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4 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Installing Gutters on Your Home

Did you know that the average cost to repair gutters is between $151 and $600? Are your home’s roofs in need of replacing? If so, then you’ve come to the right place.

This guide will help you understand the variety of mistakes you need to avoid while installing gutters to help fix your home.

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1. Selecting the Wrong Size  

It is important to measure the width of the roof and the circumference of the house to ensure you are selecting the right size. Too small a size of gutter and inadequate, resulting in water leakage or, even worse, water flooding in heavy rains. Too large, and you are wasting both money on unnecessary materials and labor costs.

It is recommended to hire a professional to ensure the gutter installation is done correctly with the right size. Sizing can be based on the amount of rainfall given in the geographical location and design of the roof line.

2. Choosing the Wrong Type of Gutter

It is important to choose a gutter material that suits your home’s needs in terms of climate, water flow, and maintenance. Common gutter materials include steel, aluminum, vinyl, and copper; depending on where you live and the type of climate you’re in, you may need a different one. For instance, steel may work best for those living in wetter climates, while vinyl is better for living in dryer areas.

Applying the wrong material may result in inadequate drainage, so be sure to do your research. Additionally, make sure to speak to a professional roof repair service about the best materials to use for your home.

3. Improper Pitch

One of the most important things to be aware of when installing gutters is the pitch of the gutter system. The pitch should not be too high, which can cause problems such as water pooling and overflowing, or too low, which causes water to sit in the gutter and not drain properly away from the house.

It is important to make sure the pitch of the gutters is correct in order for them to function properly. An improper gutter pitch can lead to long-term issues such as water damage to the home and the surrounding landscape. Proper installation of gutters with the correct pitch is crucial to the overall performance of the gutter system.

4. Incorrect Hanger Spacing

When the hangers are too far apart, they can dangerously weaken, causing the gutters to become insecurely attached to the roof. It’s important to use a uniform spacing of hangers that will allow for a stronghold, even with heavy rains or intense winds.

It is also important to make sure the hangers are installed flush against the fascia for even more protection from structural damage. Improperly spaced hangers can lead to water seeping in between the gutters, causing damage from the inside and not just the outside.

Errors to Keep Away From Installing Gutters

Be sure to research all the common mistakes to avoid when installing gutters on your home so your project will be successful. Call a professional gutter company for help if you have any questions. You can save time and money and ensure your gutter system is installed correctly.

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