Pictures of Royal Palace of Versailles to inspire your visit!

We had been to Paris several times before for the zeal of exploring the awe-inspiring destinations in France which could be done on a day trip from Paris but Versailles never made up to out bucket list. We presumed it to be just another palace housing museums depicting the history of wars, conquests, the successors and their queens.

We planned another visit to Paris to explore the enchanting gardens of Giverny, we had a spare day at hand and were looking for an easy day trip from Paris. We finally decided to make it to Versailles. And how wrong were we!

One of the world’s largest palace and a UNESCO’s World Heritage site, the opulent palace is resplendent with impeccable artwork, sumptuously decorated rooms and inimitable grandeur.

The plan to build this sublime building was laid down by Louis XIV to transform and expand his father’s hunting lodge in Versailles amidst the abundance greens into the seat of absolute power.

From the station walk past restaurants, souvenir shops, and cafes. Take a turn from this bustling street to be overwhelmed by the vistas of the palace unfurling its splendor. An equestrian statue of a Louis XIV stands with a magnificent palace epitomizing his power rising in the backdrop.

Versailles Pictures

The imperial place emanates a golden glow accentuating the fine gilded details and the elegance of the artwork in statues, stone ornamentations, and embellished pillars.

Versailles Pictures

Versailles Pictures

Versailles Pictures

We joined the queue which dissolved quickly. We displayed our online booked ticket and after a quick security check entered into the cobblestone courtyard. Baby pushchairs with metal frames are not allowed in rooms so we had to leave back the stroller.

We collected the audio guides and started the tour of the palace at the two-storey Royal Chapel. The Chapel has an impressive organ located at the altar with the ceiling painted with illustrations from both the Old Testament and New Testament. The ground level was used by public and a set of stairs leading to tribune level known as salon de la Chapelle was used by the royal family.

Versailles Pictures


Versailles Pictures

The salon de la Chapelle leads to 7 salons named after the Roman Gods. The sumptuously decorated rooms were used for public affairs.

Versailles Pictures

Versailles Pictures

Versailles Pictures

Versailles Pictures

Versailles Pictures

Versailles Pictures

The Hall of Mirrors or the Grande Galerie is most popular room at Versailles. The principal features of the hall are 357 mirrors reflecting arcaded windows overlooking the gardens, elegant gilded sculptures on both sides along the nave, the gorgeous crystal chandeliers and the ceiling painting depicting kings royal power and glory.

Versailles Pictures

Versailles Pictures

The Treaty of Versailles, which officially ended the WWI was signed here in the Hall of Mirrors.

The lavishly decorated royal bed canopied with rich brocade lied facing the sun. In this room the royal rising and retiring ceremonies of the King took place. The Sun KingLouis XIV died in this room.

Versailles Pictures

The decoration of the Queen’s Apartment is very much similar to the Kings apartment. The Queen’s Bedchamber was the place where the queen gave birth to the heirs to the throne which was a public event.

Lavishly furnished apartment of daughters of Louis XV

Versailles Pictures

Versailles Pictures

HOQUETONS SALON – Guards room.

Versailles Pictures

Exhibits depicting the history of Versailles palace as well as France.

The 800 hectares of lush green gardens with manicured lawns, flower beds, sculptures and spectacular monumental fountains all were a great way to entertain the guests of parties hosted by King Louis XIV. Musical fountain show takes place on particular days of the week from April to October. Check here for more info.

Versailles Pictures

So when are you planning a visit to the royal palace of Versailles? Which part of the palace is your favorite? Do share with us in comments.

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21 Comment

  1. Carmy says: Reply

    I love the golden gate! It looks dazzling! And the King’s bedroom? Love the tapestry. I would love to visit in 2017 – this will definitely be on my list.

  2. I have always wanted to visit Versailles and never have taken the time even when in Paris. The opulence of the decor is mind blowing. You have to say that they knew how to decorate during those eras. I was especially impressed by the chapel and the ceiling frescoes.

  3. Blair Villanueva says: Reply

    I learned about Versailles when I watched the Marie Antoinette movie. It was dreamy (in my opinion) having that garden and glamorous Palace. You are so lucky!

  4. Shane says: Reply

    Wow you are so right! Those gold gates and intricate accents in the church are unreal. I wish I’d have spent more time here exploring!

  5. Looks like so many places are common to both of us. Like Cologne this too was done by us in 2012. Felt good reading your version which revived my fading memories.

  6. Such incredible and opulent images. Love that you were able to visit so many rooms a lot of places have rooms closed off to the public. Was the pink bedroom the Queen’s ?

  7. EG III says: Reply

    Such exquisite detail and elegant artwork. I could only imagine what it would have been like to walk through those halls on a daily basis as royalty. In my next trip to France, I think finally visiting the palace of Versailles is long overdue.

  8. I had such a short time to experience Versailles and sadly only saw the gardens. I wanted to see the hall of mirrors and everything else inside as I am fascinated by Marie Antoinette. I definitely need to go back!

  9. Ana says: Reply

    The royal palace of Versailles looks magnificent and colossal display of royalty! Loved the combination of the French Baroque and Contemporary architecture of the palace and the interiors of the Chapel and Hall of Mirrors looks like an epitome of lavishness!

  10. I am planning to visit Europe next year so I will definitely drop in at Versailles place. This place is beautiful, especially the Chapel. I love the paintings on the ceiling, they are lovely.

  11. Tae says: Reply

    So beautiful, opulent, and ornate. It’s really interesting to see how style has changed throughout the years. I’ve never been so it was an interesting experience to see the inside of the Palace from your perspective 🙂

  12. I remember how I went through all of it in a wheelchair! I was on crutches and thought there was no way I’d go through all of it without a wheelchair haha

  13. I loved your photos of Versailles, especially those of the gate! I’ve seen so many photos of it and so many movies featuring it (including the 2015 show with the same name), that it’s now high on my list of things to see once I make it to Paris. Hopefully soon

  14. The place and the palace looks beautiful. I love the ornate and intricate works on the gates . that apart the wall murals, paintings, frescoes are absolutely wonderful. I mean you can just stare at them for hours and lose sense of time.

  15. Anju says: Reply

    Beautiful pictures! I recently read a novel that was set in Versailles, and looking at your pictures bought some of those scenes to life! thanks for sharing! 🙂

  16. The Versailles is magnificent! It’s on my list to visit it next summer when I am spending 3 months around Europe. Also, your pictures do justice to the palace!

  17. The palace looks so royal and grand with all the murals and paintings.There’s so much of history in these places that one can easily spend hours engrossed in the tales of the locals or admiring the artwork.

  18. Soraya says: Reply

    Holy moly! Talk about opulence! These photos have definitely gotten me wanting to visit the Palace of Versailles. It is high on my bucket list for my next trip to Europe. That golden gate is incredible…and the art on the ceiling – oh my goodness!

  19. Versailles is one of my very favorite places in the world, especially the Hall of Mirrors. I haven’t been in a few years, but your photos really took me back!

  20. I remember the Queen’s bedroom very clearly such lavish furnishings… later I wanted to recreate something similar in a smaller scale in my room… whew the mere calculations put me off. 😛 🙂 Great captures. I remember standing in a long queue to enter the palace!

  21. Stacey says: Reply

    Every time I walk through the palace esp. The salons and hall of mirrors it takes me back to that opulent era. Its overwhelming and must have made quite the statement back then.

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