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Guide to Buying Units for Sale in Noosa Heads

Buying a property is a long-term investment. So, if you want to buy a house, it’s important to equip yourself with the right skill set and knowledge to facilitate its purchase. 

Buying properties in the Noosa, Australia real estate market entails crucial legal processes and financial decisions. This article delivers an in-depth guide to successfully purchase units for sale in Noosa Heads and beyond.

Step-By-Step Guide to Purchasing Properties in Noosa Heads

  1. Evaluate the Market

Before purchasing a home in Noosa Heads, it’s critical to evaluate its future value. Although numerous factors can affect this value, location ranks as the most notable for future capital growth. 

Other vital elements to consider before settling in a Noosa Heads community are safety and close proximity to schools, medical services, a reliable transportation system and shopping malls. 

  1. Inspecting the Property

When inspecting a unit or real estate in Noosa, your agent will offer marketing material or brochure to help you assess the property. Besides helping you remember your preferred unit, going this route helps you take notes integrating the property’s vital details – address, price range, and many features. As such, you can seamlessly compare and contrast the property to other units for sale in Noosa Heads. 

During an inspection, you should thoroughly check inside and outside the property for wall cracks, ceiling damage, spoiled light switches, wall molds (especially for  houses for sale in Noosa Waters), unstable fences, and broken tiles. If the property has a pool, ensure it complies with the legalities listed by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission.

  1. Verify Inclusions

When buying units for sale in Noosa Heads, examine  its features. Sometimes, a home buyer might purchase a home and realize that fixtures included in the property’s listing aren’t available. As such, it’ll be best to ascertain their inclusions before facilitating a sale. 

For context, fixtures are things screwed, bolted, glued, nailed or plumbed into a property. Notable mentions include built-in AC, heaters, fixed carpets, hot water systems, mailboxes, ceiling fans and more.

Another inclusion variation to note are chattels (freestanding movable items in a property). Notable mentions include pool and spa equipment, washing machines and potted plants. 

Before purchasing a home, ensure all fixtures and chattels integrated on the property feature on the sales contract. 

  1.  Preparing and Making an Offer

Finalizing your offer’s conditions and the price is an important step to buying a property. It entails thorough thought and research to make the best choice. You can research recent sales prices of similar properties in the area or neighboring regions like sunshine beach real estate for sale, units for sale in Tewantin, property for sale in Sunrise beach and more. 

When preparing an offer, consider the unit’s last selling price and timeline. Due to the complexities of accurately gauging a property’s actual value, we recommend hiring a professional valuer. Note that valuers will consider exclusions (missing features) to ascertain the house’s actual price. 

If you’re comfortable with the home’s price, document your offer to show readiness and avoid verbal negotiations filled with “back and forths.” At this juncture, you’ll receive documents from the real estate agent. We recommend hiring a legal practitioner to scour these documents and point out “red flags” (if any) to you. 

Noosa real estate complies with the REIQ contract of sale (endorsed by the Queensland law society). It states that the property is subject to a building, finance, and pest inspection if necessary. However, you and the seller can agree to conditions not stated in the REIQ contract. 

  1. Conveyancing

Conveyancing is the transfer of legitimate ownership of property from one person to another via a contract. A conveyance highlights the agreed sales price, timeline of the actual transfer, alongside the obligations and responsibilities all parties must meet.

For conveyancing, hire a solicitor to help you save time on paperwork. 

  1. Settlement

After finalizing the contract, you can now settle in. You’re required to maintain contact with your solicitor during this period to resolve issues regarding the settlement date. 

Inspecting the unit with an agent before settling in is advisable to ensure the contract’s conditions are met. In a scenario where both parties (buyer and seller) have distinct solicitors, the real estate agent only releases the “keys” upon notification by both parties.


To buy units for sale in Noosa Heads, you’ll need to watch the market daily to know when properties tallying your needs pop up. Once you’ve uncovered a preferred alternative, commence inspections and scour property-related documents thoroughly before signing the contract. 

With the outlined guide, your quest to buy properties or units is complete – enjoy your stay in Noosa Heads!