A Delightful Stay at the Patang Beach Resort in Gokarna

When the sound of the waves crashing at the shores are the lullabies and the chirping of birds and the crowing of cock are your wake up calls everything seems like a pure bliss. This experience at the Patang Resort in Gokarna is inexplicable where the first view of the mornings are the shimmering blue seas rolling over the stretch of white sands.

To escape the touristy crowd of Gokarna city we booked the Patang beach resort located on the outskirts of the city. The resort which is around 7 km from the city center stretches along the secluded Ganga beach. And the route to the resort winds through the lush green farms and rustic landscapes.

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

As we drove more into the interiors the strong fragrance of the Nilgiri groves (eucalyptus trees) permeated the air. The narrow muddy roads sloped into the farms on both the sides. And the sprawling farms dotted with grass huts made for a perfect rural setting away from the bustling city life.

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna


The entrance to the property was adorned with bright pink bougainvillea blossom. The four-year-old resort is managed by an Ex-politician and his family who reside in the resort premises. Four years back the family moved to their native Gokarna from Karwar to set up this beautiful resort for the travelers looking for some rejuvenating respite in Gokarna with friends and family. There is ample space for parking in the property.

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

While Chalukya had a brief introduction with the owner I was all agog for one glimpse of the beach. As the caretaker ushered us towards our cottage we sighted a stretch of glinting azure sea in the distance in front of us.

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

Wooden Cottages

We booked a basic wooden cottage with an attached bathroom which had 24 hrs hot water supply. Though the room was spacious the bathroom seemed a bit cramped.

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna
Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

Our cottage was sea facing with vistas of verdurous farms of ivy gourd punctuated with coconut trees and a splendid view of the blue sea.

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There are in total ten wooden cottages all of which are Non-AC and equipped with ceiling fans. Six of the cottages are double occupancy ideal for the couples. For small families or groups there are four-bed and three-bed cottages and for larger ones, there is one with seven bed. Most of these cottages are sea facing.

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna
Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

Stone Cottages and other buildings

There resort also offers with AC/Non-AC stone cottages and deluxe rooms. There is one newly constructed building which accommodates around 20 members ideal for corporate meet-ups.

Sunset at the Beach

We quickly changed and rushed towards the beach to ensure we had ample time to play on the beach before the sun dipped into the horizon. The way to the beach was through the restaurant premises which had a small kid’s play area too.

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

The long stretch of sandy beach was deserted and all to ourselves. Chhavi had fun gamboling and chasing the waves with no one around to distract. As the rolling waves unfurled the magic of the golden glow and spread it on the shores we couldn’t but lose ourselves to the ethereal beauty of nature.

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna
Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

As the sun disappeared into the horizon bright twinkling stars started adorning the dark sky. On our way back to the cottage we stopped by the restaurant for a refreshing cup of hot tea. The manager at the restaurant asked us to order the dinner so that he could keep it ready by the dinner time. We ordered from a choice of menu available and returned to our cottage to freshen up.


The restaurant is simple with around 20 table and chairs arranged in a small area extending from the kitchen. The restaurant offers Indian cuisine and a wide variety of seafood prepared with the fresh catch as per the order.

When we returned later our dinner was ready arranged on the table. The mouthwatering aroma of the fish fry and the curry wafted through the air. We savored the lip-smacking dishes the taste of which still lingers in our mouth. We were surprised by the rates on the menu which were incredibly cheap.

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna
Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

A delicious hearty meal and exhaustion from playing on the beach were enough to drift us into a deep slumber as soon as our head hit the pillow.

Sunrise at the Beach

At daybreak, we woke up to the cheeping and cooing of birds above our cottage. Chhavi was still fast asleep so Chalukya walked to the beach alone hoping to capture some pictures of the beach at sunrise.

Chalukya – “The rising sun could not be framed as the sun rose on the opposite side of the beach. The sandy beaches and the crashing waves exuded a magical golden radiance spreading through the blue sky. The cool breeze sweeping through the shores revived the senses. Hundreds of seagulls flocked to the shore. While some of the boats lay on the beach ready to be pulled back into the sea, a lone fisherman sailed on the undulating waves amidst the perpetual stretch of sea.”

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

Later when Chhavi woke up we joined Chalukya on the beach. The green farms along the beach were now more prominent than we could see the previous evening. Apart from Ivy gourd farms, we could also spot green chili and tomato farms.

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

Back on the beach, we could spot more of the fishing boats and ferries sailing through the sea. It was a pleasant day, warm and bright. We clicked few more pictures around the beach and headed to back to drive to the city to explore the temple town of Gokarna and its beaches.

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

Patang Beach Resort Gokarna

Our stay at Patang beach resort was a wonderful experience. If this has piqued your interest you can make a booking through the official website of Patang Beach Resort and arrange for a great stay with your family and friends.

Are you all set to experience a delightful stay at Patang beach resort? What did you like the most about the resort? We would love to hear your thoughts.

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19 Comment

  1. We’d sure love to drop our kayaks in the water at that beach and paddle in the waves! What kind of trees are there at the resort? I wasn’t sure what was on the ground in some of the photos but finally realized (I think) that they’re giant leaves. It looks very peaceful.

  2. At first it doesn’t look like too much of a “resort” but it is very cute and quaint. The 20 something tables lined up for dinner and a precious home cooked meal makes this place a diamond in the ruff. As for those sunrise/sunsets, definitely something to write home about! The colors are amazing.

  3. I definitely love the wooden cottages and the proximity to the beach! Was the beach clean for the most part? And what about animals (jellyfish and such)?

  4. Love that you captured both the sunrise and the sunset, you ended up with some gorgeous photos. It’s cool that you got out of the city to experience the nature around. As a first time visitor to the area, would you recommend that or staying in the city? Or split time and experience the best of both worlds?

    1. mm GOBeyondBounds says: Reply

      Hello Melissa, Having an own vehicle makes it more convenient to commute from the main city but you can also manage to use public transport.

  5. From the beginning of this article, I could hear, feel, see, and smell everything you were talking about. I felt like I was transported there through your words. This seems like a great place to stay! I loved the sunset and sunrise photos – so lovely. This was very informative for this resort.

  6. Luca says: Reply

    It seems to me the perfect place to escape from a tourist crowd! I’d like to wake up because of the birds singing and then, after a nice breakfast, head to the beach to enjoy the sun and the water!
    Also, the fact that there are eucalyptus, a tree I love, is a plus because so far I’ve never seen those trees close to the sea!

  7. It definitely looks like a quaint resort away from the madness of the city. I loved Chalukya’s photos of the sunrise and his description accompanying it. Would definitely keep this mind when I visit Gokarna.

  8. I first mixed the name up with Patong Beach in Thailand. Being lost on a map is not something to take lightly. 🙂

    Seeing the beach and the sunset in your photos really made me miss the summer. We currently have winter here in Sweden and I cannot wait to be able to spend some time at the sea watching the sun set in the distance. Going to India or another country with warmer climate is high up on my list at the moment. 🙂

  9. Joanna says: Reply

    I love the homey feel of the resort. It actually doesn’t look like a resort at all but like a welcome family house. The ocean view is so dreamy, especially at sunrise and sunset. It’s so beautiful that both times they are over the sea. You get to enjoy amazing colors twice during the day. The fried fish with curry sounds like a great way to end the day.

  10. Looks like a fantastic place to stay. Surroundings are so beautiful and serene. I would love to spend some relaxing days in Patang Beach Resort 🙂 And these wooden cottages are so nice!

  11. Nice resort. It is not only about the beach but I like the secluded, rustic setting. Even the beaches seem not very crowded. That’s relief compared to Goa.

  12. I really like the cottages at this resort, they have a cool style. The ocean is lovely as well with the nice sandy beaches. The nearby farms are pretty neat, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a green chili plant before.

  13. How dreamy is this place? After reading this I can imagine sitting by the beach watching the sunset followed by a tasty dinner in the restaurant. The resort looks like the perfect place for a relaxing break by the sea.

  14. Indrani says: Reply

    Nicely done up cottages. I like the wooden partitions they have used and they are not permanent structures. Lot better than the commercial ones.

  15. Loved the view of sunset. Lush greenery and such peaceful place sounds perfect for stay.
    I would love to experience staying in the cottage with nature all around.

  16. It’s such a beautiful location for a resort in Gokarna. I remember traveling there more than a decade back and back then we simply stayed at a shack…it’s great that now we have such lovely resorts on the beach as well 🙂

  17. Elena says: Reply

    I LOVE those wooden cottages! I’ve stayed in one like that before, and I would repeat the experience anytime. The resort is fantastic and the beach seems out of this world!

  18. Dane says: Reply

    Really beautiful photos guys! I especially like the wave photos! Maybe you could surf there? haha The cottages are super cute, I will admit though somedays I just cant deal with the noise of a rooster next to my door haha but sometimes it reminds me of being a kid also so its kind of bitter sweet.

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