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How To Get 100% Of Your Rental Bond Back

Not all of us are advantaged enough to find and secure our forever homes. However, some of us are blessed to discover temporary accommodations that fit our needs. Despite the difference in staying periods, both options require putting down a substantial amount. 

In the case of renters, property owners usually ask for a deposit before your lease begins. Now, depending on the contract and conditions, this sum is held until the end of your term. 

If you end your contract with damage to the property or pending bills, then the landlord has the discretion to use your rental bond to settle these. On the other hand, tenants also have the right to retrieve the amount in full if there are no such balances. 

Your rental bond is a significant amount of money to deposit all in one go. So, if you need help getting the said figure, consider a bond loan in Queensland area. 

Once you’ve got that down, here’s how to get back 100% of your rental bond.


Review Your Contract Thoroughly

Much of what comprises getting your complete rental bond back happens before you start moving in. To secure the entire amount back, begin by reading your contract. Then, discuss the terms with your landlord, so you both arrive at an understanding. 

Most of the time, there are clauses that state how you can get your deposit back. For example, there must be no damage; you should have the unit cleaned, etc. It is also a way to make sure you are legally entitled to receive your rental bond. 

Make The Necessary Repairs

A broken window, paint job, and fallen doorknob are items that are billable to your rental bond. Lease terms include the maintenance of the property for the duration of your stay. 

If you leave the property with damages, no matter how minor, the chances of you getting back 100% of your rental bond are slim. Best case scenario, you’ll receive it with deductions. 

Settle All Your Bills

It isn’t your landlord’s responsibility to pay for your utilities. If you plan on leaving the property with outstanding balances, then the owner has to settle your dues with the rental bond. Thus, you can’t have it back in full. 

Clean The Place Thoroughly


While it may not seem like a billable expense, a property owner could use your rental bond if you leave the place a mess. It would be best to do a thorough cleanse while you’re at it because even a superficial rundown can require further cleaning services. 

So, leave the unit in tip-top condition to secure your rental bond. 

Give Your Landlord A Notice

Regardless of whether it is explicitly stated in the contract, you should inform your landlord beforehand that you plan on ending your tenancy. Sometimes, there are fees associated with leaving before your lease ends. So, settle everything with the property owner to ensure nothing will hold you back from receiving your full rental bond.