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Do I Need to Call a Plumber or a Septic Company?

Home repairs and maintenance are no longer the domain of carpenters and electricians. As homeowners, our responsibilities now include serving as DIY plumbers and septic experts.

That being said, there are certain plumbing and septic fixes that you should leave to the professionals. Here’s what you should look for when deciding whether to call a plumber or a septic company.


Water Backing Up

When water is backing up, the first step is to determine whether a plumbing company or a septic company is needed. If the water is backing up from a sink, dishwasher, or toilet, a plumber is necessary.

However, if the water is backed up from the main sewer line, it is not a plumbing issue and requires a septic company. The main sewer line should be inspected by a professional, and any buildup, blockages, or issues resolved.

If there are tree roots that are impacting the sewer line, the septic company can advise on the removal or replacement of the pipe. In any case, it is important to entrust the problem to a professional company for septic tank pumping for the safety of the inhabitants and to avoid further issues.

Hissing and Babbling Sounds

Hissing and babbling sounds coming from your pipes, and drains can be an indication that something is wrong. If you are hearing strange noises, it is important to determine whether you require a plumber or septic company.

Generally, a plumber will be able to diagnose and repair issues with the interior plumbing and drains. If the problem is related to a septic system, a septic company should be called.

Slow Drains

Slow drains in the home care can be a sign that it is time to call a plumber. If a drain is not unclogging or the water is not draining away down the pipes efficiently, it could be caused by a blockage that requires a plumber’s expertise to identify and remove. It can also be caused by corroded pipes that need to be replaced altogether. If a plunger is not working, the blockage may be more serious than anticipated.

A clogged drain is sometimes the result of a severe blockage deep within the pipe system that simple unblocking methods cannot resolve. In such cases, seeking assistance from a Blocked Drain Company is advisable. These firms can delegate experts with the tools and expertise to properly diagnose and clear even the toughest clogs, including those caused by corroded pipes that may need replacement.

Rather than continuing to struggle with a stubborn clogged drain, calling in drain specialists ensures the problem is fixed properly and efficient drainage is restored. Fast action is recommended as a slow drain, especially when it is the opposite of what is normal, is not something one wants to live with for an extended period of time.

Trouble Flushing the Toilet

If you’ve been having trouble flushing your toilet, it’s wise to try and determine the source of the issue before you call a professional. If you have a standard city sewer system, you’ll more than likely need to call a plumber.

Clogged pipes or a broken flapper valve could be the culprit. If you have a septic system, the problem may be a problem with your septic tank or drain field.

If the liquid is pooling at the base of the toilet, that could indicate a leak in the wax ring between the base and the flange. If the tank is filling with slow, there may be a clog in the fill tube or a blocked shut-off valve.

Start to Call a Plumber Now

Call a plumber as soon as possible to prevent further damage to your toilet and its working parts. The plumber can inspect your plumbing and look for any potential problems that need to be fixed.

If the issue is related to septic tank or drains, they can call the septic service to take a look at it. Don’t wait – call a professional to have your toilet trouble troubles solved quickly.

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