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4 Lucrative Career Options for Creative Types

There’s this strange idea that creatives and artists either have to starve or constantly work on different gigs to survive. In reality, there are tons of steady jobs where you can use your creativity, and many of them pay surprisingly well. Corporations everywhere are looking for creative people to design their packaging, stores, and advertising campaigns. Consulting firms are looking for people to find creative solutions for their clients. So, don’t think that you’re doomed to a low-paying job because you’re artistically minded. Let’s take a look at a few lucrative career options for creative types.


Interior Designer

If you want to make a lot of money while working as your own boss and you have a love for nicely designed interiors, then you could become an interior designer. Interior designers do more than make interiors look pretty too. They build interiors with the inhabitants in mind and mold them according to their specifications while providing their insight and making recommendations.

If this is a field that interests you, we would suggest that you start by looking for a good interior design program. You could also start working as an interior decorator which doesn’t require a degree and start getting familiar with a few CAD tools. You will need to invest in a good portable machine that will allow you to run these programs as well. If you’re looking for a great machine for interior design/decoration, you can check out these 3D modeling Lenovo laptops.

College Teacher

College teachers make a lot more money than many people think. An arts college teacher, for instance, can expect to make over $86,240 per year according to data from the BLS. You could make even more depending on where you live. Places like California, for instance, pay arts, music, and drama teachers well over the six-figure mark, so shed that idea of the struggling teacher out of your mind right now. This is the perfect option for anyone who has a genuine passion for art and wants to form the next generation of artists, actors, and musicians.

Web Developers

Web development is also a great career choice for someone who’s artistically minded. Too many developers have a technocratic approach to development, but websites need to look good too. Someone with an artistic mind can help bring a personal touch to a project. You’ll become very valuable to any design team, as long as you’re ready to get the technical skills needed for the job.

Web development does not have to stop at page design. They are also plenty of jobs in other fields like creating video ads or designing email templates. The options online for creatives really are endless.

Industrial Designers

Industrial designers are responsible for making products we use every day, making this a great field for someone who likes variety. Everyone from car manufacturers to toy makers need industrial designers, and if you have great analytical skills and can figure out how to make products that are functional, and aesthetically pleasing and factor costs into the equation, you could have a very long and fruitful career in this field.

These are all careers that will allow you to make money while expressing your creative nature. If any of these careers catch your eye, consider speaking with a counselor today and see what the job is truly about before you start your journey.