Fun Facts About Albany, New York

New York state is often considered a bustling metropolitan hub for arts, business and politics. One of the more significant urban areas in the state is the capital, Albany, located a couple of hours north of The Big Apple. Still, there is a mix of smaller towns, villages, nature parks and waterways throughout the state, many a short drive from big cities and coastal areas.


Thriving Capital City

Whether planning a vacation or looking for apartments in Albany for relocation, the New York State capital is a bustling combination of historical sites, business ventures and culture that keeps you learning and having fun during your stay. Because of the long history of this city, you can find architectural marvels from different centuries working together to create a unique living, working and touring space. Some notable buildings include the Empire State Plaza, Union Station and the Home Savings Bank Building, which feature modern architecture, Beaux-Arts design, and the Art Deco movement, respectively. You can even use this city as a hub to visit smaller towns and natural parks.

One of the Oldest Surviving Settlements in the US

The Hudson River area was initially called Pempotowwuthut-Muhhcanneuw by the Mohican tribe living there and was settled by the Dutch, who built the fur trading Fort Nassau in 1614. The English took over in the latter part of that century and renamed the city Albany after the British Duke, who later became King James II. It was officially chartered in 1886 and has been continuously chartered longer than any other city in the United States. This history is reflected in the buildings from each area, which have been maintained and turned into historical and tour sites.

Walking Tours for Many Interests

History buffs, paranormal fans and foodies can all find tours of Albany to fit their tastes, including a variety of self-guided walking tours and those designed for school groups. Not only can you tour famous sites from colonial history, but you can also find art museums, visit haunted sites and participate in a scavenger hunt-style tour all over the city.

Albany, New York, is a thriving capital city that has been occupied for centuries, with many unique historical sites to prove it. You can find a lot of fun activities in and around the city whether you are relocating or visiting. Some of the most popular activities are self-guided tours for various topics such as history, art, food and culture.