Flower Meanings: How to Match Bouquet and Occasion

Flowers are a great way to brighten up a room or someone’s day. However, you’ll have to choose the perfect flower and the best matching occasion for it.

Do you need some help with that? If so, then keep reading to find out everything you need to know about flower meanings and matching bouquets and occasions.



Roses have a long and romantic representation in the flower world, making them the perfect flower choice for a range of occasions. Roses come in many different colors, each with its own unique meaning.

Red roses, of course, symbolize true love and passion, making them the go-to flower for Valentine’s Day bouquets. Pink roses are often seen as symbolizing admiration, gentle emotion, and appreciation, which makes them suitable for weddings and anniversaries.

Yellow roses represent joy and friendship and can be used to brighten someone’s day or evening. White roses typically represent innocence, purity, and innocence, and these are ideal for bridal bouquets or sympathy flowers.


Lilies have a variety of interpretations, ranging from innocence and purity to regal grandeur. As such, these flowers are perfect for many occasions – from congratulations to graduation to sympathy and more.

When creating lily bouquets, think of the message you wish to convey, then select colors and sizes of lilies to reflect this sentiment. For a happy occasion like a wedding, consider combining white and pink lilies with eucalyptus to convey joy and celebration.

For a more somber event, combine white lilies with white carnations to create an arrangement that symbolizes sympathy. Whatever the occasion, lilies are a timeless choice perfect for expressing your sentiments.


Daisies symbolize innocence, purity, and beauty. Their white petals and yellow centers represent loyal and true love. As such, it is traditional to give a bouquet of daisies to someone who has recently married or to celebrate an anniversary.

In the Victorian era, the daisy was a “secret language” flower, meaning “I will never tell” when it came to secrets or true feelings. As a result, daisies are also associated with secrets and are used to show love and affection.

For a romantic or wedding occasion, match daisies with flowers like roses or baby’s breath to bring out the beauty and purity of the daisies. For celebrations, a bouquet of daisies can make a simple language of flowers but meaningful statement. 


Sunflowers have become a popular choice of flower due to their beauty and positive symbolism. A sunflower bouquet is often the right fit for special occasions since they represent happiness and admiration.

Sunflowers are usually associated with endurance, loyalty, and of course, admiration. Gifting a sunflower bouquet to a friend or family member is a great way to show them how much you care, as it reminds them of how much you admire them.

Sunflowers are also often associated with luck, prosperity, and ambition – which makes them a great gift for someone who is celebrating a special accomplishment. Lastly, sunflowers are a great choice for occasions such as thank-you gifts, graduations, and anniversaries – their message is sure to create a lasting impression.

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Explore These Flower Meanings Starting Today

Flowers make any occasion special. Knowing flower meanings and how to match them to each situation will ensure you give meaningful and thoughtful gifts to your loved ones.

Get creative and have fun pairing flowers with occasions, and your loved ones are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness. 

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