Uganda Gorilla Trekking - A Budget Guide to Visiting Bwindi National Park

Uganda Gorilla Trekking – A Budget Guide to Visiting Bwindi National Park

(Last Updated On: July 11, 2019)

Going to Bwindi National Park to visit the gorillas is one of the most memorable wildlife experiences one can have. Unfortunately, taking part in most tours is off-limits for many people. This trip can become quite expensive. Particularly, taking into account that the gorilla trekking permits start off at $600. However, if planned properly, it is possible to cut corners in many places and end up having a very enjoyable trip for a fair price. Here is all you need to know if you are planning for a Uganda Gorilla Trekking trip, read on!

Choose the Right Season

Most tourists prefer going to Uganda in the dry seasons to avoid the rainfall and enjoy their trip more. As many people prefer to do this, prices during these times tend to go up. However, to be honest, there is not much of a difference between the wet and the dry season. In Uganda, there is rain all year round. No matter if the season should be dry or wet.

What is more, the government tends to implement measures to foster more tourism in the low seasons. For example, a few years back, there was a huge discount on gorilla permits. Accommodation tends to be a lot cheaper as well. Especially hotels and lodges which are very near the park. So, if you are a bit short of money, you should watch out for these opportunities. Going in the wet season will offer a similar experience for a much lower price.

Go for Fewer Days

There is plenty to see in Uganda. There is so much that getting to know it all would take a lifetime. But maybe this is not what you want. If you only want to see gorillas, you may reduce the length of your trip. We believe that in only 3 days Uganda gorilla safari you can live this experience and create awesome memories.

You take some pictures, enjoy Bwindi Forest and travel back home. And all of this for a petite price. How does it sound?

This time is enough to get a taste of the most important things to see in Uganda. We recommend that you organize it like this:

Day 1

This would be the day you arrive in the country and go to your hotel. If you are on a budget, you are probably going to prefer going to a hostel. This day you should rest and gather some energy. You will need it in the days to come.

Day 2

Now the most exciting part of your journey starts. It’s time to meet the gorillas! You will start your day getting key information about what you should do. Then, you go to the forest in the company of a guide.

This activity may take up the whole day or only a few hours. It will depend on the family of gorillas that are assigned to you.

While some families are quite close and you will find them in an hour or two, some others will require some serious trekking and can take up to 8 hours to locate. So, you should be ready for any eventuality.

Day 3

You already have experienced Bwindi and created memories that will last a lifetime. On this day, you should go back to Kampala to take the plane back home. If you can, try to go around the city. This place did not use to be suitable for tourists. But now, fortunately, tourism is booming due to some measures taken by the local government.

We definitely recommend that you hire a boda-boda, which is similar to a motor-bike, to see the most interesting places. What is more, try to get a taste of the local cuisine. Food in Uganda is flavorful and something that you should try before you leave.

Go in Groups

Agencies have a reputation. Apart from working with professionals in their fields, they usually offer great pricing. Most of the times, there are discounts and special offers for those who travel in groups.

Agencies often have arrangements with the government, for example. And they can obtain permits for a much cheaper price than you would if you ask for it on your own.

If none of your friends and family would like to go on this trip with you, do not worry. You can join a Facebook group, for example. There, a lot of travelers share their experiences. And try to arrange similar dates to go together. In this way, they can save a lot of money. It’s a great option to make new friends as well!

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Choose Cheap Accommodation

The options to stay near the park or mini. Some of them are extremely expensive. Mainly because these places have a lot of commodities for visitors. But there are some lodges here that are affordable. For example, Bwindi Backpackers lodge is a great option for those with a low budget. This place is very near the park, so distance is not a problem.

Wild Rwanda Safaris has different alternatives. Some of them are self-camping, in which people have to bring their own tents, another one is to rent a shared room with bathroom. There, tourists can have the experience of living with others who are also going trekking. Finally, they have cottages that are very comfortable and affordable.

Seeing Gorillas in Uganda would definitely be one of the experiences to cherish for life and NatGeo gives you the ultimate reasons why!

And with all these tips, we are sure you are going to have an amazing experience!

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