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Everything You Need to Know About Farmhouse Decor

Whether you’re decorating a new home or want to update your current decor, farmhouse style is an easy way to achieve a rustic, organic vibe that’s both unique and timeless.

The key to farmhouse design is sticking to a neutral color palette, with contrasting accent colors added for interest and depth. Using a 60-30-10 rule, pick a primary color that covers about 60 percent of the space and accents in earthy tones for the remaining 30 percent.


Distressed Wood

Distressed wood is an excellent option for farmhouse decor. Its natural color variations and various character create an authentic, rustic look.

It can be utilized for home remodeling tasks, such as bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets. This type of cabinetry has a natural feel and is very durable.

Another benefit of distressed wood is that it’s affordable. You can get newly milled lumber hand-crafted to mimic the style and patina of reclaimed wood.

Distressed wood is a terrific method to replicate this traditional design, whether you’re remodeling your entire home or just a few select rooms.

You can find reclaimed wood planks for sale on our website that are perfect for creating this look in any room of your house.

You can also use exposed wood beams like these seen at alderferlumber.com to add a rustic touch to your decor. The secret is to pick the perfect design for your room and then paint or stain the beams to give them a more contemporary or historic look.

Light Paint Colors

The perfect light paint colors for farmhouse decor may open up a room and make it feel brighter. Colors with cool undertones, such as blue or green, can add a fresh, relaxing feeling to the space.

Whites can also be an excellent option for farmhouse decorating. 

This warm neutral white makes a room feel bright and airy.

Another excellent option for light farmhouse interiors is BM’s Wythe Blue (SW 7015). This exotic chameleon can look gray dominant in low lighting or tropical with citrusy blue and green undertones in rooms with high lighting.

Wooden Furniture

Wooden furniture has a timeless quality that appeals to many people. It also communicates the importance and cares of your living space and what matters most.

The rustic feel of wooden furniture makes it easy to bring farmhouse decor into any room. You can find various farmhouse pieces, from dining room tables and chairs to storage cabinets and hutches.

Farmhouse-style furniture typically features large furniture pieces and a mix of warm colors. Pine is a common choice because it’s lightweight and natural, but reclaimed wood works well for this look.

Another benefit of using wooden furniture is that it can withstand wear and tear without needing to be replaced. It’s also one of the most eco-friendly types of furniture available, making it an excellent option for any home.

Contemporary Decor Ideas

There are several fantastic methods to combine that rustic aesthetic into modern farmhouse décor if you’re hoping to do so without coming across as overly effortful. One way is to use raw wood in your design.

Finding these pieces at home improvement stores or estate sales is easy. They’re a fun way to add farmhouse character to any room in your home.

Another way to introduce a touch of the farmhouse into your home is by using distressed furniture. However, it’s essential to ensure you only bring in distressed pieces when you use them for their practical purpose, not just as embellishment.

Adding a farmhouse sink is also a great way to get that wholesome feel. You can even find contemporary styles made from stainless steel or soapstone.