Florida Man June 1 – High-Speed Pursuits and Driveway Dramas

Hold on to your sunhats, folks, because it’s time for another riveting episode of the Florida Man Chronicles! Florida man on June 1 gifted us not one but two mind-bending stories straight from the Sunshine State.

So, fasten your seatbelts, grab a snack, and let’s see what Florida man did on June 1.


Florida man June 1 – Flying Babies and High-Speed Pursuits

Our first story introduces us to the daredevil antics of John Henry James, a 32-year-old Florida father who took law enforcement on a wild, high-speed chase through Indian River County. The climax of this chaotic pursuit? James tosses his newborn child at a pursuing deputy.

The story began when a vigilant deputy spotted James driving recklessly in Vero Beach. Refusing to pull over, James started a 40-minute chase, expertly dodging traffic and defying stop-stick attempts by law enforcement. The entire chase, captured by helicopters and dash cameras, unfolded like a scene from an action movie.

In a dramatic turn of events, James crashed into a detective’s car, but that didn’t stop his escape. When finally surrounded, he grabbed his 2-month-old son and, in a shocking move, threw him toward a deputy. The tension in the air was palpable as Deputy Jacob Kurby skillfully caught the baby mid-air.

James’s attempts to flee were futile, leading to his arrest on June 1st. Facing charges ranging from severe child abuse to aggravated battery of an officer, James became another unforgettable character in the ever-expanding Florida Man saga.

Sheriff Eric Flowers said, “You can’t throw a baby at us and expect us to treat you with kid gloves.”

Florida man June 1 – Driveway Dramas and Gun-Wielding Grandpas

Our second story features Terry Vetsch, a 60-year-old Floridian from Palm Coast, whose temper flared when a friend accidentally backed into his driveway.

Vetsch’s Nest security camera captured the heated exchange. The footage revealed Vetsch’s reaction to the perceived driveway invasion. Believing the driver to be his neighbor, with whom he had a history of disagreements, Vetsch unleashed a verbal tirade and struck Ford’s rear windshield with his Taurus 9mm Par.

As tensions escalated, Vetsch pointed the gun at the female companion of the driver, creating a perilous situation on the quiet suburban street. The victim reported feeling threatened and fearing for her life, leading to Vetsch’s arrest on charges of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.


June 1st showed the unpredictable nature of Florida Man, with tales ranging from heart-pounding pursuits to firearm-fueled confrontations.

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