4 Fabulously Bougie Christmas Gift Ideas

It’s often said that, when it comes to gifts, it’s always the thought that counts over the actual item itself, and most of your friends and family members will more than likely agree.

However, everyone has at least one loved one who is shamelessly (and good for them!) addicted to the finer and considerably showier things in life.

With that being said, here are four fabulously bougie Christmas gift ideas for your ostentatious friend.


1.    A Crystal Decanter

Whether your loved one prefers a nice glass of red wine with dinner, a shot of brandy before they retire for the evening, or they’re more of a vodka and Red Bull fan, for a fabulous and affordable gift this Christmas, why not treat them to a crystal drinks decanter?

To go a step forward, you could even order a bottle of their favorite fine wine to go with the decanter, either online or from a specialist high-street store, to ensure they celebrate Christmas in style.

Additionally, such a beautiful and thoughtful gift is something that your loved one can pass down to future generations, making it a practical and much-loved family heirloom.

2.    Bottomless Brunch

If you’re looking for a Christmas gift that will create new and sentimental memories around the holiday season rather than something physical for your friend to unwrap, then look no further than a bottomless brunch.

These days, due in no small part to their popularity with bachelor and bachelorette dos across the country, you’d be hard-pushed to find a café or restaurant in your town or city that doesn’t offer a bottomless brunch, so pick the right venue for you and your friend and arrange a brunch to remember!

3.    Personalized Number Plates

There’s no better feeling for people who spend a great deal of time driving and, indeed, on the driveway cleaning and polishing their car than for random strangers to impressively stare as the car passes them by.

This is why another brilliant suggestion for a gift is a personalized number plate, which can be seamlessly transferred to be registered with your loved one’s current vehicle upon receipt of the gift. Check out these number plates for sale for ideas and inspiration on the ideal arrangement for a gift!

4.    A Faux Fur Stole

The fourth and final suggestion for the ultimate gift for your bougie bestie is something that they can wear anywhere from an exclusive event in the city to a snuggly walk in the snow, and this is a faux fur stole in their favorite color.

Obviously, due to a myriad of reasons, real fur is an absolute no-no, but these days, just like faux leather products, faux fur can be incredibly high quality, and your loved one will adore such a thoughtful gift.

Faux fur stoles are especially ideal for those who love the style, ethos, and overall aesthetics of a bygone era, with such statement pieces regularly worn by actresses in the Golden Age of Hollywood.