The Architectural Styles around the World to Inspire your Travels

Since ages, the architecture and history have been exemplifying the cultural heritage and glory of the bygone times. The unique and imperial style of architecture, the elaborate and intricate carvings and patterns or the inscriptions, every form of art reflects the political power, religious significance, rich craftsmanship and sophisticated knowledge of the era.

The history of a place has always fascinated us, astonished us and infused a sense of respect for the culture and heritage of the place. Join us as we walk back in time to explore and learn more about these wonderful architectures and feed our curiosities.


Every history buff ever has for sure been intrigued by the ruins of Acropolis in Athens. The ancient citadel atop a hill overlooking the city of Athens is almost in ruins, yet one cannot stop wondering at the sheer magnificence of the architecture.

Architectural styles around world-acropolis

Greek architecture used post-and-lintel building techniques which made use of large upright columns. Major traces of Greek architecture could be found in Greece as well in some part of Italy.


Have you been to Rome and been gobsmacked by the grandeur and history of bloodshed in the Colosseum. The Colosseum or Coliseum, the largest amphitheater in Rome, Italy is a significant example of Roman architecture.

Architectural styles around world-colosseum

The Roman architecture has been largely influenced by the aspects of Ancient Greek architecture. Rome is a historically rich city brimming with numerous monuments and buildings of Roman architecture epitomizing its splendid cultural past. We were surprised to see a hotel by the name ‘The Dome’ in Edinburgh built in Roman architecture style.

Architectural styles around world-dome


India is a land of great history and incredibly rich culture and heritage. One of the wonders we visited recently was the Badami Cave temples in Karnataka state of south India.

Architectural styles around world-badami

Rock-cut architecture is an art of excavating solid rock to form structures and sculptures which are entirely manmade. This kind of architecture could be traced back to ancient times when the Buddhist monks carved out caves in mountains for a living and religious purposes. The popular and prominent examples of this architecture are temples in India and the cave dwellings of Cappadocia in Turkey.


During our visit to Cologne last year we were awe-struck by the imposing architecture of the Cologne Cathedral with its two spires dominating the city skyline. The massive cathedral built in gothic style is Germany’s most visited landmark, attracting an average of 20,000 people a day.

Architectural styles around world-cologne-cathedral-germany-copy

Gothic architecture is a style of architecture that flourished during the late medieval period. The Gothic art style is characterized by the use of pointed arches, vaults, flying buttresses, remarkable stained glass windows and ornate tracery.

Gothic architecture can be seen in many of the cathedrals and churches of Europe, for example, the Salisbury Cathedral in England. St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York is also one of the excellent exemplars of gothic architecture.

Architectural styles around world

Some traces of Gothic architecture can be found in India as well in Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus railway station in Mumbai and famous St. Philomena’s Church in Mysore.


Renaissance which means ‘Rebirth’ was the revival of ancient Greek and Roman architecture from 14th and 17th centuries. Renaissance architecture was inspired by Gothic architecture and was succeeded by Baroque architecture. First found in Florence, Italy the Renaissance style then spread to other parts of Europe.

Architectural styles around world-antwerp

Renaissance style places emphasis on symmetry, proportion, and geometry. The 16th century Antwerp City Hall build in the Flemish Renaissance style, Flinders Street railway station built in French Renaissance Architecture and the Church of San Giorgio Maggiore a 16th-century Benedictine church in Venice, northern Italy are remarkable examples.

Architectural styles around world-venice


The UNESCO’s World Heritage site of Palace of Versailles with impeccable artwork and lavishly decorated rooms are sure to leave an indelible mark on one’s mind. The opulent Palace in France is one of the grandest palaces and a fine example of Baroque architecture.

Architectural styles around world

The Baroque architecture is characterized by detailed and elaborate design and artwork, extravagantly colorful and ornate interiors with extensively decorated frescoes. Baroque architecture evolved in Europe from 16th to the 18th century. Early Baroque started in Italy and later Baroque usually referred as Late Baroque or Rococo was seen in France. The grand St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City and St. John’s Co-Cathedral of Valletta in Malta are other impressive structures of the Baroque era.


There possibly isn’t anyone who is not spellbound by the magic emanated by the heavenly Taj Mahal. The radiance permeating through the aura engulfs its visitors with its pristine charm.

Architectural styles around world-taj

Mughal architecture is an architectural style developed by the Mughals during their reign in medieval India. The 16th, 17th and 18th centuries have seen a major rise of structures of Mughal influence which is a blend of Islamic, Persian, Turkic and Indian architecture. Large domes, slender minarets, and large halls are major features of Mughal Architecture. Examples of the style can be found in majorly in south Asian countries. Jama Masjid and the Red Fort in India and the Shalimar Gardens in Pakistan are some of the famous Mughal structures.


Neoclassical architecture is the revival of the simple classic forms of Roman and Greek architecture. Massive buildings with free-standing columns and elegant details are characteristics of this architecture. Rotunda of Mosta in Malta,White House in the US and Arc de Triomphe of Paris are prominent examples of this architecture

Architectural styles around world-mostunda

Have you been intrigued by the history and architecture of the places you visit? Which is your favorite architecture?

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  1. Leah says: Reply

    I loved getting to hear a little about the history of architecture! I actually had to study a lot about gothic architecture in school. I really enjoy traveling and being able to analyze all of these styles 🙂

  2. One of my favourite things to do when I am travelling is to visit architecture buildings and read up on the history. I am always amazed how building were build and why they are built. When I was going through your list, I realised I had been to all of them apart from Badami Cave temples in Karnataka. Badami Cave temples look amazing and surreal at the same time, definitely my type of place and I can’t believe that the whole place is entirely manmade Wow!!!

  3. I love gothic architecture and I love anything from the renaissance period (I lived in Florence for a year and fell in love)

  4. I loved this piece! I took an Art History class in college and it was so fascinating to learn about the architecture and the history. It makes you look at everything through a deeper perspective. Thank you for sharing!

  5. This is one of my favourite things about travelling – the diversity and uniqueness of architecture. I am always left amazed and humbled by the ingenuity of our forefathers and what was achievable despite the lack of modern engineering tools. Innovation at its peak!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Very true! The elegance and beauty of the ancient architecture are inimitable and cannot be seen anywhere today.

  6. I wouldn’t know which one to choose as my favorite but I do have a penchant for Mughal architecture. This is right up my alley – thanks for sharing!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Agree some of the Mughal architecture like the Taj are definitely unbeatable

  7. This makes a great bucket list! The cave temples are fascinating, I would love to see them in person! And Versailles is such a special place. Incredible architecture! Great photos too, happy travels 🙂

  8. I love architecture – simple, complex, classic, gothic, grand…they all have some charm dont they? One of the major reasons why I travel is to explore architectural sites and the influence they have on local art and structure! Loved this article 😀

  9. I really enjoyed learning about the architectural styles. With constant travelling I find it so interesting to be able to understand the styles and what period in history I am looking at. Not to mention it is the architecture and views that keep me travelling. I do love a good gothic cathedral and graveyard though, well any graveyeard that old is fascinating.

  10. Love the look and see old Roman ruins. I am looking forward to seeing the Colosseum some day, The history is fascinating!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      The majestic Colosseum and his grandeur is going to be mindboggling!

  11. What a great read! I love history and especially when it’s related to art and architecture. To learn different histories is one of the reasons that I travel! Thank you for sharing, loved it.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Second you Colleen, history and architecture is enticing!

  12. Carmy says: Reply

    I think my favourite is Rock-Cut. It’s amazing how complicated and beautiful someone using a small tool way back when can make! There is so much trust placed in the structure and I can only assume lots of calculations on where to cut. It truly is fascinating. I would love to see a man-made one in person some time.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Can’t agree more Carmy, Rock cut is so much tricky and tedious, wonder how that could have been done in the era when there were no heavy machineries existing.

  13. Wow it is great to know all of these different architectural designs. I never knew how to call some of them before and reading this has helped to improved my knowledge about it.

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Same here Jan. Our curiosity to know what we were exploring on our visit led to this post 🙂

  14. Shane says: Reply

    This was a very intriguing break down! My favorite would have to be gothic, it looks unlike anything else out there!

    1. GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Agree Shane, Gothic is something which always stands out with its striking features!

  15. I loved this as I was reminiscing of my trips when I saw most of these in person. I loved the Acropolis in Greece. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there learning about this history. I also loved the Colosseum when I was there and the fact you were walking on the same stones as Caesar. Incredible!

  16. blair villanueva says: Reply

    Majestic and I wonder what are their techniques and procedures on building these structures. They all stand the test of time. Amazing!

  17. Although I grew up with Greek mythology and later was a Latin nerd, it’s the Gothic style that I love the most. When mixed with some Romanesque elements is even better. That said, I’ve enjoyed my time in Athens and Rome exploring ancient buildings a lot and would love to go back for more.

  18. I studied Built Environment as part of my Heritage Degree. I’ve always found buildings and architectural styles fascinating. My favourite style would have to be the neo-classical style.

  19. Léa Sanguinetti says: Reply

    One of my favorite thing when I travel is to admire monuments, love architecture! It’s admiring something bigger than human being and witness of so many things that happened, before and will happen after us!

  20. Joanna says: Reply

    Reading your article I kept saying to myself: “I really like this style” and then, going down, I kept liking them and couldn’t decide in the end which is my favorite one. I love the Roman style but I can’t ignore the impressive Gothic, with it’s grand statues and decorations, or the Renaissance, with its geometry and towers, or the Baroque with the attention on details and precious metals.

  21. Anju says: Reply

    It’s wonderful to see these different styles and how they have influenced and inspired so many places. My favorite is the Gothic style and Roman architecture.

  22. Of the list, I have two favourites; gothic and greek. Former is emotions in stones, while letter is so clean and simple in its geometry. And like they say “I haven’t been everywhere, but it is on my list”, so are most of these styles of architecture on mine. This post is very informative and pushes a person to set new travel goals.

  23. Soraya says: Reply

    I am so fascinated by all the architecture that exists around the world. All of what you have listed in your post I haven’t even seen yet. But I hope to one day. Gothic architecture for me looks really interesting. And of course Baroque, which is one of the reasons I would love to visit the Palace of Versailles.

  24. They all belong to different eras so comparing them in one scale doesn’t give a fair idea. All architectural styles do look great!

  25. A history lesson! Colonized, the Philippines has a lot of European architecture. What fascinated me more is India’s colorful architecture. Soo intriguing, and soo beautiful!

  26. Synz says: Reply

    I love different architectures, special those with so much details in them. You can just imagine those years of constructing this beautiful architecture.

  27. Philippines is filled with European architecture! I myself am an absolute fan of Mughal architecture because of the intricate details and craftsmanship. Great list

  28. Ami says: Reply

    The Dravidian style is another unique style that I like. Add to that the Rajputan ones. Each style is so amazing. Among the ones you have shared, I like the Roman style and the Gothic ones…not to say that I dont enjoy the others. 😀

  29. I love how each city is so unique and filled with history through the Architectural style. It amazes me how advance the artisans were so many decades ago.The Rock Cuts really intrigue me 🙂 will tweet this.

  30. neha says: Reply

    This is quiet a list. A must bookmark for everyone like me who loves to visit the architectural wonders all around. I will definitely visit all of these one by one..have already visited some

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