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3 Things to Know About New Construction Spec Loans

Are you building a new home or doing an extensive renovation project? The decisions and planning to start new construction can be beyond daunting. A loan to buy a new construction home can be an excellent option for an investment.

Obtaining a good construction loan sometimes seems impossible when constructing a new home or building an addition. You could tap into speculative financing or new construction spec loans. Many spec loans are available on the marketplace, so it’s essential to research what they are and how they can help your construction project.

Finding a loan is typically not problematic. If you are using home builders that are local, ask them about local lenders, as they often have a relationship with them and can point you in the right direction.

Here’s a quick guide on what you need to know about construction spec loans.


1. Different Types of Construction Spec Loans

There are different construction spec loans, each with its terms, conditions, and repayment options. The most common type of construction spec loan is the hard money loan.

Hard money loans are typically short-term loans with high-interest rates. They are backed by the value of the purchased property, not by the borrower’s creditworthiness. Investors often use this type of loan to purchase fix-and-flip properties.

Another type of construction spec loan is the private money loan. Private money loans are similar to hard money loans.

Still, private individuals or companies usually offer them, not banks or other financial institutions. Private money loans often have lower interest rates than hard money loans, but they may be more challenging. You may also may be able to get lending through the VA if you are a veteran, so it is worth it to research VA loans Vs. conventional loans. You may be able to save some money with a VA loan.

2. How to Get a Construction Loan

You’ll need a good credit score and a solid plan to repay the loan to qualify. Before you apply, it’s essential to understand the requirements and terms of construction loans so that you can be prepared.

If you’re looking to take out a loan for your new construction project, you’ll need to keep your debt-to-income (DTI) ratio in mind. This ratio measures how much of your income is going towards debt repayments. However, you can still qualify for a loan by increasing your down payment or looking for a lender with more lenient DTI requirements.

3. Where Can You Use a Construction Loan?

These loans are interest-only, meaning that the borrower only pays the interest each month and does not make any payments on the loan’s principal. Developers often use this type of loan to finance the construction of a new development. Investors who are looking to renovate and sell a property for profit use these loans as fix and flip loans.

Look for the Right New Construction Spec Loans For You

If you’re considering a new construction spec loan, you should know a few things for your next project. These loans are for investment purposes. On the other hand, several other options exist if you want a loan to finance your home build.

Remember to be prepared to put down a significant down payment for new construction spec loans, which is typically 20-30%. If you’re comfortable with these terms and are confident in your ability to finance and complete a new construction project, a spec loan may be right for you.

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