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5 Types of Gym Equipment All Home Gyms Need

The rise of the home gym was expected to slow as the pandemic and the related social restrictions ended. However, there has been a continued increase in the number of people setting up home gyms. Many of these start as good intentions that simply fall into disuse and the crucial issue noted has been the purchase of the incorrect equipment required to sustain a cogent exercise regime. This article details the precise equipment that all home gyms need to make them a solid and long-lasting investment of your time and money.



Start at the bottom and work your way up. The rubber matting may not be regarded as gym equipment per se, but you won’t be able to use the space in the manner you want to unless you have the right flooring. Soundproof, protective, and clean flooring allows for the use of weights, floor exercises with your body weight, and for you to safely place and use the machines that you need.

The Weights and Resistance

No home gym should be without the weights and strength training components that will be used to train. Free weights, kettlebells, a bench or squat rack, combination cable machine or home gym set-up are the go-to in this regard. The variety of weights and resistance equipment is immense, as can be seen at Mirafit, and, as such, you will need to know exactly what you intend to do in the gym. Buy the equipment based on the type of exercises or body parts that you intend to train.

A Bench or Chair

Seated or prone exercises with weights are some of the best core exercises to train the abs, chest, and shoulders and, depending on space, a bench or exercise chair will be useful for such seated exercises if you haven’t the finance for a complete home gym system.

A Punching Bag

Having a punching bag in the gym is one of the best cardio and strength training forms of exercise that you can incorporate. Yes, it may require some ingenuity in terms of whether it is going to be a hanging or freestanding version, but the exercise uses for a punching bag are simple and efficient to build fitness at all levels.

A Doorway Pull-Up Bar

It is one of the cheapest and yet most successful means of training in the home. The bar that you choose should fit on any doorway and be used for pull-ups and dips, building the shoulders and lats, as well as the chest and arms. A pull-up bar is an all over upper body workout and will work for all levels of fitness.

The home gym should be kept simple. Start small and build up in terms of equipment, or start with a central machine that has several functions and can be added to over time. Lastly, ensure that you have as wide a range of exercises catered for to keep the routines that you do as exciting and interesting as possible.