Mount Titlis – A perfect snow resort for family in Switzerland

Bespangled with snow all year round the mount Titlis in central Switzerland is one of the favorite family day out with kids. A 45 minutes train from Lucerne to Engelberg and then a series of cable car rides will get one to the top of the mount Titlis.

We could not enjoy much during our first visit in the peak season of June. The mountain was jam-packed with tourists mostly Indians. So when one of our friends K showed an interest to visit in march we agreed instantly. Based out of Geneva, the train journey to Lucerne took us around three hours and another 45 minutes from Lucerne to Engelberg. We immersed ourselves into the picturesque vistas of vineyards, valleys, snowcapped mountains and the perpetual stretch of blue lakes.


On alighting at the Engelberg train station, we were greeted with a gush of pure fresh mountain air. We bought our gondola tickets from the counter at the station. One can also buy it directly at the cable car station. Tickets can be bought to one of the six stops from Engelberg to Titlis. There are hourly shuttles for pickup and drop to the gondola station which is ten minutes walk away.

Engelberg is an enchanting little alpine town. It is highly recommended that you choose to walk all the way to the gondola station. The charming streets lined with quaint little chalets will leave you awestruck.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

The cable car station itself is located in a marvelous location. There is a river with turquoise currents dancing its way through the foot of the mountains. And a few restaurants around the cable car station. The one that caught our attention was the vada pav shop which was something unexpected (Vada pav is a favorite Indian snack especially of Mumbai)

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

Ride up with Changing Landscapes

We hopped onto one of the moving empty gondolas carefully not to fall. Note that the cable cars don’t stop for boarding they just slow down. As the cable car started to ascend the panorama of town widened like a green carpet with the red roofs and buildings sprinkled all over.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

The terrain below the cable car was ever changing. The views of the town of Engelberg now seemed dwarfed by magnificent mountains and hills nestling it. The green meadows below the gondola wafted jingles of the cow bells.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

Soon the landscape was washed white with snow and traces of dry vegetation.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

We spotted some skiers racing downhill leaving behind crisscrossing trails on the slopes of the mountain.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

We decided to stop at Trubsee on our way back and continued our journey to the Stand. Our next ride from Stand to the summit of Titlis was a much awaited five-minute trip. The gondola from Stand to Titlis is a Rotair gondola which revolves 360 deg. way up to the snow-covered peak of Titlis at 3,020 meters.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerlandy

The ride up is an incredible experience with some of the stunning vistas of the snow-covered mountains. The ubiquitous blanket of snow over the undulating mountains was sometimes covered by a hazy veil of mist. It was as if the peaks played hide and seek with the dumbfound spectators.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland


The mountain station of Titlis has five floors with chocolate and souvenir shops and many restaurants. We always spend some time in the Panorama Restaurant which has some of the wonderful panoramic views of the glacier and rocky cliffs.

Glacier Cave

There is a lift you can use to access each of the floors. The ground floor leads you to a glacier cave, a 150-metre long walkway carved out of solid ice with an inside cave temperature of -1˚C to -1.5˚C.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

A walk through the tunnel is fun. The tunnel well illuminated by blue light is dotted with caves and several ice sculptures along the way.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

Cliff Walk

The other end of the tunnel leads to the Cliff Walk. A flight of stairs connecting to the bridge look like are suspended in air. The bridge itself is 3,041 meters above sea-level and 500 meters off the ground. A walk on the Europe’s highest suspension bridge is definitely a thrilling adventure and rewards with breathtaking vistas of the mountains and the abyss below.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

Ice Flyer

At the end of the bridge is the Ice Flyer glacier chairlift station. The ice flyer sweeps through an amazing bed of glacier to snow park up on the glacier. Some of the crevasses are up to ten meters deep. The snow park hosts lots of snow activities from snow tubing to balancers. The park has a conveyer belt for a quick ascend back to the top of the park.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

We trudged through the thick snow towards the sun terrace connecting the ground floor of the mountain station. Sometimes the snow would be ankle deep and slippery too.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

We spent some time playing in the snow and taking pictures of the breathtaking sceneries.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

Chhavi surprised with so much of snow had fun too. Our friend K was elated for it was his first time in the snow.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland

The mountain station had a cutout poster of popular Bollywood actors from DDLG movie to celebrate the Bollywood hits shooted in Switzerland.

Day Trip to Mount Titlis Switzerland


On our way back we stopped at Trubsee which has a smaller snow park to Titlis. One can enjoy a ride over the balancers, and snow tubes similar to one at the summit.

After spending some time enjoying in Trubsee we descended to Engelberg and walked back to the station. Chhavi was already asleep, we too were exhausted and soon drifted off to sleep.

Switzerland is a traveler’s paradise with a plenitude of surreal locations where every vista you behold is sure to leave you spellbound. Check for more details on operating hours and the other information here before you plan your visit to Titlis.

Have you been to Titlis or any other snow resort in Switzerland? Let us know in comments.

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  1. neha says: Reply

    Bookmarked. We are going on a trip here soon and your post is going to be very valuable for us. We will be based out of Lucerne. So, we guess we can take a convenient trip to Mt. Titlis as you describe here 🙂 so happy to have stumbled upon it in just the right time

  2. What an amazing looking spot and experience. The Glacier caves look incredible…but so does the whole experience. Will have to keep this in mind if we ever head to Switzerland…which I absolutely want to do.

  3. My oh my! It’s my dream to see Mt. Titlis for a very long time now. I’ve sold numerous holiday packages going there when I was a travel agent in Dubai and yet, I have not seen it yet. Lol. I have to say though that no matter how beautiful it is, I don’t think I can do the Cliff Walk. Lol.

  4. Looks like the perfect family vacation spot! I’ve never been snow skiing but it would be fun to try soon!

  5. Mt. Titlis is so gorgeous. The glacier cave is dream destination. We can’t wait to ride the gondola here too.

  6. Mt. Titlis looks fabulous. The post brought back pleasant memories of Switzerland. We missed Mt. Titlis, but had a great time in Jungfraujoch and Gornergrat.

  7. I’m such a snow bunny and those photos are simply breathtaking! Switzerland has such raw beauty and I really need to visit it! definitely feels like I’m missing out.

  8. Katie says: Reply

    I haven’t ever been to a resort like this or tried out snow sports but Mount Titlis looks like an excellent place to start! It is stunning!

  9. What a beautiful place! I’ve wanted to go to Switzerland for quite a few years now, I really need to make it happen! I really want to go in the spring or summer, though, when the weather is a bit nicer and ideal for hiking. 🙂

  10. Another great post from the Mumbaikars! The glacier cave looks unique and not too cold either, which meant you could pose for pictures in there! Engelberg sure looks clean, I’d love to breath some of that air. It’s amazing how good the swiss engineering is, all over the country they make it so simple to get up mountains.

  11. Clare says: Reply

    It looks great here, I haven’t visited this part of Switzerland. I would love to go and the views look amazing. Not sure I would want to ski but a visit in the Gondola looks enough to me 🙂

  12. Geo says: Reply

    First of all I have to commend you on your writing skills. Your narrative is so colourful and vivid, I really admire that.

    The cliff walk seems thrilling. I had no idea it was Europe’s highest suspension bridge – now that I know I am adding this to my adventurous bucket list!

    Your experience seems to have been a memorable one. Your story inspired me and made me want to visit Titlis. I am bookmarking this blog and will most definitely come back!

  13. Leah says: Reply

    What a fun trip! I’ve always wanted to go to Switzerland, but haven’t had the opportunity to go yet. The cave looks super awesome and great for pictures!

  14. I’ve seen pictures of this cliff walk before but I never knew where it was! That’s incredible! Switzerland has always been on my list but now I know what I absolutely cannot miss when we get there!

  15. You had me at chocolate shop ;). The Glacier Cave, Cliff Walk, and Ice Flyer look pretty amazing, too. We were thinking about going to Switzerland, but decided it was too expensive. After reading this, I think it might be worth the splurge.

  16. Deni says: Reply

    This sounds like such an amazing family vacation spot! Your daughter must have loved playing in the snow! Did you have the chance to go tubing down the mountain?

  17. It’s been a dream of mine to go to Switzerland for skiing, I would love to do that someday, but don’t want to go by myself, so working on enlisting a travel companion. The Glacier caves look amazing and didn’t realize there were there. I can imagine that the views must have been stunning at the top of the mountain.

  18. Switzerland looks like a fairy tale country with its snow-capped mountains and tiny villages scattered all around. The Rotair gondola is really cool – the views must be absolutely amazing from every angle – wow!

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