Top Things to Do in Seattle in 2 Days

Top Things to Do in Seattle in 2 Days

(Last Updated On: September 13, 2019)

For such a wonderful place, a weekend is not enough to explore the interesting, vibrant city of Seattle. The city is filled with so much food, markets, ocean views, and coffee shops. But, if you are limited on time, you have to explore the best parts of Seattle. Coming up with an itinerary on such a fun and unique city can be hard. To help lift most of the work off your shoulders, I created a list of the best activities to do in Seattle. The list includes restaurants, markets, viewpoints, bars and much more. So keep on reading on for top things to do in Seattle in 2 days.

A Guest Post by Michelle Stelly of The Wandering Queen

Best Places to Stay in Seattle

The Grand Hyatt in Seattle is where we stayed on our 48 hour trip in Seattle. The hotel is at a great central location and features a Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse on the bottom floor. Check for Availability.

The Hyatt at Olive 8 is another great choice. The Olive is located in a great central location and has more of a modern, chic feel to it. The first floor features a market called Urbane Market where you can grab some wine or a cup of coffee. The hotel also has a restaurant in the hotel. Check for Availability

Inn at the Market is one of the best hotels in Seattle. The hotel is located right next to Pike Place Market and has stunning views of Elliott Bay. There is an onsite bar which offers great views from the rooftop deck. Check for Availability

Things to Do in Seattle – Day 1

Get Some Coffee at the First Starbucks – 8:00 AM/ 9:00 AM

I recommend getting to 1912 Pike Place Starbucks early to avoid the long lines. This Starbucks can get pretty busy with lines that can sometimes lead outdoors. This Starbucks has their own exclusive blend called Pike Place Special Reserve and is one of two Starbucks that sells this brew. This is also the only place that has the original Starbucks mermaid logo.

10:00 AM Visit Pike Place Market

Established in 1907, Pike Place is Seattle’s original Farmers Market. You will find all kinds of things including foods, flowers, art jewelry, and much more.

Let me warn you, the market can get very crowded but exploring all the stores, seeing flying fish thrown in the air, and viewing all the handcrafted items is so fun. Make sure to check out all the levels at the market.

Visit the Famous Gum Wall – 12:00 AM

The grossly fascinating Gum Wall located close to Pike Place Market is an interesting place to make a stop. Before I visited the wall, I always thought it was a gross concept, but, I am one of those individuals who need to see it so I can form my own opinion. I surprisingly, really enjoyed it! The wall is colorful and unique so it makes for some interesting photos.

The Gum Wall has been gathering gum since the early 1990s! In 2015, the gum wall was cleaned off to preserve the brick because the gum had been stuck there for nearly 20 years. The total amount of gum removed ended up being 2,350 lbs worth! Right after the cleaning, people began sticking gum on the wall again and it became the gum wall we all know and love today.

Visit The Pike Pub for some Food and Drinks – 12:30 PM

The Pike Pub has great ambiance and food. The beer is pretty good and you can even get tours of the brewery. The pub/brewery is located right next to the gum wall so make sure not to miss it!

Note, the establishment has a brewery area and a pub area so make sure to walk up the stairs for the pub. We wanted to visit the pub but walked into the brewery by mistake.

Take a ride on the Seattle Great Wheel – 2:00 PM

Pier 57 is home the Seattle Great Wheel. The Ferris wheel has air-conditioned and heated gondolas, thousands of LEDs to light up the night, and is located next to the water so you are in for some great views! The wheel was opened on June 29, 2012, and is about 200 feet tall.

Even if you aren’t into Ferris Wheels, the pier is a great place to spend the afternoon. The views are great and there are even some restaurants.

Visit the Olympic Sculpture Park – 4:00 PM

The Olympic Sculpture Park is a 9-acre park owned and operated by the Seattle Art Museum. Admission to the park is free, so if you love art, visiting this park is a must.

It is a great place for a picnic, to stroll around or to relax in. While we were there, they were even having large outdoor yoga classes.

Eat at The Walrus and the Carpenter – 6:00 PM

One of the most famous restaurants in Seattle, the Walrus, and The Carpenter is a must! Years ago when I came to Seattle for the first time, I was dying to visit this restaurant. I am a huge Oysters fan and I had heard so much about this place. Sadly, our schedule didn’t allow it. So when I found out we were coming back to Seattle, I made sure to make a stop here!

The main problem with this restaurant is getting a table can prove to be pretty difficult. It is one of the most well-known restaurants in the area and they don’t accept reservations. We decided to arrive at the restaurant at 6 pm but we still had to wait. We spent our time at the bar while we waited. They had great drinks and we didn’t have to wait for too long.

Have Some Drinks at Canon Bar – 9:30 PM

If there is one thing I absolutely recommend in this list, is to visit this bar. This is probably my favorite bar I have EVER been to hands down. I don’t even think any other place would even come to close second after I visited Canon Bar. The bar is stacked with liquors and spirits and it is America’s largest spirit collection at 4,000 labels and counting. The bar has a speakeasy kind of vibe to it, with low lighting, and crazy drink concoctions.

If you want to get into this bar I highly recommend getting a reservation ticket. You will be charged $25 a person at the time of the reservation, but the money charged will go towards your bill. If you are a no-show you will lose the deposit. The bar is pretty small so getting in without a reservation might be next to impossible on a weekend.

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Things to Do in Seattle – Day 2

Brunch at Stateside – 9:00 AM

Stateside is a cutesy brunch spot with Vietnamese fusion food. The drinks are delicious and the food is scrumptious. I loved the vibe and the decorations of this place. Perfect spot to hang out at if the weather isn’t doing so great outside because the restaurant feels so homey. Brunch includes savory Asian-inspired dishes to sweeter tropical choices. Plus the Bloody Mary’s are delish!

Visit the Space Needle – 10:30 AM

One of the most famous structures in the world, the Seattle Space Needle, is a great place to base your second day in Seattle. Not only is the Needle cool to see, but there are also many attractions and food nearby.

Even if you don’t want to pay to go to the top of the Needle, I advise to check the area out and take pictures of this magnificent structure.

Visit the Chihuly Museum – 11:30 AM

The Chihuly Museum has always been at the top of my list. Pictures of this place always seemed so magical and colorful, but seeing it in person is a whole different experience.

The colors and shapes are absolutely astounding. The museum has an outdoor and an indoor exhibit both of which are spectacular.

Eat at Tilikum Cafe – 1:00 PM

Tilikum Cafe is a perfect place to eat lunch. It is a short walk away from the Needle and has a European feel to it. I highly recommend ordering one of their Dutch Babies Pancakes. It does take at least 20 minutes to bake but my oh my, the wait is worth it! They have three flavors: The classic lemon, the sweet apple cranberry, and the savory duck sausage. Make sure to make advanced reservations on Open Table as this place tends to get busy on weekends.

Check Out the Museum of Pop Culture – 2:00 PM

One of the prettiest Museum buildings I have ever seen, The Museum of Pop Culture is a must on your Seattle Itinerary. Even if you are not wanting to go inside, I recommend stopping by and taking a quick picture. The building structure is unique with an odd shape and strange colors of silver, blue and pink. A lot of people love stopping by and taking Instagram pictures.

If you are interested in going inside, the museum exhibits include the Marvel Universe, Pearl Jam, Scared to Death, Nirvana, Sound Lab, Indie Game Revolution, Hendrix, and Infinite Worlds of Science Fiction.

Go to the Pacific Science Center – 4:00 PM

The Pacific Science Center is a great place to stop by with your family. The center features Imax Films, a planetarium, and a laser light show. The Science Center is great for people who love math, sciences, and technology.

Eat Dinner at Ba Bar – 7:00 PM

If you don’t have to catch your flight just yet, I recommend eating at one of the most popular Vietnamese restaurants in town called Ba Bar. They sell comfort Southeastern Asian food that you absolutely love. Crowned as the city’s best Pho bowls trying this place out is a must. The cocktails are also known to be unique and delicious.

Seattle is a unique city with great food, drinks, coffee, music, and people. It is a great destination for a weekend getaway and has so much to offer. I hope you enjoyed this 48-hour itinerary in Seattle!

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