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How to Get the Most Out of Using a Cleaning Service at Home

There is a wide variety of opinions regarding the etiquette of tipping home cleaners. Some companies take an “Uber” approach and explicitly say that no tips are needed, while others encourage clients to reward their home cleaners with gifts such as fresh-baked cookies or tickets to an event.

Use social media to showcase before and after cleaning photos, blogs with helpful cleaning tips, and client testimonials. Consider also promoting subscription packages and prepayments to help stabilize your business and manage cash flow.


Schedule an Appointment

Coming home after a busy day and finding a clean house is wonderful. A professional cleaning service can help you achieve this.

You are communicating clearly with your cleaner about what you expect and when it is vital. You will avoid any confusion or conflict.

Customers may make bookings with ease thanks to online booking. Allowing your customers to get digital invoices and quotations or accepting contactless payments through a client hub are other ways to make it simple for them to make payments. You will save time and money while delivering 5-star service to your clients.

Create a Cleaning Checklist

Once clients book their appointment, they’ll usually receive an online profile that lets them specify what rooms they want cleaned, pet preferences, priority items to clean, scent and cleaning product allergies, etc. This allows the cleaner to get on the same page as the customer and ensure they can provide a great service.

Cleaning checklists also help to keep cleaning crews consistent and efficient, ensuring that each room is cleaned thoroughly and that they always start at the top of the house (e.g., furniture and countertops) rather than the bottom (floors). Many cleaning services have different options for their customers, including all kinds of daily, weekly and monthly jobs, which can be customized to each home.

Ask Questions

It’s important to ask any questions before hiring a home cleaning service. You can save time and money by doing so. It is better to find another service provider if you receive a vague answer.

Ask what will happen if you’re not happy with the work. This is common, but it’s important to make sure they can address the issue quickly.

Ask if they will provide their equipment and supplies. It is important to ask whether your home has pets or high places requiring cleaning. This way, you can plan and ensure everything is ready for the cleaners’ arrival.

Give Your Cleaner Access to Your Home

It’s important to ensure your cleaner can enter your home. Whether it’s a traditional key or an access code, you want to ensure your cleaner can get inside without a hassle.

It helps to have everything picked up beforehand. This includes putting away clothing, returning shoes to the closet, and picking up animal toys. This lets your cleaning team sweep, vacuum, mop, and clean quickly and easily.

It’s also good to be gone while your cleaner is working. This will help you avoid causing any accidental disruptions or getting in the way of their work. It will also allow you to enjoy returning to a clean house!

Make Sure to Communicate Your Needs

For many homeowners, hiring a cleaning service is a big investment. These services can help reduce stress, eliminate household arguments over chores and free up weekends for family time.

Open lines of communication are important. You should be able to communicate with your cleaner via email, text, or phone. If you have any cleaning requests, please leave them in your customer communication log.

You can use social media to promote your cleaning business. You can share before-and-after cleaning photos, special deals or promotions, client testimonials and more. Try targeting your audience with ads where they spend their online time, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.