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Five Steps to Take Immediately If You’ve Been in a Car Accident

The steps you take after a car accident can make a big impact in terms of getting compensation and also caring for your recovery. What your first steps will be will depend on how severe the accident in question was. If you are seriously injured, then your only priority is on yourself. A serious accident will always involve the police who will go through all the steps you’d otherwise have to do yourself.

If you aren’t seriously injured, then you’ll need to go through these steps:


1.    Decide If You’re Going Through Your Insurance or Not

While you can privately handle managing accident costs, do be wary of this option. Many “minor” accidents today can end up with the entire vehicle written off just because one of the computer systems was damaged. These systems are very costly to repair, to the point where you may not even get the damage covered by your insurance.

Very small and minor damage, like a scratch or a dent, can be handled privately. For the rest, you’re going to want to go through your insurance.

2.    Detail All Damage Thoroughly

You need to collect evidence, which means taking all the photos you could think you’ll need. If there’s any sort of contention about the accident, skip this step and instead call the police. They will be there to take statements, and evidence, and log it all officially for you so that you can then make a case to either their insurance company or your own.

3.    Get Checked Out by a Doctor

Even if there isn’t a scratch on you, there’s still the possibility of damage. One of the most common injuries is known as whiplash. There could also be internal damage that you don’t immediately realize just because of the adrenaline like a concussion. In that case you may want to seek the advice of a traumatic brain injury lawyer to see if you are entitled to any compensation. Always go to get checked over after an accident, so not only can you catch any issues right at the start, but also have that information formally logged.

4.    Call a Personal Injury Lawyer

Even in fairly straightforward cases, you won’t want to deal with insurance companies on their own. Insurance companies, by their very nature, do not want to pay out. You need a car accident lawyer to negotiate with them on your behalf to get the compensation that you’ll need to recover fully. This is true regardless of whether your damage is just a dent and whiplash, and it’s especially true if you’re dealing with serious injuries and a totaled car. Depending on the accident and the vehicles involved, you may need specific legal help such as a semi accident attorney in your area, for example, or a motorcycle attorney, so that you can be properly dealt with. Don’t just go for anyone, do your research first.

5.    Start Your Recovery

Every car accident injury, no matter how serious, deserves to be taken seriously. Whiplash can last for months if left untreated and then lead to severe migraines, back pain, and an inability to concentrate. More serious injuries can result in life-changing differences, especially if you don’t put in the work.

Your recovery is why you need that compensation. Not only do you deserve to get compensated for the physical damages, but you also need to be covered so that you can recover as well as possible without worrying about things like not being able to work while you’re bedbound.

Get the compensation, and then go above and beyond with physical therapy, massage therapy, and chiropractic care to help you get back up on your feet.