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How to Choose the Perfect Inground Pool Design

When planning the pool of your dreams, various factors come into play. These include property lines, deck requirements, and zoning issues.

One of the most important considerations is what pool shape will work best for your space. Whether you choose a curved pool for a lagoon-like look or a geometric design for a sleek contemporary look, the right shape can make all the difference.



The size of your pool will play a role in aesthetics and functionality. For example, if your goal is to swim laps for exercise, the average depth of your pool should be long enough to accommodate this.

The shape of your pool will also determine its size. There is a wide range of available forms, from geometric to freeform, which can be influenced by personal preferences, your home’s architectural style, and any existing landscaping and backyard features you wish to preserve.

If your pool has an irregular shape, you can calculate the volume by measuring the shallow and deep areas separately, then adding them together. For example, if the average depth of your pool is 3 feet, but there is a small area that drops off to 10 feet, the total average depth will be 6 feet. This will also influence the cost of your pool as deeper pools take longer to dig and require more steel reinforcement.


Building a pool is an exciting investment that offers years of fun, creates a setting for social gatherings, and adds to the value of your home. But to maximize the enjoyment and functionality, you must make several decisions about the pool design.

Choosing a shape that matches your house’s architectural style is among these decisions. For example, if your home has more classical features, you might consider an inspired pool. On the other hand, if your home has more contemporary features, you might want a sleek, rectangular pool.


The decision to install a custom inground pool is exciting, but the pool’s shape and layout must be carefully considered for optimal usage. The condition of the collection will affect not only your backyard’s aesthetic and the pool’s ability to serve your specific functions.

For instance, a traditional elongated rectangular shape will best serve your needs if you use your pool for swimming laps. Conversely, a smaller circular pool may work better if you want to relax poolside with your family and friends.

You must also consider your yard’s size and any existing features you wish to preserve. A professional inground pools Columbus, OH builder can guide you in selecting the perfect pool shape and construction style that aligns with your home’s architecture. This ensures that the aesthetic of your pool matches your house for a seamless, beautiful finish.


A pool is an exciting addition to any home. It creates a sublime setting for social gatherings and boosts a property’s value. However, to enjoy it entirely, a few big decisions must be made early on.

One of those is what kind of pool to install on your property. The type of pool should match the home’s architectural style and meet your expectations for how you want to use it.

Another important consideration is the maintenance and cleanliness of the pool. That starts with proper landscaping design around the poolscape that features plants with attractive blooming all season long. You also want to choose plant material that can help block the view of the pool when it’s in use. Getting these details right is crucial so your new pool looks great and functional. This will reduce the need for chemicals, which lowers your expenses and helps to eliminate odors.