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4 Bold Signs Someone Is an Emerging Alcohol Addict

Alcohol dependency is a serious issue, and so many people around the world drink.

Whether you are a loved one worried about a friend or colleague or you need to confront your struggles with drinking, it is important to be able to recognize the signs so that you can seek help.

Below we have compiled a list of some of the most common signs of a junior alcoholic. With some of these signs appearing as soon as a person is in their teenage years, early intervention is key.

Read on to find out if someone in your life is an emerging alcohol addict.


1. You Drink More Than Planned

Emerging alcohol addiction can be identified by a few bold signs, one of which is drinking more than originally planned. When someone starts to consume more alcohol than intended, it could be a sign of their subconscious needing more to reach their desired level of potential intoxication. They may also drink more than originally planned because they feel like they can’t stay sober for more than a few moments. 

2. Extreme Mood Swings and Irritability

One sign of an emerging alcohol addict is extreme mood swings and irritability. An individual may experience drastic changes in their demeanor, often becoming overly aggressive, hostile, or easily provoked. In many cases, this behavior is not the norm and can take those in the individual’s social circle by surprise.

This behavior change could indicate that they are struggling with an addiction but may not yet be aware of it. Some treatments to help with alcohol misuse and abuse are therapy. Discover more treatments for alcohol addiction by consulting a professional.

3. Losing Interest in Previously Loved Activities

People who are struggling with alcohol addiction may start losing interest in their favorite activities. Generally, someone who enjoys a certain activity will want to go out and do it all the time.

However, if they are an emerging alcoholic, they may start to lose interest in it and avoid it altogether. Other signs that someone may be losing interest in activities they used to love to include avoiding social engagements. It also involves isolating themselves and staying up late due to drinking.

4. Your Tolerance Has Gone Up

Your tolerance to alcohol has gone up, this is a bold sign that someone might be an emerging alcohol addict. If someone can consume more and more quantities of alcohol without feeling the same effects and instead feels like nothing is happening. Then that is a clear indication that he or she has developed a certain level of resistance to the effects of alcohol.

Prolonged drinking of large amounts of alcohol also frequently leads to cravings and a compulsion to drink more. Further, alcohol addiction often leads to an increase in tolerance since consuming more has become necessary to experience the desired effects. This can lead to an increase in health dangers, and often the individual is not even aware of the risks his or her drinking habits have. 

Knowing How to Tell if Someone Is an Alcohol Addict

Alcohol drinking is an addiction that starts innocently but can spiral into a life-changing problem. It is important to take warning signs seriously if you see them in someone you care about. It’s also very important to avoid the risk of addiction.

To get a better understanding of the dangers of alcohol dependence, seek professional help and advice. Act now and make a difference in the life of an alcohol addict. 

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