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3 Tips for Recycling Your Old Electronics

Electronic devices can be difficult to recycle for a number of reasons, including their batteries, the use of non-recyclable materials in manufacturing and the risk of toxic substance exposure. Here are three tips for recycling your old electronics.


1. Visit a Trade-in Location

You can check for local nonprofit organizations that offer trade-in programs or look for trade-in kiosks. to exchange old electronics for cash. To find a kiosk, search online using keywords such as “what is ecoATM,” “trade in electronics at kiosk” and “ecoATMs near me.” At trade-in locations, someone will examine your device and give you a monetary offer. At a kiosk, the machine will scan your device to provide an appropriate offer.

2. Donate Them

You can also donate devices that still work to nonprofit organizations that provide people in need with phones, computers and other electronic devices. If your device no longer works, you can still try to donate it. A volunteer or employee can examine it and determine whether it or any of its parts are still usable. Check the organization’s donation requirements and requests. Some may accept all electronic devices, while others may only accept computers, for example.

3. Bring Them to Electronics Recyclers

While you can’t include electronics with the rest of your recycling, you can take them to organizations that specialize in recycling electronics. These organizations may set up drop-off locations or electronics recycling events. You can check online for locations and events in your area. Be sure to review any restrictions these organizations may have, such as types of batteries or devices they don’t collect, and any requirements they have, such as wiping hard drives before turning in devices.

Understanding the components of your electronics and how to properly dispose of them can help preserve the environment and ensure recyclable components are reintroduced to the manufacturing cycle instead of becoming electronic waste.