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How I Found Aged Care Facilities Near Me

Finding the right senior care facility around you can be a challenging task. Besides considering environmental and accessibility factors, you’ll need to inquire about your choice facility’s support system and general quality of care. 

In other words, making “aged care facilities near me” queries on Google or Bing isn’t the end game. With numerous aged care services within your vicinity, you’ll need to ensure they suit your preferences to the “T.”

Well, I’ve been at this spot. Although it was a hassle finding the appropriate care facility for my aged father, I finally found the right fit by utilising these prerequisites:


#1 Accessibility

I first considered nearby facilities when scouting for a residential aged care unit. Proximity helps you quickly check in, send gifts, show support, and certify your aged loved one is treated fairly.

Although an accessible aged care facility is excellent, they might have visiting restrictions. Thus, inquire about a center’s visitation rules before engaging in their services. It’ll be best to steer clear of facilities with stringent visiting regulations. Aged care suburbs have some of the most relaxed visitation rules and are a great option if your loved one does not need constant supervision. If this interest you, you can click here to learn about aged care eastern suburbs.

#2 Staffing

When comparing and contrasting aged care facilities near me for the perfect fit, I factored in the staffing available at these centres. Here, I validated the following:

  • The ratio of staff to residents
  • The balance of registered nurses to assistants
  • Medical practitioners available for emergencies 
  • Frequency of training given to nursing and non-nursing staff

The ideal nurse-to-resident ratio should be 10 to 1. Also, nursing assistants should be available to assist residents. However, if your aged relative has dementia, ensure the care centre has adequate nursing staff available, as associated symptoms tend to worsen over time.

#3 Support System

The support system in an aged care home ranges from add-ons like lifters, electric beds, and sensor mats to social activities that make the facility fun and enjoyable like retirement communities.

Although a scenery like this might seem impossible in the aged care sector, you’ll find viable alternatives if you look hard enough. 

When searching for an aged care facility, do a walkthrough to ensure they have the necessary support system that helps your aged loved one live a happy and fulfilling life.

If you have an old relative approaching the end of life, check if the centre offers personalised support. These extras could include 100% privacy and round-the-clock accessibility to family members and friends.

#4 Quality Environment

A well-designed building doesn’t equate to a quality environment that seamlessly combines hygienic and social conditions that encourage healthy living. 

When choosing an aged care facility, ensure it has a library, gym, dining hall, kitchen, restrooms, private rooms, etcetera. See if residents can participate in controlled social activities or are left to their devices.

You aren’t necessarily looking for the perfect aged care home, but one with a quality and interactive environment.

#5 Food

If you’re looking for the perfect senior care centre, consider the food quality on display.

Are the meals hygienically prepared? Do they include food classes required for healthy living? Are they presented attractively? Can they prepare meals based on the patient’s unique dietary needs? 

Getting perspective on these areas should shape your aged care centre choice. However, personalisation might cost more. 


Although you’ll find numerous aged care in Brisbane, only a few can satisfy all your requirements. If you’re looking for a facility bearing semblance to a retirement home, thoroughly scrutinise centres that pops up in your “aged care facilities near me” search on Google or Bing.

Using the prerequisites I employed while searching for the perfect aged care facility for my old dad, you’ll find an alternative that suits your precise need to the latter. Thanks for reading!