Scenic Train Journeys in India for Memorable Train Travel

Scenic Train Journeys in India for Memorable Train Travel

(Last Updated On: March 23, 2020)

India is undeniably the land of a multivariate landscape, culture, and beauty. Each state has its own distinct feature; be it, in the form of flora and fauna or the vegetation or the people and traditions. It is not really possible to experience the best of India in a lifetime, however, India looks gorgeous from the windows of the trains as well. The long-distance journeys are made interesting and very enjoyable, due to the numerous scenic beauty one can witness from the trains. Here are some of the most mesmerizing train journeys in India.

One of the most amazing experiences of our lifetime was a train from Trivandrum or Thiruvananthapuram the capital of God’s Own Country Kerala to Mangalore. The picturesque views all along the route will keep your eyes glazed to the windows. The palm-fringed shores of the emerald backwaters and the sandy stretch of beaches of the coastal and the lush western ghats are a common vista. It is such voyages where the journey is no less than a destination and every moment is filled with delight and awe for nature.

Scenic Train Rides in India for Memorable Train Travel

Most Beautiful Scenic Train Rides

Goa Express

The Goa Express runs from Vasco Da Gama in Goa till Londa in Karnataka. The journey is very famous for its lush greenery and the pristine villages that the train crosses. The villages look serene and carry an unusual charm of bedazzling a spectator within seconds. Life seems like it’s floating in these villages. But the showstopper is certainly the Dudhsagar Waterfalls.

Scenic Train Rides in India for Memorable Train Travel

You must have come across this scenic waterfall at least once, since the advent of the Bollywood movie “Chennai Express”. The Dudhsagar Waterfall is situated near Londa and it is an ultimate sight to behold. The sprinkles of water due to the gushing flow of the waterfall can make you go from doleful to joyful in a matter of seconds! Monsoon is the best time to experience this beauty. As the train makes its way through tortuous curves of the mountains and rocky landscapes, the Goa Express is not less than a thrill ride.

The Island Express

The Island Express sweeps through the lush greenery of our South Indian states. It runs from Kanyakumari to Trivandrum. South Indian states like Kerala and Tamil Nadu are famed for their green landscapes and varied cultures spread out far and wide covering all the widths of the state. Kerala; God’s own country is bedazzling beyond imagination.

Scenic Train Rides in India for Memorable Train Travel

The tall coconut trees, the backwaters and the houseboats floating on the backwaters quietly is what steals your heart. Ornately decorated temples and small villages are what Tamil Nadu offers to the viewers. The Island Express captures the most of the beauty of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The transition of view from Catholic churches to ancient temples vivid with colors and faith lights up the route of the Island Express. The distinctive features of the Keralite and Tamilian architecture strike out like a bolt of flash. This train is surely going to take you through the best part of the most picturesque location in South India.

Dooars Voyage

The Dooars Voyage is that one train one must ride even if you have nowhere to go. I may seem absolutely crazy to give you this idea, but the route that the train takes is a visual feast to mortal beings. You can explore wildlife in their natural habitat as you commence this ride. Why? Well because it passes through a number of forest reserves situated in West Bengal. To be precise about the route of Dooars Voyage, it crosses the cities of Siliguri-New Mal-Hasimara-Alipurduar all in West Bengal.

Scenic Train Rides in India for Memorable Train Travel

Scenic Train Rides in India for Memorable Train Travel

So you can imagine that this train journey will leave you gasping for breath after you cross the wonderful places the train snakes through. Chapramari forest, Mahananda wildlife sanctuary, Buxa tiger reserve and Jaldapara wildlife sanctuary are the places you get to experience once you undertake this magnificent train journey. Spotting of animals is very common on this route and the rich flora and fauna will surely stun you. Long story cut shorts; this is one train journey you must undertake once in a lifetime.

Mandovi Express

The Konkan railway connects the Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka states of India. The stretch of line from Mumbai to Goa runs parallel to the southwest coastline along the Arabian Sea and offers some of the spectacular views of the sea, lush Sahaydris, and sprawling fields. The train chugging past several snaking rivers, tunnels and hundreds of bridges is a breathtaking journey that takes you from Mumbai the city that never sleeps to Goa, the party capital of India.

Scenic Train Rides in India for Memorable Train Travel

The route is even more beautiful and stunning during the monsoons when the everything around the land and the mountains wear lush green and the mountain peaks hide in the hazy layer of clouds and the drizzle fills the air with Petrichor.

Himalayan Queen

The Kalka Shimla railway is a world heritage site more than 100 years old and is featured in the Guinness Book of World Records for offering the steepest rise in altitude covering 96 km in around 5 hours. The narrow gauge toy train is one of the most beautiful mountain railways started back in 1903 during the reign of Lord Curzon. The train runs from Kalka to Shimla passing through 102 tunnels, lush forests and deep valleys filling the passengers with thrill and awe.

Desert Queen

The Desert Queen is a special tourist train running from Jaipur through Jodhpur to Jaisalmer offering its passengers an authentic royal Rajasthani experience. The trains run through the stark arid landscape, desert terrain of the Thar Desert.

Scenic Train Rides in India for Memorable Train Travel

A common vista along these landscapes are of the rural Rajasthan and herds of camels which is a desert safari in the real sense. The beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the golden stretch of the desert is a mesmerizing vista to behold.

Some people find train journeys extremely boring and time-consuming and hence prefer flights. But, to be honest, train journeys take you to a lot of places before you reach your destination. You get to experience the in-depth culture of each place as the train takes a halt at the stations alien to you. IRCTC ticket booking for trains has made the selection of trains extremely easy. You have no excuse to not experience these train rides!

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