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5 Important Apartment Amenities to Look Out For

Many factors go into choosing an apartment. The location, the price, and how many people can live there are normally some of the top considerations. But amenities are a vital part of deciding where to live, too.

Your apartment amenities significantly affect your comfort and how easy it is for you to get around in your new city. So it’s definitely worth exploring what is offered. Read on for some of the most important to look for when apartment hunting.


1. The Basics: Heat, A/C, and Water

The three most essential apartment amenities to look for are heat, AC, and water. Make sure that these three essentials are included in your apartment rental agreement. Without them, you may find yourself struggling to keep cool in the summer or warm in the winter.

You also want to make sure that the water pressure in the complex is adequate and that there are no significant leaks. Make sure that your apartment complex has a backup plan for heat and AC in case of power outages as well.

2. Security and Accessibility

When looking for an apartment, it is essential to consider both security and accessibility. Security systems and well-lit hallways are vital for keeping residents safe. Additionally, easy access to public transportation and nearby stores can help make life more convenient.

3. Trash Services

Most apartments will have some form of trash service, but it is essential to make sure that the service is reliable and that it meets your needs. If you have a lot of trash, you may want to look for an apartment that has a large trash receptacle or even a dumpster.

Another essential thing to consider is how often the trash is picked up. If you have a lot of trash, you may want to look for an apartment that has daily trash service.

4. Common Area

When looking for an apartment, it is essential to consider the common area amenities. These are the areas and features that are shared by all residents in a building or community and can be used by anyone. Some essential common area amenities to look out for include:

  • A swimming pool
  • A gym
  • A laundry room
  • A community room
  • A playground

5. Car and Bike Parking

One of the most important amenities to look for when apartment hunting is car and bike parking. This is especially important if you live in a city where parking is scarce and/or expensive. Most apartment buildings will have some sort of car parking available, but it is important to check the details before you commit to an apartment.

Some things to look for include: covered vs. uncovered parking, whether or not there is an extra charge for parking, and how many spots are available. In addition, check to see what signage has been installed, as having the correct signage in place increases safety significantly, whilst making parking areas more user-friendly too.

If you don’t have a car but rely on a bike for transportation, it is also essential to check if there is a place to store your bike safely. Many apartment buildings have bike racks, but some also have covered bike storage areas that can be very handy.

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Best Apartment Amenities

If you’re looking for a comfortable place to call home, be sure to consider the important role that apartment amenities can play. To find a suitable apartment for you, be sure to assess your needs and preferences. With a little bit of research, you’re sure to find the perfect place to call home.

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