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The ethereal show put up by the setting sun every evening fascinates and charms every traveler and local alike. As the dusk falls the best sunset spots of the destinations we visit beckon us to immerse into the sublime colors painted on the horizon. Some of our traveler friends share the best sunset locations in India and their perspective of the spectacular play of colors on the perpetual skies.

A Moment of Magic in Allahabad

Best Sunset Locations India

We were on an exclusive UP Tourism Trip and I had chosen Allahabad as a day tour from Varanasi. I was first mesmerized by the beauty of Khusru Bagh and the stunning architecture of the Churches and cathedrals in Allahabad. Then after the joy of a paan, it was time to walk on the timeless sands near the confluence of the Ganga & Yamuna rivers. The sun was directly across and reflected brilliantly in the water. The beauty was inexplicable; trucks plied on the highway bridge and I couldn’t help but think of this as a mini sea link.

A moment of magic in Allahabad, an evening to remember for a lifetime.

Shubham Mansingka, TravelShoeBum

A Promise of Dawn at Puri Shore by the Bay of Bengal in Odisha

Best Sunset Locations India

Why is sunset more colorful than sunrise? They say it’s an irony of life saying  “ sometimes good things happen in goodbyes”.

The fleeting sun, the rich colors of the skies and happy shades of tan, this is my inspiration. Sunsets bring in the promise of dawn and one such promise is sunset at the Puri beach Odisha, India. The mesmerizing orange ball breaks like an egg into a sunset and brings in the onset of a new day with a newer beginning. I walked and could walk again into the lumpy sand of Puri towards the setting sunlight.

Snigdha Bhowmick, SaltandSandals

An unexpected show over diverse horizons in Assam

Best Sunset Locations India

Well… this is not about a particular location but about Assam in general. I got this one while traveling on the road somewhere on the southern bank of the Brahmaputra. We’d just stopped the car on the highway for a breather and it was getting dark but suddenly I noticed that the sun was looking much larger and more colorful than usual. It was not something I planned but it remains my least terrible sunset photograph. The thing with Assam sunsets is that I always like the combinations I get there. There will always be vast open pastures, lush vegetation and a river or two to add to the frame depending on where you are. I did miss out on the river on this occasion but surely the surreal pink-orange hues of the sky made up for it.

Jitaditya Narzary, The Travelling Slacker

An Excellent Photo-Op at Cola beach, Goa

Best Sunset Locations India.

Cola beach is a lovely hidden beach nestled in South Goa, India. With its close proximity to more popular beaches like Palolem, this gem of a beach is often missed by tourists which are lucky for us. A lovely clean water lagoon on one side and the rocky palm-fringed beach on the other, make it excellent for photography. I witnessed one of the best sunsets in Goa here with the rocky cliffs and wild waves making stunning backdrops. Highly recommended for your sunset gazing pleasures but reach before mid-day to indulge in the serenity as it gets crowded later.

Jyotsna Ramani, WanderWithJo

Etched in the memories forever at Alleppy, Kerala

Best Sunset Locations India

“We had an overnight stay in a houseboat on the backwaters of Kerala, in Alleppey. The sunset views across the still backwater canals were particularly mesmerizing and the evening so romantic. Sitting on the upper deck of our houseboat, we watched the sun gradually set and the sky changes multiple colors from yellow to orange, and then to red until finally, the darkness set in. While we watched the sunset, our houseboat cruised through the calm backwaters at a slow pace, taking us back to the banks for the overnight stay. The memories of this sunset remain afresh in our heart even after years.”

Neha VermaRevolvingCompass

Companion in Solitude at Triund, Himachal Pradesh

Best Sunset Locations India

It rained in McLeodganj on Christmas but snowed on the higher reaches, even on Triund ridge. With high hopes, we trekked all the way up the next day but got disappointed as all the snow had melted. We were lucky to set up our tents in a secluded campsite away from the crowd, which turned out to be a blessing in disguise when the sun started setting. With the mountains behind us and the sun setting on the horizon right in front of our eyes, was something I witnessed for the very first time. Being a quaint little campsite, I was able to capture these shots without many people obstructing the view.

Arnav Mathur from EatTravelLiveandRepeat

The Magical Sunsets at Kochi, Kerala

Best Sunset Locations India

We were in a small fishing town called Cherai which is located just off the city of Kochi in the Southern Indian State of Kerala. The place nestles between the Arabian Sea and the famed backwaters of Kerala and offers excellent opportunities to commune with Nature and experience some moments of Nirvana. We were privileged to experience some magical sunrises and sunsets. One evening we set off to a new and unexplored beach and were surprised to find a brand new promenade and a lovely stretch of sand. This beach is called Munambam Beach which is off Cherai beach in Kochi, India. We were enthralled by the hypnotic panorama that unveiled in front of us as the Sun slowly set over the Arabian Sea.

Vyjay and Sandy, Voyager

A Postcard Perfect Picture at Radhanagar Beach, Andaman

Best Sunset Locations India

Radhanagar Beach (also known as Beach No.7 ) on Havelock Island, Andaman has been dubbed as the Best Beach in Asia by The Time Magazine. The long crescent shaped beach is amazingly gorgeous, bestowed with sugar-white sand, crystal clear waters, and dramatic scenery. The sunsets from this beach are famed to be straight out of a postcard.

Swati and Sam, Thetalesofatraveler

Fall in love with Nature at Longkhum Village, Nagaland

Best Sunset Locations India

This was the sunset view from my room in a remote village in Nagaland- Longkhum. The sun sets there at 5 pm in the evening. The sight was not only breathtaking but also one of the most introspecting times I’ve ever felt. This was my first trip to the North East and Nagaland made me fall in love with the place.

Aditi Chauhan, WanderingPassport

Barren Stretch of Deserts glow Golden at Jaisalmer, Rajasthan

Best Sunset Locations India

No doubt Jaisalmer is a visitor’s delight. Apart from all other attractions, a beautiful sunset in the sands of Jaisalmer is a perfect icing on the trip to Jaisalmer. With a backdrop of a huge spread of desert sands, Sunsets are more colorful and spectacular in the desert sands of Jaisalmer. As the Sun God starts receding, the yellow sands start turning golden and then red. What makes sunset at Jaisalmer different is the choice that the sunset can be enjoyed while riding a camel.

Gaurav Verma, Travel Diaries

When time stood still at Gokarna, Karnataka

Best Sunset Locations India

The beauty of Gokarna is best experienced during its sunset. I stood mesmerized as the sun dipped past its horizon while casting an orange spell on the wet beach sands and enhanced the whole rocky landscape. This is where I truly realized what the phrase “Sunset on the Rocks” truly meant.  Time stood still till the Sun completely disappeared and the whole scene repeated itself the next day around the same time.

Ami Bhat, ThrillingTravel

A Respite from the Chaotic City at Malpe Beach, Karnataka

Best Sunset Locations India

To escape the crowd of the touristy Malpe beach we stop by a couple of km away from the main beach. There weren’t many people around other than few fishermen and couple of locals. Soon we lost ourselves to the golden reflection glistening on the waves, the cranes strolling gracefully along the shore and the fishermen pulling their boats into the sea. The bright soon turned into a huge fiery ball with a spectrum of colors dwarfing everything around it. The awe-inspiring sunset at Malpe was the best sunset of life so far and will remain in our memories for the life.

Rashmi and Chalukya, GOBeyondBounds

As the sun goes down we gaze in awe
The sky painted in orange, red and blue
The beauty of hues unfurl its spell
And the birds return to their dwell
With another day passed, we feel blessed
for a fresh day awaits us with new quests

The sunsets are beautiful and many times contemplative. What are your thoughts about the sunsets and the dusks? Share with us in comments.

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  1. Thanks so much Rashmi & Chalukya for featuring our write-up in this wonderful collab post. It is heartening to see so many lovely sunsets at one place! Reading this collab post sent us down the memory lane as we have visited all these places and experienced it. We want to visit all these places once more and see the sunsets all over again!

  2. There really is something special with enjoying the sunset. And it can really be a big difference depending on where you are. Having the skyline of an ancient city between you and the sun or just watching out over the ocean. 🙂

  3. Joanna says: Reply

    I love sunsets and the beautiful colors they paint the sky in. I did experience some beautiful sunsets in India myself, maybe the best one being in the desert of Bikaner, when the entire sky got orange and through the fog, it felt like the entire sun and sand were blended together. There is definitely something about sunsets that makes you watch them over and over and over without ever getting bored.

  4. You have taken some amazing sunset photos, they would soon gain many likes on Instagram! Your great photography has made the sun look huge on a couple of the sets. I picked 2 of your photos as my favourites. The Assam sunset photo was meant to be, it makes it better that you just stopped and it happened by chance. The Jaisalmer sunset looks like a volcano erupted in the distance, great photography!

  5. I absolutely love sunsets and taking photos of them and these are so gorgeous! I loved how you connected the sunset with the place with your lovely words. I can almost feel the glow of the last light!

  6. Jean says: Reply

    So many beautiful sunsets. I’d love to see Nagaland myself. I love watching the sunset over the mountains.

  7. You aren’t kidding about great sunsets! The sun setting behind the bridge in Allahabad is so lovely. And the palm trees and ocean is a classic. It’s too bad there is only one sunset per day to capture on film!

  8. Oh my god, these sunset pictures are amazing. Cannot name my favorite. I hope to visit India soon, and I will definitely keep this pos in mind so experience some of those amazing sunsets as well!

  9. Manon says: Reply

    Holy moly, if there’s anything I love it must be sunrises and sunsets. These places look incredible and even more with the sunsets. Definitely will be keeping this page near me as I would love to visit these places.

  10. What a beautiful collection of photographs! My favourite is your photo at Gokarna, Karnataka and I totally agree, sunset is the best time (mostly because I can’t wake up early enough for a sunrise!!)

  11. Sunsets always remind us no matter hoe your days has passed but it has to always end beautifully…my personal favorite goes to the one from SaltandSandles

  12. arv says: Reply

    what a great list from the most well known bloggers and travelers. Indeed, these are beautiful sunset locations.

  13. Thanks so much for featuring my memory and photograph in this wonderful post!

    Yay, great fun checking other’s favourite sunsets.


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