slippery due to rains it was worth it for the scenic vistas all along the way. One can also visit the Bhaji caves on the way to Lohagad.

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Visapur is larger than its twin fort of Lohagad. Visapur fort has caves, water tanks and ruins of a Peshwa’s Palace. The ramparts reward with breathtaking panoramic vistas of the surrounding.

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Pandavkada Waterfalls

Pandavkadas has been the easiest trek till date. We parked our car in the village of Pandavkada and then an easy 15-minutes walk lead us to the falls. One can also board a train to Kharghar and then take an auto to the falls. The waterfall, about 100 meters high pours out thrusting down the cliff on the rocky surface underneath. Pandavkada is said to have derived its name from the Pandavas of Hindi Epic Mahabharat who had once visited the place and took bath below the falls when they were exiled in the forests. Read more about our visit to the Pandavkada Waterfalls.

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai


Rajmachi is one of our most thrilling treks till date. We boarded a train to Karjat and then an auto to Kondivade village where the trekking to Rajmachi begins. We started as a group of 20, lost our way and completed only half the way by dusk. Half of us decided to stay back in a village in a locals hut and complete the trek next morning. The main attractions are the forts of Shrivardhan and Manaranjan which requires trekking through the steep paths in the mountain.

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Monsoon Trekking Mumbai

Mumbai is close to the Western Ghats a mountain range along the western coast of the Indian peninsula. And hence have some of the best getaways that make for awe-inspiring trekking destinations. These trekking spots turn magical during the monsoons when the mountains are wrapped lush green dotted with numerous gorgeous waterfalls.

Have you been to any of these trekking spots or any other we missed here? Do share with us your experience.

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43 Comment

  1. Angela says: Reply

    Rajmachi looks like it has a weeping wall! Wow, this sounds like an amazing adventure not to be missed. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Visapur looks straight out of a movie set! I’ve never been to Mumbai but it seems like a bustling city, great to have all this beautiful and quiet nature just a short train ride away…

  3. Thanks for sharing your secret spot in Kolad! Also, the photo from Visapur Fort looks remarkably similar to the area visible from the top of “la piedra” in Guatape, Colombia. Small world!

  4. Wow, each of those waterfalls and trekking spots look gorgeous. Looks like something out of Jurrasic Park.

  5. Those falls are absolutely beautiful. All these tiny segments of falls from the mountain are all gorgeous to look at. This is definitely something to consider for a future trip!

  6. Those falls! Oh my goodness! They are stunning! How in the world are those not being advertised more? I guess though that at some point it’s a good thing? The place isn’t too commercialized and you’d be able to enjoy it more.

    1. mm GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Can’t agree more on this Noemi, non-commercialization does help preserve the pristine beauty of nature.

  7. Those waterfalls look amazing! It almost feels like you went back to a time when the world was wild and untamed.

  8. The scenery looks amazing. All those waterfalls….Looks like kind of my place.

  9. Annie says: Reply

    What a beautiful place to explore! I am a little bit confused though, these look to me like waterfalls, but I noticed you called them ‘monsoons’. Is this a nickname or a local name for them?

    1. mm GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Yes Annie they are beautiful indeed! 🙂 and the one you see are waterfalls. Rainy season in Asia are called Monsoons.

  10. I always have images of India not being so green and verdant – but of course it must be as so much tea is grown there. Beautiful looking place.

  11. I’ve visited Mumbai a couple of times, yet never really had the opportunity to explore its surroundings. You inspired me to do that next time!

  12. Woah, you guys saw a ton of places! Chinchoti Falls look so cool!

  13. Khansa says: Reply

    I just recently heard about Matheran and I see it again here. I was at the Khargar hills but couldnt see the Pandavkada waterfalls as the area was closed when I visited because it was monsoon. All these places look amazing

  14. Gemma says: Reply

    I’m surprised that all of this fantastic landscape is only a train ride from Mumbai. I wish I had known this before I went, I’m not a huge fan of the city!

  15. I always see Mumbai in my head as one big crazy busy city much like any other around the world. I had no idea there was so much natural beauty close by. I’d love to stop by all those fabulous waterfalls!

  16. Gareth says: Reply

    Wow, these are some superbly beautiful places and it’s incredible to think that the exist only a short way out of the metropolis of Mumbai. Lohagad-Visapur is particular looks incredible and as a history-buff, the forts certainly sound intriguing. I can’t believe how lush everything looks, I guess that is the monsoon rains coming to revitalise life in the area

  17. Those falls look breathtaking! And it looks like there’s no one else around but you and your companion! Is it always that peaceful?

  18. This has been on our agenda since many years, but some other destination always takes priority. The biggest deterrent is that we stay in Delhi and can’t possibly drive our own car there. But someday, soon…

  19. Gabi says: Reply

    What a beautiful place, really! The views of the falls are dreamy. Was the trekking very difficult? I’d really love to visit, the more I read about Mumbai, the more I want to go with my kids!

  20. Except Matheran I have not heard about others. Good to know these off beat destinations/falls around Mumbai. Yoga in falls…. 🙂 Great pic. It will make an ideal cover pic.

  21. Joanna says: Reply

    You are so lucky to live in an area surrounded by nature and high mountains. I love hiking and excepting the mud, this would be a perfect place for me to explore the nature. I love the Bhira Dam with its amazing waterfalls but also Visapur, with its stunning fort. It’s very impressive how the fort was build so high up in the mountains.

  22. Lea says: Reply

    I don’t know if I have ever seen such green places on earth! Must be so amazing to go there, so far away from big cities and stress ’cause it looks so peaceful! I put it on my travel list for the future!

  23. Beautiful shots- I particularly love the one of the waterfall. I could sit there and listen to the water all day.

  24. Anju says: Reply

    The mountains in Matheran look divine in the early morning fog. Adore your pose in the Chinchoti falls, looks like you’re having a great time! Waterfalls are my personal favorite, hope to visit that place some time.

  25. Carmy says: Reply

    I love all the waterfalls available! Chinchoti Falls reminds me of climbing the falls in Jamaica. If it was up to me, I think I’d stay their all day if I could just admiring the falls and listening to the sounds of the water crashing.

  26. Ana says: Reply

    Have been to almost all the places you’ve mentioned except Kondeshwar during my college days and have so many memories attached to all those places! Your post made me nostalgic. Thanks for the wonderful good old memories!

  27. blair villanueva says: Reply

    Those falls are beautiful! It will be worth it allow the waters fall on your shoulders, like a water therapy massage, after the stressful 9-to-5 job.

  28. All of the spots are so unique and beautiful. A getaway here from the rat race of life would be perfect. I have been to the Western Ghats in Kerala. Kolad is so beautiful with all those waterfalls.

  29. Komang Ayu says: Reply

    I just wanted to scream, this is paradise waterfall. I’m happy to know this place. There are many waterfalls and even visible from afar. need a tour guide when looking waterfall? Extensive forest, maybe we can get lost.

    1. mm GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      There are no official tour guide. The paths are mostly marked and you will find many others trekking along on same route. You can also get directions from them or local passerby or at the least someone from village nearby might agree to lead you all the way up for some tips 🙂

  30. This place is absolutely breathtaking. That shot you took of the green hills and the waterfalls is my absolute favorite. Still, a toy train? I love hiking, and the horse ride sounds great, but who could say now to a toy train? Kind of reminds me of amusement park rides from when I was super young, only much better cause it would take you through beautiful scenery.

  31. The Chinchoti falls are amazing, I love the idea of being able to sit against the running stream of water and just letting it all wash over you! Thank you for sharing this guide. You are definitely right, it sure seems to be an invigorating way by which to explore an equally invigorating place.

  32. Whenever I’ll visit Mumbai, I’ll make sure to go on one (or several) getaways you mentioned! They are splendid places, especially Lohagad-Visapur!

  33. What a wonderful trekking, the views and the nature are just spectacular! I would LOVE to do this when I visit Mumbai, I will keep this in my bookmarks just in case!

  34. I never realized how much Mumbai had to offer as I only sadly saw its airport when I was there! I think I could seriously go with a Rappelling experience at Chinchoti Falls! Being in the fresh water would be incredible in that lush surrounding!

  35. Shane Prather says: Reply

    The falls are absolutely breathtaking! Everything is so lush and green, natural untouched beauty! I would love to take a trek through Mumbai.

  36. EG III says: Reply

    I would love to head to Mumbai one day to go on some of these treks. The fact that there are no official tour guides only enhances the authenticity in my opinion. The Bhira Dam in Kolad looks like an incredibly peaceful place with the mist, greenery and waterfalls combined with the fact that it’s a less crowded area.

  37. Looking at all these pics makes me realize how I spoilt my 6 years in Pune as I hardly traveled during that time.Learning from the realization I try to make out the most staying in Delhi.Would definitely trek all the forts in the region when I am back to Pune again.

  38. Ami says: Reply

    I loved Kolad and Matheran a lot… Especially the latter… Had an amazing time here. Rajmachi was a lovely monsoon trek… Green Green and Green… I want to do lohagad next time…. Sigh… So much to cover. Nice list of monsoon escapes from pune and Mumbai

  39. Oh my God!! you’ve included ample list of scenic monsoon escapes around Mumbai & Pune and that reminds me of Aravalli range in monsoon near Jaipur. All lush green, but the vistas appealed me the most is of Kolad where streaks of waterfalls touching the ground.

  40. Oh I have been to all these places and during the monsoon 🙂
    Kolad is my favorite among all of them. Surely these are some of the most beautiful scenery I have seen during monsoons. The pictures you have taken are stunning

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