Five Restaurants in Hyderabad for unforgettable Biryani Experience

Besides bounty of culture and history, that India offers to the enthusiasts the culinary delights across the length and breadth of India has commendations from patrons all over the world. Hyderabad the capital city of Telangana state of India is famed to be best for quintessential biryani Experience. Hyderabad is the place where Biryani flourished. There are several variations of Biryani found in the Indian subcontinent but Hyderabad takes the top spot.

The Mughals from Persia are believed to have introduced Biryani in the India. Subsequent to which the Hyderabadi biryani evolved during the reign of the Nizams in Hyderabad. Today Hyderabad has become synonymous with Biryani for its irresistible and lip-smacking flavors. We visited these five restaurants to savor on their biryani specialties with recommendations from local friends in Hyderabad and here are our views.

1. Paradise Restaurant

In Hyderabad Paradise is synonymous to Biryani. The first name that comes to mind for a biryani restaurant is Paradise. We were running late for dinner and assuming that we wouldn’t find a table opted for takeaway. Paradise set up its first restaurant in 1953 from this very location. The takeaway was quick as they keep the parcels packed and ready to go. The quantity of Biryani, when compared to other restaurants is more and could easily be shared by three. A bit on the spicy side the taste and flavors of Paradise are second to none and we both could easily finish it without feeling heavy on the tummy. Must try is the appetizing starter Paradise Special Chicken. Special Biryani comes with a combination of chicken and lamb. Go for ‘supreme’ Biryani for larger portions. There are in total ten branches all over Hyderabad. Paradise also has branches in Bangalore, Chennai, and Visakhapatnam

Top 5 biryani restaurants Hyderabad
Biryani Variants: Chicken, Egg, Veg, Mutton
Address: Paradise Circle, Secunderabad, Hyderabad.

2. Bawarchi Restuarant

We had come across several Bawarchi restaurant like green Bawarchi, red Bawarchi but only when we visited this one did we know that they don’t have any branches. The Biryani was medium spicy with the quantity which seemed less when compared to other restaurants. As we still had some space left we ordered dessert ‘Qubani ka Meetha’ which is a popular dessert in Hyderabad easily available in most of the Biryani joints. Bawarchi offers Qubani ka Meetha with ice cream too. The restaurant serves Indian and Chinese dishes. They have a huge tempting list of curries to go well with naans or Rotis.

Top 5 biryani restaurants Hyderabad
Biryani Variants: Chicken, Egg, Veg, Mutton, Fish and Biryani Rice (with only masala no veg or meat)
Address: RTC Cross Road, Hyderabad.

3. Cafe Bahar

Cafe Bahar was started in 1973 as a small tea stall and today is popular with local Hyderabadis for the delectable biryanis. We reached early for lunch and only a couple of tables were occupied. We started with lassi to beat the heat.Lassi seemed like a close cousin of Mumbai popular Falooda topped with a scoop of ice cream though dry fruits are common. Tangi Kabab was succulent with a delicious blend of spices. Chef recommended is the ‘Bahar Special Biryani’ which comes with both Chicken and Mutton. Even Chicken Biryani comes with a choice of leg pieces one or two depending upon your capacity.  Biryani was aromatic with less spicy masala and stuffed with flavor. Bahar wins the presentation amongst all the restaurants we visited in Hyderabad.

Top 5 biryani restaurants Hyderabad
Biryani Variants: Chicken, Egg, Veg, Mutton, Fish
Address: Old MLA Quarters Road, Basheerbagh, Hyderabad.

By the time we finished the queue extended all the way down the stairs with few people on street too. So get there early.

4. Alpha

The hotel sits amidst the bustling city opp Opposite Secunderabad Railway Station. They have eatery and takeaway on the ground floor. Though we visited on the weekend place was never crowded due to ample space for seating. Biryani was medium spicy well balanced with spices. Starter Chicken 65 we scrumptious and tangy generously topped with dry fruits. We ordered dessert ‘Double Meetha’ yet another popular dessert of Hyderabad which is made from Fried bread. We were a bit skeptical on how it would turn out but it turned out to be amazingly mouthwatering. Biryani quantity is perfect for two.

Top 5 biryani restaurants Hyderabad
Biryani Variants: Chicken, Egg, Veg, Mutton, Fish
Address: Opposite To Secunderabad Railway Station, Hyderabad.

5. Hotel Shadab

The hotel is situated opposite Madina building on High Court Road at walkable distance from the iconic Charminar. We reached early to avoid the crowd and ended up waiting for half an hour. We were allowed to the first floor only after 12.30. We choose fried Biryani over dum biryani for a different experience. Biryani was lightly flavored and scantly spice which didn’t go very well with us. A request for extra masala/spice during order would have helped. Chicken nihari is said to be must try which we missed as it is available only after 7 in the evening. The hotel got crowded by the time we finished. Lassi was good but we liked it better in Cafe Bahar.

Top 5 biryani restaurants Hyderabad
Biryani Variants: Chicken, Egg, Veg, Mutton, Fish, Prawn and Biryani Rice (with only masala no veg or meat)
Address: Opposite Madina building on High Court Road in Ghansi Market

The Biryanis are prepared carefully with a perfect balance of spices which won’t give you a heartburn. Even the quantity though filling isn’t heavy on the tummy. Biryani is usually served with Dahi chutney (Chopped onions, tomato, mint in yogurt) and a curry ‘Mirchi ka Salan’. For spicier biryani ask for extra spice/Masala. Reach by 12 to 12.30 for Lunch and 8 to 8.30 for dinner to avoid waiting.

Have you visited Hyderabad and relished on Biryani specialty of any of the above restaurants or do you have another to recommend? Share your views in comments.

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15 Comment

  1. Paradise has come to be synonymous with Biriyani in Hyderabad, though there are a number of challengers today. Being vegetarians we were restricted to the veg variant of Biriyani that we tasted as a mandatory requirement in Hyderabad. Do not recall the name of the restaurant though. I did not know that Paradise had a branch in Bangalore. Will try it out on one of the weekends.

  2. Gina says: Reply

    I think every tourist’s favorite thing to do is eat! If I was in a hurry, Paradise Restaurant’s Biryani would be the first on my list for big portions and takeaway. I’m really into the cafe scene so the Bahar Special Biryani at Cafe Bahar would be a one stop for relaxation and great food.

  3. Hyderabad looks like an awesome destination to visit. I’ve never been to India but would really love to, maybe even from the Naldives later this year! Will have to remember this post. The Biryanis all look so flavoursome! I’d like to try Cafe Bahar !

  4. Looks like you had a hell of a time experimenting with the different biryanis in Hyderabad.
    I was in Secunderabad, way back in 2003 but i still remember our regular outings to Paradise Biryani and hogging on the biryani with the unique mirchi ka salan and raita.
    Am definitely going to follow in your footsteps and head out on a biryani trail the next time I am in the city of Nizam.

  5. neha says: Reply

    All these are so famous Biriyani places in Hyderabad that we have started hearing a lot about them in Bangalore as well. Particularly Paradise , I guess now it has a center in Bangalore as well. We are thinking to try it out soon, hopefully the authenticity will match the one in Hyderabad

  6. Bhusha says: Reply

    Whoa! That’s an awesome list! I’ve been to Paradise Biriyani. My guy has been to Bawarchi as well. We’re veggies and we love Biriyani! But somehow the best Biriyani we’ve ever tasted was in Bengaluru, at Nizam’s Kitchen!

  7. Katie says: Reply

    Oh some interesting looking dishes! I love to travel for food and try the food of different countries and cultures 🙂 The Alpha restaurant looks pretty darn good!

  8. I have heard so much about Paradise restaurant. Glad to find other restaurants too. Thanks for sharing the list. Looks awesome. Now all I have to do is book my trip 🙂

  9. Anita says: Reply

    I never thought I would be so educated in Biriyani and I admire you guys that you can try whatever you want without limitations. I have some nut allergies that made the photos hard to look at but everything looked absolutely delicious.

  10. I must confess I’d never heard of Biryani restaurants. Paradise with a mixture of chicken and lamb sounds good, and easy to find too if they have many locations. The juice at Cafe Bahar looks delicious.

  11. Cat says: Reply

    What a great list of fantastic options! I would love to visit Paradise myself. Its big portion makes it an appealing option. Their special chicken looks mouthwatering!

  12. It would be very interesting to go on a Biryani food tasting and tour in Hyderabad. I would choose to visit first Hotel Shadab because I would like to try their falooda. Is that the right term for that cold dessert on your photo? It looks really delicious and it has almonds.

  13. Reshma says: Reply

    I’m going to Hyderabad next month and believe it or not, I was actually looking for places to try the most popular Biryanis here, as I just love Biryanis. Your post comes couldn’t come at a better time! Bookmarking 😀

  14. I’ve never been to India but would love to go sometime – I’ll need to remember your recommendations! The biryani you had at Cafe Bahar looks delicious, I’d love to try something like that! I’m not a massive fan of overly spicy food, though, so I’d have to go for something mildly spicy. 🙂

  15. Joanna says: Reply

    I remember having a Biryani when I visited India, in New Delhi, and it was delicious, so much different that the ones we get here in the UK (even if the ones here are good too). The one you had at Cafe Bahar looks delicious and it’s great to hear that it was very flavorsome. I like also that the one from Hotel Shadab comes in so many versions, my favorite would be with prawns.

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