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Essential Things to Note Before Filling Out Your Lifeline Recertification Form

When it comes time to fill out your Lifeline recertification form, there are a few essential things to remember. These things can help you avoid problems with your submission or USAC’s verification process.

As part of the National Verifier’s recertification process, subscribers undergo an initial automated data source check. Subscribers that fail the check will be required to complete a recertification form and provide proof of eligibility.


Keep Your Documents Organized

Keeping your documents organized can save you time and energy and give you peace of mind. For example, if you’re filing paperwork for a doctor’s appointment or getting a second opinion, having all of your medical records in one place will help ensure that you get the care you need.

Another vital benefit of organizing your medical records is that it can keep you in touch with your healthcare provider’s instructions from past appointments. For instance, if you notice that your blood pressure has been going up since your last visit, you can contact your doctor to see if they have any suggestions for treatment.

Once you’ve sorted your documents into piles, consider which ones are more important to keep and which you can shred or toss. For example, birth certificates and social security cards are usually not worth maintaining, so you should discard them.

For other documents, such as receipts and insurance forms, you should make copies and keep them in a separate folder. This way, you can have a record of the information in case you lose it.

Before you fill out the Lifeline recertification form, keep your documents organized so that it’s easy for the new provider to verify your identity and eligibility. You’ll need to provide your full legal name, physical address, date of birth, current telephone number, written or verbal consent to change providers, and the last four digits of your Social Security number.

Check Your Address

Lifeline is a government program that provides discounted wireless and landline phone service to low-income customers. Federal law limits Lifeline benefits to one account per household. If you are a current customer and have moved to a different address, you must recertify your status to continue receiving Lifeline benefits.

To recertify, you must submit a new application with proof of eligibility from a qualifying assistance program. Typical qualifying programs include SNAP, Medicaid, and public housing lease agreements. You may also be eligible if your total household income is at or below the federal poverty guidelines.

The proof of eligibility you provide should include a copy of a corresponding document showing your identity and participation in the qualifying assistance program. It can be a statement of benefits from the United States Social Security Administration, a notice or letter of participation in the qualifying program, or another official document demonstrating that you, your dependents, or your household receives benefits from a qualifying assistance program.

You will also need to recertify your eligibility each year if USAC asks you to do so. It is a simple process that takes a few minutes and is free. You can recertify by mail, fax, or online. Your phone company will send you a form to fill out and a date by which it must be submitted. If you do not recertify, your Lifeline account will be suspended.

Check Your Phone Number

Every year, Lifeline participants must recertify that they still qualify for the program. If you fail to do so, USAC will automatically de-enroll you from Lifeline and remove your discount on your phone service.

The process is simple and only takes a few minutes. If you need help with the steps, call your phone provider or the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC).

Some Illinois providers allow recertification online. Check your form for the information you need to fill out and how to do it online.

If you need a paper copy of the Lifeline Annual Recertification Form, submit it online instead. This way, you won’t lose any of your information and will be much faster.

After you’ve completed the form, please send it back to USAC and include a copy of any proof you used to prove your eligibility for the Lifeline program. It could be anything from a SNAP or a Medicaid award letter to a public housing lease agreement.

USAC will conduct a series of automated eligibility database checks to verify the continued eligibility of subscribers undergoing National Verifier recertification. These initial checks started last month and will continue through 2022. Those that pass the first automated check will be recertified without further action. Subscribers who fail the first check will be required to recertify and may have to provide additional documentation to verify their eligibility.

Make Sure You’re Using the Right Form

Every year, your phone company, or Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC), will ask you to recertify your Lifeline eligibility. If you do it within 60 days, you may retain your discount, and your monthly bill will likely increase.

You can recertify by mail, phone, or online using an interactive automated system. The online process is slower than the mobile phone equivalent, but it does provide your carrier or USAC with a more immediate response to your Lifeline recertification request.

The online process requires you to answer questions about your phone plan and Lifeline eligibility and provide proof of identity and address. The online process allows you to save your completed form and proof of identity for later review by your local USAC office.

To complete the online Lifeline trifecta, use the same email address you used when you initially enrolled in the program. It will ensure that your information is kept in the loop.

The best way to recertify your Lifeline benefits is to use the online or mobile Lifeline recertifying app available from your carrier or USAC. It will ensure that you receive your Lifeline discount and your Lifeline service isn’t interrupted. The app also has a variety of other features to make your experience a pleasant one.