28 Best Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves Traveling!

28 Best Gift Ideas for Someone Who Loves Traveling!

(Last Updated On: March 21, 2020)

From travel gears to travel essentials and the lovely travel souvenirs there are plenty of gifting ideas to make traveling fun and convenient for that traveler friend. We asked our travel blogger friends to suggest some best gifts for travelers and they have come up with some fantastic ideas. We are sure these ideas are definitely going help you find a perfect gift for your friend who loves traveling and exploring the wonderful world out there.

Packing Cubes

Loved by Sherrie from Travel By A Sherrie Affair

Packing cubes are nylon zippered bags to keep all your clothes and accessories separate and organized while traveling. They come in all sizes and colors. It is one of the best ideas to come along in travel and makes a wonderful gift for that person you know who loves to travel.Packing Cubes - Best Gifts For Travelers

Check Availability and Prices

Unpacking in a hotel is fast and easy because you do not need to remove your items from their bags, you can simply unzip, fold the top back and place in the drawer. When it’s time to leave you simply zip your packing cube back up. As your clothes get dirty you can also place them in a separate packing cube with some scented dryer sheets to keep your suitcase smelling fresh.

You will be thanked over and over again when you gift packing cubes!

Airbnb Gift Cards/Credits

Loved by Nathan Aguilera from Foodie Flashpacker

As a long-term traveler, my favorite gift to receive is Airbnb gift cards/credits. Friends and family members that would like to give you something don’t have to worry about finding the proper size or shipping something to you if they gift you an Airbnb credit. Also, they’ve ensured it’s something practical that you can actually use, rather than something that you’ll eventually toss out because it doesn’t make sense to carry it around with you.

Airbnb Gift Cards/Credits - Best Gifts For Travelers

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It’s also great because if your loved one is a budget traveler, typically sleeping in dorms or hostels, this might give them the chance to splurge a bit on some nicer accommodation.

A Pocket Knife and Lightweight Cutlery

Loved by Katie Featherstone from Feathery Travels

For practical, independent travelers, the pocket knife and lightweight cutlery combination are invaluable and a very welcome gift. I have been carrying my knife for many years and am still surprised how often I need it; from slicing up mangoes to making sandwiches on the bus, there are infinite opportunities.

A Pocket Knife and Lightweight Cutlery - Best Gifts For TravelersCheck Availability and Prices

Spending their time exploring the Earth, most travelers also take an interest in the environment. Keeping our own cutlery is a simple way to reduce the amount of single-use plastics we get through and therefore, does a small part in improving the state of our oceans.

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Lifesystems Portable Insect Killer Unit

Loved by Tom from Tripgourmets.

There are two types of people in the world: Those who get eaten alive by mosquitos, and the ones who don’t even know what a mosquito bite feels like. If you’re looking for the perfect gift for a traveler who belongs to the first type, then you should check out the Lifesystems Portable Insect Killer Unit. It is a portable, battery-powered insect killer device. Not needing electricity is especially perfect if you are camping, or staying in any country prone to power cuts.

Lifesystems Portable Insect Killer Unit - Best Gifts For Travelers

Lifesystems Portable Insect Killer Unit - Best Gifts For Travelers Check Availability and Prices

One single cartridge provides up to 6 nights protection before it needs to be replaced, and a single device can treat a standard hotel room. It is far easier to use than a mosquito net. We absolutely swear by it and have used it successfully all over the world on our various travels. Your bite-riddled friend will thank you for this.

Security Waist Pouch

Loved by Yen from Swing Abroad 

Having traveled to so many countries, one of the things that I never forget to pack is my security waist pouch. It comes in very handy for people as forgetful as me. Loss of important documents like passport, cash, and smartphones are especially common among travelers. And we all know that plans can be pretty messed up if that happens.

Security Waist Pouch - Best Gifts For Travelers

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With a security waist pouch, you protect yourself against any robberies, pickpockets and even forgetful mind by storing all your important stuff close to your body.

Yes, it looks a bit old-fashioned but who cares? Traveling is all about enjoying the moments!

Portable Luggage Scale

Loved by Callan from Singapore N Beyond

Some travel items I’ll buy out of necessity. Others would be nice, but I don’t necessarily care about. The third category includes items that I secretly would love, but won’t purchase myself. A portable luggage scale definitely falls into the third category. For someone who loves to collect souvenirs when traveling, the luggage scale is a perfect gift. It’s the worst when you get to the airport, only to realize that your luggage is overweight and you have to sit on the floor reorganizing. Or you have to pay the hefty fee. The scale also for prudent travelers, so they can weigh their bags at their villa before getting that last Buddha statue from Bali.Portable Luggage Scale - Best Gifts For Travelers

Check Availability and Prices

It really is super handy and because it’s lightweight, pretty convenient. It would be my first pick if someone were to ask for my gift preference.

Waterproof Camera

Loved by Lisa from FlipFlop Globetrotters

A waterproof camera is a perfect travel gift, both for kids and adults. I love taking pictures and they are a wonderful way to preserve travel memories. We have a travel picture wall at home, which helps us remember all those fantastic places we’ve been. It’s a great conversation starter. Lately, our son has taken up snorkeling. He really loves it and it’s so much fun seeing him in the water. But it’s even better now that we have a waterproof camera! We’re now able to take pictures of him while he’s swimming, without worrying about the camera getting wet.

Waterproof Camera - Best Gifts For Travelers

Check Availability and Prices

A waterproof camera is also great to have when you’re going kayaking, rafting, snorkeling, visiting waterfalls or just for a day at the beach or swimming pool. A piece of advice: read the reviews and invest in a waterproof camera that actually takes decent pictures.

A UNESCO World Heritage Sites Guide

Loved by Chris from Chris Travel Blog

The World Heritage Sites: A Complete Guide releases each year including new sites. The UNESCO bible I called it. A gift I receive every year as the content changes. For a person who wants to visit all UNESCO World Heritage Sites in his life, this is the perfect resource as it has all the information in one place. It gives detailed information on each site including a photo, description, year date and connected sites.

A UNESCO World Heritage Sites Guide - Best Gifts For Travelers
Check Availability and Prices

All indexed per year and location including beautiful maps that show the sites. The World Heritage Sites: A Complete Guide is also a great gift for the regular traveler that is interested in culture, nature, and the must-see places around the world. How many sites have you visited?

iTunes Voucher

Loved by Sharon from Melbourne Family

This is the best gift for any traveler with an iPhone or iPad. This is because it’s incredibly versatile and doesn’t take any space! As someone who travels light, there really is no physical gift I would like.

iTunes Voucher - Best Gifts For Travelers

Check Availability and Prices

An iTunes voucher can be used for many things – apps, books, music, TV shows or movies. This makes it perfect when traveling because any time I need a new distraction, I can download a new book, game or something to watch or listen to. You really can’t go wrong with this as a present because everyone can find something they would love on the Apple store.

A Chocolate Globe

Loved by Patrick from German Backpacker

The probably most creative gift I ever received was by my brother – a globe made completely out of chocolate! I received it for my birthday a few years ago an I’ve never seen it anywhere before, therefore it’s been a very unique and cute idea. The chocolate globe was quite big and looked very nice. It’s made of dark chocolate, and the countries and continents were made of white chocolate. I was surprised how detailed it actually was! Since the globe looked so cool, I kept it on my desk for quite some time and didn’t want to eat it – but I’m sure it would have tasted delicious! With this idea, you can certainly make a traveler happy!

Tip: You will have to get it done from a local confectionary or a chocolate shop!

A Kindle

Loved by Audrey from Gumnuts Abroad 

Travelers love to read stories about the amazing places they travel to. But who wants to lug heavy books around in their backpack? That’s why a Kindle is the best gift idea for travelers. They’re so small and lightweight you can carry them anywhere. Mine fits into my handbag. Whenever I’m at an airport or train station I just pull it out and I’m transported to another world. One of the best things I love about my kindle is its inbuilt light.

A Kindle - Best Gifts For Travelers
Check Availability and Prices

It means I can read till my heart’s content in the dark while hubby sleeps. This makes it particularly useful for anyone staying in dorm rooms. Having a kindle means an end to trying to find bookshops or book exchanges. All you need is some Wi-Fi and you can download a novel from anywhere in the world. A kindle is the best gift idea for travelers.

Scratch Map of the World

Loved by Shruti from Siddharth & Shruti

While digital devices have pretty much taken over our lives, scratching away a country from the world map with your own hands has a pleasure of its own. Not just that you get bragging rights for doing so, a map of the world on the wall is a lovely decor idea for the travel obsessed. Extra kudos to them if they can scratch the country off with a coin from that country!

Scratch Map of the World - Best Gifts For TravelersCheck Availability and Prices

Since it’s gender neutral, you can gift a scratch map to your sister, brother, friend, or your travel savvy grandmother. Does not matter whether that person is into solo travel or budget or luxury or family travel, it will be a useful and beautiful gift for all kinds of travelers.

Trtl Neck Pillow

Loved by Nathaniel from Travel Lemming

Traveling is awesome, but it does have its drawbacks. And one of them is sleep or the lack of it. If you’ve ever tried to doze off on a long flight, you know the frustrating feeling of trying to fall asleep while each slip of your head jars you awake again.

Trtl Neck Pillow - Best Gifts For Travelers

Check Availability and Prices

That’s why the Trtl neck pillow is such a great gift idea for travelers: it cradles the neck comfortably, providing the support needed to actually sleep on planes, buses, and trains. And, sure, at first glance, it may look a little funny. But, trust me, you won’t be laughing (though you might be smiling) when you actually wake up refreshed after a long flight across the ocean!

Personalized Passport Holder & Luggage Tags

Loved by Claire from Tales of a Backpacker

As a long-term traveler I usually live out of my backpack, so any gifts I receive need to be small and practical in order for me to use them. I think a personalized passport holder and luggage tag is a perfect gift for any traveler, as they are useful, attractive and don’t take up valuable space in their suitcase! As you can personalize them, you can add your own message and design, so every time your traveler goes somewhere they will always think of you, you can’t go many places without a passport!

Check Availability and PricesPersonalised Passport Holder and Luggage Tags - Best Gifts For Travelers

Luggage tags and passport covers usually aren’t too expensive either, so could be a great stocking filler or gifts for friends who are traveling the world.

Power Bank

Loved by Tracey from Pack The PJs

In my opinion, there’s one clear ‘must-have’ gift for a traveler – a PowerBank. With our ever-increasing reliance on mobile technology, a battery back-up is essential to keep you in touch with family, friends, and the outside world in general. Smartphones contain our life – our music, our contacts, our ability to watch TV and movies on the go … and this drains battery life really quickly. Having used many brands of power banks over the years, I now only buy Varta-branded products as they are the most reliable. Because I have a young family of technology addicts, my chosen power bank is a Varta 18000mAh.

Power Bank - Best Gifts For Travelers

Check Availability and Prices

This is the size of a paperback book and weighs 667g, so isn’t tiny compared to some, but it has the capacity to charge a smartphone up to 7 times, and a tablet up to 3 times. It takes 14 hours to charge, but one charge will last my family of 4 the whole weekend if we are traveling. As well as a USB socket, it also has a USB Type C port, which is the technology being adopted by more and more smartphone brands – so it is future-proof too. I cannot travel without the back up of my Varta power bank and I wouldn’t hesitate to offer one as a gift to a traveler.

Noise Canceling Headphones

Loved by Jackie Szeto and Justin Huynh from Life Of Doing 

It’s time to upgrade from the complimentary headphones that airlines provide to noise canceling headphones. These headphones are recommended for all travelers and would be great as a gift. We know that flying can be challenging with the engine noise and passengers’ chatting. The wireless or wired headphones can tune out all the outside noise by a switch of a button.

Noise Canceling Headphones - Best Gifts For Travelers

Check Availability and Prices

Travelers can focus on their movie, audiobook, music, games, and even get some sleep. The sound quality is great and they are comfortable to wear. There are different styles from over the ears to earbuds available in a different price range. You will not regret having these headphones.

Altimeter Watch

Loved by Andra from Our World to Wander

Before my husband and I left for a one year trip I decided to surprise him with a gift that would prove helpful along the way. So I ended up buying him an altimeter watch. For trekkers and mountain lovers having a good altimeter can sure come in handy. We often needed to check the altitude where we were at and couldn’t always rely on locals.

Altimeter Watch - Best Gifts For Travelers

Check Availability and Prices

If you do decide to invest in an altimeter watch you should also check other functions. Most of them also come with a compass and a barometer. Both of them are good companions for travelers. And if the watch that you choose also comes with an alarm and different time zone functions, it’s perfect. It was comforting not to rely on our phones all the time for waking us up.

External Hard Drive

Loved by Craig from Vagabond Disposition

If there’s anything that’s been more useful to me above all else after many years traveling, it’s an external hard drive! During trips, I am constantly uploading tons of photos and videos at the end of every full day out. Looking back after loading all my photos, it is unbelievable how much space they take up; even after just 1 week! During long bus rides, flights, and train journeys, I go through movies and TV series like crazy, as well. Having an external hard drive to keep all my photos and video on is an absolute lifesaver for my PC.

External Hard Drive - Best Gifts For TravelersCheck Availability and Prices

It keeps it running quick and smooth as all the huge files are stored safely and separately on my external hard drive. I have had the WD 1TB My Passport external hard drive for nearly 5 years and it has never once failed me. Whether it be your going-away party, birthday, or Christmas, make sure an external hard drive is on your list!

Combination Lock

Loved by Nicole from Travelgal Nicole

One of the best travel accessories I have is a combination lock that I can use on my bag while I am traveling. A combination lock means I don’t have to carry a key and worry about losing it and not be able to get into my bag. It is useful to ensure no one is able to open my bag without the code.

Combination Lock - Best Gifts For Travelers

Check Availability and Prices

The combination lock can also be used for lockers in a hostel. If you pick one that is a bright color it is easy to spot as well. Just make sure to get one that is TSA approved and you have a lightweight and useful gift for a traveler.

Skype Credit

Loved by Sandra from The Smarter Writer

Skype credit! It’s an awesome gift for a traveler because it doesn’t weigh anything, and it doesn’t take up any space in a suitcase or backpack. Skype credit can help a traveler to stay in touch with friends and family wherever they are in the world and not have to worry about international roaming charges or calling cards when they need to make calls from overseas.

I have a Skype phone number that friends and family, and colleagues and clients can use to reach me on wherever I am in the world. I love that a person can call me on my local Australian Skype number and I can answer it from another country, so long as I have an internet connection.

Skype credit is a practical, yet thoughtful gift for a traveler heading overseas.

Travel Journal

Loved by Brigitta from Let’s get lost in the World

One of the best things to give as a gift to your traveler friend (besides plane tickets, of course) is a travel journal. In this online world, you sometimes need some offline time. Writing in a travel journal is the perfect way of going offline: you can reconnect with yourself, reflect on your travels, write down funny things, observations- or just stick your train tickets in it (like I do).

Travel Journal - Best Gifts For Travelers

Check Availability and Prices

Dead phone? No wifi? No problem! One the many things I love about owning a travel journal is that I can keep all the important notes about my travels in one place: hotel address, things to see in a city, conversion rates, travel dates. I always carry my travel journal with me!

Try gifting a personalized notebook or journal to increase your chances of getting a huge smile on someone’s face.

Portable Blender

Loved by Angela from Chasing the Unexpected

When we travel, especially when we are on a fast pace, we often sacrifice our healthy eating habits. This, however, can have a toll on our wellbeing, and this is why I think a portable blender is a really sweet gift for travelers. With such a lightweight travel gadget, you can shop at a nearby local market for fresh fruits and veggies, wash them at home or in your hotel room, and put them in the blender.

Check Availability and Prices

Whether you are out sightseeing or on the road, whenever you feel like having your daily intake of vitamins and minerals, you just blend them and have your freshly made smoothie. This will give you the energy you need to keep traveling and walking around!

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Tumi Luggage

Loved by Mar from Once in a Lifetime Journey

I have been a loyal customer of Tumi bags for 13 years and can testify to the durability and incredible after sales service of the brand. Tumi bags are known to last forever and are the go-to choice for frequent travelers who need to be on the road constantly and cannot risk having their suitcases broken. Tumi doesn’t make large suitcases but rather excels in the carry-on segment, including backpacks and laptop bags.

Tumi Luggage - Best Gifts For Travelers
Check Availability and Prices

I have had two sets of both (the first one lasted me a decade with weekly travel) and they are incredible, practical and resistant. The best part is that in case they break on the road, you can approach any store and they will fix them straight away for free.

Hiking Backpack

Loved by Charvi from Love With Travel

What else a traveler needs when they have a hiking backpack!! It is not only long-distance trekkers need, weekend getaway or even a day picnic will need this amazing thing. Be it your camera, power bank, charger or the food packets, you can put all your things in it which lets you travel with an ease. You definitely need not carry all the things separately. Being a travel blogger, a backpack is always at the top of my list whenever I make a list of my packing 🙂

Tumi Luggage - Best Gifts For Travelers

Check Availability and Prices

I would choose a lightweight backpack above all my travel essentials. Though gadgets and cameras are equally important, the backpack makes you roam hassle free. It is also more valuable when you have long layovers. Trust me you can put it almost everything you need to pass your time.

Travel Towel

Loved by Melissa from The Family Voyage

Every traveler needs a great travel towel – I’ve been using one since my first big trip more than a decade ago! They take up almost no space in our very full travel backpacks and have been everywhere with us, from a remote island in Panama to the Great Barrier Reef to a desert oasis in Israel. They’re especially good for the beach since many vacation rental hosts and hotels ask guests not to take towels outside.

Travel Towel - Best Gifts For Travelers
Travel Towel - Best Gifts For TravelersCheck Availability and Prices

Our requirements are that they be reasonable in size (size L works for me and my husband, size M for the kids) and have nice quality stitching. Our favorite ones have a built-in loop to hang dry.

Compact Camera Drone

Loved by Paul from Adventure of the Day

If you know someone who’s an avid traveler that’s also into photography/videography, a compact camera drone would be the perfect gift! As a traveler myself, I love taking photos and videos of iconic places I’m visiting so I could not only keep those as memories, but it’s also a way for me to stay connected with family and friends. Not only that, a compact camera drone allows you to get photos and videos of places from a bird’s eye viewpoint of view, which is really unique viewpoints.

Best Gifts For TravelersCheck Availability and Prices

My favorite compact camera drones out in the market today are the DJI Mavic and the DJI Spark, both of which are not only compact but also lightweight, which is likely one of the most important features travelers look for in a drone. They both weigh 1.62 lbs and about 0.7 lbs respectively.

Fridge Magnets

Loved by Sakshi from Saakshi Rajat

What would be a better keepsake from a wonderful destination than a fridge magnet? I have always been a huge fan of collecting fridge magnets. For travelers who not only bring back memories of the amazing landmarks but also want to collect a souvenir from the place where they spent some great times, fridge magnets are a perfect gift. Fridge magnets of various iconic landmarks, historic structures and mind-blowing scenery transport travelers to the place and make them revisit the destination virtually.

Also, if it’s given as a gift, it certainly gets added to the traveler’s bucket list. I like my fridge covered with magnets because that feels like medals from my travels stuck on the fridge.

Travel Cord Organizer

Loved by Eric and Lisa from Penguin and Pia

If you’ve been looking for the perfect gift for any traveler, then you might consider buying them a travel cord organizer. With the amount of technology we bring with us on our travels, the charging cords can be a nightmare. Not with a cord organizer they aren’t! These small zippered bags have interior holders and pouches for wrapping up those long charging cords and keeping them neat and tidy. Organizers are usually quite small and slim – meaning they fit into any style of luggage.

Best Gifts For Travelers

Check Availability and Prices

We love cord organizers because they do more than just keep cords untangled. They also have lots of pockets for memory cards, data sticks, and other smaller electronic items! So, you can help your fellow traveler stay organized with a simple but functional gift like this one.

Aren’t these some great gifts for travelers? So have you found that perfect gift idea? Let us know in the comments.

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