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Eight Signs You’ve Got a Rat Infestation on Your Hands

When it comes to vermin, a rat in the house ranks pretty high up on the list of “things I never want to see again.”

Rats are tricky little creatures that come with a slew of dangers, and their ability to breed rapidly makes an early discovery important. See if any of these signs remind you of a rat infestation you’re currently dealing with.

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1. You Notice Rodent Droppings

These droppings are cylindrical in shape, between three and eight millimeters in size, and can be found wherever rodents are active. Fresh droppings are a sign that the rats are currently in your home, while aged droppings signify a more long-term presence of rats that may have gone unnoticed.

2. You Smell a Foul Odor

Rats often urinate, spread oils on their fur, and can fill spaces they live in with droppings and decaying food, leading to a nasty odor if your home smells strongly of urine or another unusual odor.

Consider if the smell is coming from one specific location or is scattered, as the location of the smell can help determine the scope and size of the infestation. 

3. You See Gnawed Holes or Bite Marks

Rats are very adept at using their teeth, claws, and beaks to gain access to walls or stored goods. Rodents will gnaw through paper, plastic, and even metal in an attempt to create an entry point. If you suspect you may have a rat infestation, it’s time to call our services.

4. Pets Are Acting Differently

If you have noticed your pet behaving strangely, it may be a sign that you have a mouse infestation in your home. Your pet may become more alert and be more on edge than usual.

They may bark or meow at strange noises and run away from dark corners. They may also start digging, scratching, or pacing along the walls. 

5. Unusual Noises 

Rats make all sorts of noises throughout the day, such as chirps, squeaks, whines, and even gnawing. Paying attention to the type of sound can help you to identify the issue.

Rats are active at night, so if you hear the sounds in the evening or early morning, it may be time to call pest control and take action. Eliminating an infestation quickly can help to prevent a more serious problem.

6. Rub Marks

Rub marks are one of the most commonly observed signs of a rat infestation. When rats scamper across surfaces such as walls, beams and utility pipes, they can leave scuff marks and rubbi ding in their wake.

These rub marks are often observed along paths of travel and by entry and exit points. They can be grayish-brown or black smudges, approximately 1/4 to 1/2 inch in width.

7. Damage to Duct-Work

This can include discolored spots, physical damage, and material that has been removed. Rats are attracted to the warmth within ductwork and their sharp teeth can easily cause damage to the ducts.

8. Rat Footprints

Rat footprints may appear on walls, floors, furniture, even books. The rat footprints are usually distinguished by the four squared toe prints and two longer, oval heel prints in a line, which is the rodents walk pattern. 

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A rat infestation can be a serious health hazard and can even cause significant damage to property. If you see any of the signs of rat infestation, the idea is to get professional help as soon as possible.

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