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Different Styles of Furniture You Can Easily Incorporate into Your Home

Although most people tend to choose a style of furniture and stick to it, you can, with a bit of care and attention, mix and match different periods and furniture styles together. The trick, of course, is not to have the pieces too close to each other.

Overly cluttered homes, regardless of furniture styles, rarely look attractive, although they do most certainly look lived in, and there too, lies an important secret. Finding the balance between overly cluttered and comfortable, and sparse but welcoming, can also be extremely hard.

However, whichever version you like, you will first need to work at the look to get the overall effect right for you and your home.


#1 Modern

Crisp, clear lines of modern furniture in various textiles can be immensely versatile and put to extremely good use, as these items are generally low maintenance, durable, and easy to clean, which can be beneficial for mental health. However, hard straight lines and sharp corners can, for some people, feel less than comfortable, and to reduce this feeling, you should incorporate some curves into your rooms, either with cushions, ornaments, or on fabrics.

Another way you can break up these straight lines is to introduce throws and angles or drape them across your couches and chairs. Or, of course, you can bring in a piece or two of another style of furniture that has curved legs, for instance.

#2 French Country

French country furniture brings with it a different sort of chic and can provide a lived-in, comfortable feel to the home. Even incorporating just a couple of items in a bedroom or living room can bring charm and make the room look more relaxed and homely.

This is because even if a piece is angular, generally, corners and edges have flaked or worn paintwork that distracts from this. Of course, in recent years, painting and aging techniques carried out on furniture provided the same or similar appearance without the large price tag of some of the more desirable pieces of furniture in this style.

#3 Antique

If, of course, money isn’t so much of an issue, you always have the charm, age, and character that comes from an antique piece. Depending on what draws your eye and the period that speaks to your heart, you will find that with antiques, you are generally buying a piece of artwork disguised as furniture. Early carved pieces were hand craved, so they are original, solid wood, and, of course, steeped in history.

However, regardless of how attractive these pieces are, you will need to look after your investment and care for it appropriately, and you should most certainly understand what you shouldn’t do to an antique to keep it looking its best and preserve it for many generations to come.

Final thoughts

No matter how you choose to fill your home with furniture, take your time and have a play, and don’t be scared to mix and match or try out new and interesting styles. Think twice about investing in expense pieces until you are sure that you can show them off at their best or that you can adequately care for them and their specific needs.