Tips for Planning a Perfect Road Trip

Tips for Planning a Perfect Road Trip

(Last Updated On: March 8, 2018)

One of our most memorable and thrilling road trips was from Jammu to Ladakh in India. We had lots of surprises, adrenaline rushing moments, and breathtaking landscapes. In Ladakh, our bike trip to Khardung La through the snow-covered route to the summit with plenty of stops enjoying the snow on the way was a trip we will cherish for life.

Tips for Planning a Perfect Road Trip

A road trip is always full of fun and excitement. But a carefree and stress-free vacation needs a good amount of preplanning and preparation. Here are few things to take care of before you begin that epic road trip to make wonderful memories.

Route and Destination

A trip starts with a destination in mind. But if it’s a road trip you may also need to jot down a route map to the destination taking into consideration the numerous stops you are going to make to reach the destination on time. Or if it’s a long journey, you will want to make a stopover at an intermediate destination to take a break or to avoid driving at night. When planning the route, it is possible that you find some hidden gem of places that you may want to add to your list too.

Tips for Planning a Perfect Road Trip

Also, make a note of the cities centers and towns with plenty of options to make a stop for a lunch/coffee break or more importantly the gas/petrol stations. You do not want to be starved or run out of gas/petrol looking for out for the restaurants or gas/petrol stations on the way. It would be better to get an idea of possible locations where you can find them well in advance. This would definitely save you some time and sanity.


Get yourself a good and reliable GPS with updated maps of the destinations you would be visiting. A good GPS like Garmin and TomTom is going help you find routes with additional information on fastest routes, information on traffic jams, diversions, highways and the like. Though the phone GPS is great too, it may not be of any help if you are driving in locations with limited or no network.

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Car Readiness

The most important part of the trip is your car. Make sure that your car is ready for that long trip; you definitely wouldn’t want to be left stranded on the road with a broken car. Nothing can be more frustrating and tiresome.

Tips for Planning a Perfect Road Trip

Get your car cleaned and equipped with comfortable cushions. Get your car basic maintenance; get an expert check for the tires, brakes, battery and everything else to be in perfect condition. For car batteries, we recommend you go for Amaron, the best car battery by experience. We were facing a lot of battery problems some time back, and for the same reason, we were postponing our epic road trip to coastal Karnataka. On a friend’s suggestion, we switched to Amaron, which was one of the best decisions. We had a wonderful week-long road trip without any hassles and troubles.

Things to Pack for a Road Trip

The best part of traveling in a car is that you can carry that extra pair of clothes you couldn’t carry if you were traveling in a bus or a flight. But still, you will also need to stock up extra food, water, and snacks enough to last for that long road trip.

Make sure you carry a first aid kit and some important medicines for it will come in handy when in an emergency you may not always find a medical store when in need, on the way.

Our favorite part of a road trip is we can move at our own pace enjoying and relishing every single scenic vista on the way. And if you feel like capturing that beautiful moment you can always make a stop, so keep your camera handy.

Tips for Planning a Perfect Road Trip

Carry enough cash as you can never be sure when you will find that next ATM or even if you have credit/debit cards you cannot be sure if the cafe/restaurant you stopped by would accept them.

Make sure to carry all your car documents, Driver’s License, and the passport if you are driving across countries.

Frequent Stops

Driving for all long hours is not good for your back as well as legs. So take a break stretch those tired legs and hands, breathe in some fresh air, and get back to seat refreshed.

Onboard Entertainment

Driving for hours may get monotonous, so some entertainment onboard could definitely help you keep refreshed. Prepare a perfect road trip playlist, carry some games onboard and books.

Traveling with Kids

You may need some nursery rhymes or kid’s favorite numbers on the playlist too if you are traveling with a kid. It is important to keep them entertained too.

Carry their favorite stuff, toys, and games, color books to keep them busy all the way. Here are some great ideas for games when traveling with kids.

Last but not the least – Traffic Rules

Be aware of the traffic rules of the places you are going visit. Respect and follow the traffic rules and speed limits. The last thing you would want on a holiday in a completely new place is to end up wasting time and money on fines/tickets.

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