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Frequently Asked Questions About Drain Cleaning

One of the services that a Tucson AZ plumbing professional offers is drain cleaning. As the name implies, drain cleaning services involve cleaning the drains of your water fixtures and the outgoing sewer line. If you have never had this service completed before, you may have many questions about it. Here are a few frequently asked questions about drain cleaning and the answers. 


What Is Drain Cleaning?

Drain cleaning services are a service that helps to clean the space directly below your drains. A hose is inserted down your drains, such as your shower drain, sink drain, bathtub drain or toilet. This places the hose in your sewer line. The hose then sprays pressurized water directly at the sewer line. This helps to break up any clogs that may be present, as well as to clean the sewer line. This removes grease, shampoo, or soap that may have built up around the outgoing line, narrowing its opening. As the pressurized water is sprayed, the hose moves, to help ensure the entire outgoing line gets cleaned and is free of clogs. 

How Often Do You Need Drain Cleaning Completed? 

Drain cleaning can be completed if you have a clog present. Drain cleaning can also be used to push things through the drain line. For example, if your child flushed something down the toilet or stuck something down the drain, the pressurized water can be sprayed to remove the object from the outgoing sewer line. Lastly, drain cleaning can be completed to help prevent clogs and extend the lifespan of your outgoing sewer lines. Most professionals recommend that drain cleaning be completed about every 18 to 24 months for preventative reasons. Drain cleaning should be used as needed for clogs. 

What Are Some of the Signs That You Need Drain Cleaning Completed?

If you need drain cleaning services for a clog, your water fixture will show you that drain cleaning may be needed. You need to know what to look for. Some of those signs include gurgling or bubbling coming from the drain or water backing up out of the drain. Read on to learn about two of the most common signs that drain cleaning is needed. 

Your Drain is Starting to Slow Down

One of the most noticeable signs that drain cleaning may be needed is a drain starting to slow down. Water may not flow as quickly from your drain due to a clog or the pipes narrowing due to items building up on the pipes themselves. When this happens, water is slow to drain from a sink, bathtub, or shower. If water is draining slower than normal, it is time to call in a plumber. 

Bad Smells Are Coming From Your Drain

Another sign that you are likely to notice if drain cleaning is needed are bad smells coming from your drain. If items are clogging the sewer line, you may be able to smell them but can’t reach them. As such, you may try to clean the drain or use home remedies to eradicate the smell, but may be unsuccessful. This is a key indicator that you need drain cleaning services. 

Drain cleaning is a service that can be completed routinely to help prevent clogs from forming and plugging your outgoing drain line. It is also a service that can be done as needed, when a clog has likely already formed. If you need drain cleaning services, a local Tucson AZ plumbing service can help you. Reach out to a few different companies to obtain an estimate and then compare pricing to find a company that offers fair and reasonable pricing for the drain cleaning services that you need.