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How to Incorporate Bold Ideas into Your Home

Although a lot of people shy away from making big, bold statements or incorporating bold ideas into their homes, others embrace it fully. Making the jump from one to the other can be difficult. However, once done, you may never want to return to that ‘safe’ person again.

There are certainly many different ways of getting some boldness to your home without going over the top. In order to get some balance, it is well worth having a play to see which you enjoy the most and which works best with your home.


#1 Design choices

Many people like to incorporate bold design choices within their homes, whether it is in their dream self-build project or just in designing a purpose-built extension of their current home. Not everyone has the same or even similar tastes when it comes to design, but it is important that if you are choosing to make big, bold design choices, your build actually has room for them, and the interior layout will not be compromised.

It is a good idea to have 3D design software so you can move your items around your design to prove that it will work before you get your builders involved. Finding out too late that your doorways are too large and opening a door will mean losing half the room can be embarrassing, frustrating, and costly. The use of 3d Rendering Services has come a long way over the years, with people being able to physically show what they want and see how it will work within their home, allowing them to have more control.

#2 Bold color palettes

It can be difficult to find the right balance depending on how large your rooms are or what colors you are thinking about having. If your rooms are large, you will probably find it far easier than if your rooms are small. However, this should not be the discerning factor regarding whether you take the plunge.

For instance, a dark, brooding feature wall can look amazing if the right colors or textures surround it, such as plain brickwork or sumptuous furnishings. If you are hesitant about painting the whole room or even just a wall or two, you can always add bold colors with your soft furnishings or with your accessories.

#3 Large print wallpapers

Large print wallpapers can come across as daring and exciting but can look absolutely fantastic regardless of the size of the room it is in. Themes such as jungle, floral, or tropical can add huge amounts of color to a room as well as give it personality.

However, this is important that you know how to do tropical wallpaper right, as well as the other large print wallpapers on the market. Getting it even slightly wrong can ruin the look you are going for, and if you have paid out for the beautiful extravagance wallpaper, it can be an expensive mistake.

#4 Oversized furniture

Many people think that oversized furniture can make a room feel small and cramped. However, if it is just one piece, it can provide the room with grandeur, a conversation piece, and a centerpiece. Undoubtedly it is important that you choose your piece carefully and place it even more so. Having a large piece of furniture looming in the corner of a room hidden behind other pieces will do nothing for your room in general, nor will it do any favors to your large piece of furniture. However, having it stand alone will bring interest and attention to a piece that not only deserves attention but demands it.

#5 Large pieces of art

This is also true of works of art. Of course, a work of art can be anything from a statue or sculpture to a wall-hung painting. When placing artwork around your home, you should start with it and then arrange your furniture around it. This is so that even if it is not the centerpiece, it stands in a prominent position so it can be viewed around the room. When it is a statue or sculpture, it really should be able to be viewed from multiple angles in order for the observer to get the full benefit of the work and creativity involved by the artist.

So, a few final thoughts

Sometimes it is worth just taking the plunge and going for it. If it is decorating, it can easily be changed; if the furniture is too large – it can be resold, and the same goes for artwork. However, going bold with design choices will need to be thought about and planned as this could work out costly and put a dampener on any budding designer’s day.