Top 10 Things to Do in the Philippines

Top 10 Things to Do in the Philippines

(Last Updated On: July 23, 2018)

The Philippines made up of more than 7,000 islands is truly a remarkable country. It boasts of a whole array of natural elements such as active volcanoes and areas prone to typhoons. There are many natural wonders the country to explore in this a wonderful country. There are tropical rainforests, beautiful islands, rice terraces and pristine beaches here. Apart from that, one can enjoy vibrant festivals, shop to their heart’s content and explore those beautiful islands and UNESCO World Heritage sites. Needless to say, there is plenty to do and see here.

The top must have experiences to look forward to while in the Philippines:

Explore the Picture Perfect Boracay Island

For those who love beaches, they can head straight for Boracay Island. It is indeed one of the most beautiful destinations in the Philippines. Those sandy beaches and clear turquoise waters are simply postcard picture of perfection. You can just relax on the beach, sunbathe or gaze at incredible sunsets.

Things to do in Philippines

Live music breaks out after perfect sunsets, and one can enjoy several performances such as fire dancers. The island and its beaches are awash with visitors and tourists from across Asia.

Plenty of Adventure on the Coron Island

The jungle-clad interior of the Coron island is the ancestral domain of the Tagbanua indigenous group. The local tribes were primarily fishers and gatherers. Enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters of Kayangan Lake surrounded by lush mountain walls. Another scenic lake, the Barracuda Lake is of great interest to divers. The lake is accessible by a short climb that ends directly at the water’s edge. Coron Island is indeed one of the favorite places in the whole world and home to unique and breathtaking sights.

Things to do in Philippines

The island is quite hard to reach, but this can easily be overcome by getting Palawan tour package which includes transfers and transportation.

Visit the Hundred Islands National Park

Hundred Islands National Park with 124 islands can be best viewed from the plane. The islands are scattered in Lingayen Gulf and are an excellent example of unspoiled nature. While most of the islands are an undeveloped and beautiful example of unspoiled nature, Quezon Island, Governor Island and Children’s Island are well developed. Hundred Islands National Park boasts of vast biodiversity and is home to a massive range of endangered plants and animals.

Things to do in Philippines

As the tides eat away the bases of some of these limestone islands, they get a striking mushroom-like appearance. One can enjoy snorkeling, swimming, and lounging on the Hundred Islands National Parks.

Explore the Banaue Rice Terraces

The rice terraces in Banquet are indeed a cultural treasure and Filipino pride. A stunning example of living cultural landscapes, the local folks refer to those rice fields as “Stairs to Heaven.”

Things to do in Philippines

Listed as the UNESCO World Heritage, it is indeed a unique experience to trek over the rice terraces in Banaue. It is indeed a great fun thing to do while in the Philippines.

The Chocolate Kisses of the Chocolate Hills

When you fly over the Philippines across the Bohol Island, you are sure to notice thousands of chocolate kisses that seem to protrude from the terrain. There are about 1,268 conical mounds that are known as the Chocolate Hills. Those mysterious hills are almost all symmetrical, and the grass-covered limestone turns brown during the dry season, and hence the name.

Things to do in Philippines

There are numerous geological explanations behind the formation of the Chocolate Hills, and it could be due to limestone weathering or oceanic volcano activity. Designated a World Heritage site in 1995, it is an engineering marvel when one look s at the vast network of rice terraces.

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Enjoy a Unique Experience at Waterfalls Restaurant

The Waterfalls Restaurant is located in the palatial Villa Escudero resort plantation. The customers enjoy their meal at an eatery in a shallow river and just a couple of feet away from the base of an artificial waterfall. The guests can wade barefoot in the gentle waters or stand beneath the rushing waters of the waterfall. It is indeed a unique experience and a very relaxing way to enjoy your meals surrounded by water. Enjoy traditional Filipino buffet lunch while soaking your feet in the Labasin Waterfalls Restaurant. Soak yourself between different courses and then get more than a little refreshment on those bamboo tables.

The Nesting Geological Features of Vulcan Point

Vulcan Point is an island that is located within a lake, in the middle of a volcano. The volcano lies in the midst of a larger lake, which further lies in the middle of a bigger island, in an archipelago. This is the unique beauty of Lake Taal, and the Taal Volcano is known as the most active volcano.

Things to do in Philippines

It is the part of Pacific’s “Ring of Fire,” famous for its active volcanoes and earthquakes. The strange geological features around the Vulcan Point are like the Russian nesting dolls. The stained yellow of the shore of Crater Lake reminds one of how dangerous Mother Nature. The somewhat otherworldly landscape of the Vulcan Point is genuinely amazing.

The Stunning Asik-Asik Waterfalls

The beautiful Asik-Asik waterfalls remained relatively unknown to the public for a long time. However, the stunning image of the pristine waters rushing down a mountain cliff covered by green soon went viral and today, the waterfalls a popular destination among the tourists. Located in the mountainous Alamada region, the falls make for a wonderful tourism opportunity. Enjoy gazing at the full majesty of frothy white waters gushing don the green mountains that spread across a vast area. The lush green surroundings are sure to take your breath away. As you go deep down a ravine, you can see the falls and hear its splash.

The Unique Coffins of Sagada

Visit north to Mountain Province to look at the hanging coffins of Sagada. Those hanging coffins allow one to get aware of the unique burial ritual. The senior population makes their own coffins with hollowed logs. However, instead of burying the coffins in the ground, they are hung either on the face of the or inside the caves.

Things to do in Philippines

The burial practice has been going on for over 2,000 years now, and many of those coffins are over a century old. The age-old tradition continues to be performed to this day, although on a much smaller scale than before.

The Clear Natural Waters of the Hinatuan Enchanted River

Located in Mindanao, the short stretch of river is well known for its miraculously clear, blue waters. Located between the boundaries of Barangays of Talisay and Cambatong, the river earned the moniker “enchanted river” as it was described the river in a poem entitled “Rio Encantado” by the diplomat Modesto Farolan. The river simply seems to pop up out from the ground and goes out to sea. The 80-feet deep river attracts visitors from around the world and is believed to be miraculous as no one is sure where the saltwater emanates from. It is indeed a wonder to look at the clean waters. The unexplored depths and unusual colors of the river have inspired various local legends. The local government of Hinatuan prohibits swimming due to preservation and maintenance.

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