Everything You Need to Book Before Going on Your Hawaii Vacation

A trip to Hawaii is an absolute dream; if you ever want to transform that dream into reality, you need to plan it properly. Yes, Hawaii can be expensive, but the best way to fit an incredible trip to Hawaii within your budget is to be forward thinking. Doing your research, and being patient when it comes to when you book things, can do wonders.


1.    Book Backwards

If you have been previously booking your hotel first, then flights second, stop. Flights can eat up a huge amount of your budget, which means the first, easiest way to save on your trip is to actually go in with a flexible mindset and use that to find the best dates to fly based on your budget. Hawaii is wonderful to visit all year round, which really opens up your possibilities. Unless you have kids and need to work around their school schedule, you can use that flexibility to secure a great rate.

2.    Hotels and Resorts

You’ll need a place to stay during your trip, so the next step is to look up hotels and resorts. When considering which resort is best for you, consider the total cost. For example, you may be able to save by going inland for a hotel, but then you’re wasting time getting to the beaches, as well as cost. You can instead book a top-rated Waikiki Beach resort and save money because you don’t need to rent a car to get around Honolulu.

A good way to determine affordability is to also factor in your time. If you’re just wasting time, then that’s value taken out of your trip.

3.    Spa Bookings

You can get great deals for spa trips; you just need to look ahead and keep an eye out for coupons, special sales, and deals. Another great tip is to book your spa outside of your hotel. Going outside your hotel opens up your options and can help you get a great value package.

4.    Tour Bookings

Great tours and classes book up fast. That’s why, once your flights and hotels are booked, you’ll also want to secure your spot on activities. While options like paddleboarding aren’t likely to book up since they’re so popular, other options like sunset cruises and horseback riding tours will have less availability and can book up by the time you land. That’s why you’ll want to book those once-in-a-lifetime experiences as soon as you can. If you’d be upset about not getting to do it, then book it.

5.    Show Bookings

Shows also book out fast, but more importantly, tickets can be purchased for less by booking in advance. Early bird tickets are a great way to save on hot new shows and other live experiences. Keep an eye out as time gets closer, put your name in for any lotteries, and always take advantage of any deals (like those early-bird tickets) to help you save.

6.    What You Shouldn’t Book In Advance

Unless there’s a restaurant that books out for months at a time, you don’t need to book in advance. The same applies to everyday activities like snorkeling or paddleboarding. Try to keep to one booked activity per day, so you can leave the rest open for spontaneous adventures!