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How to Instill a Sense of Luxury Through Your House

If you’ve recently stayed at an expensive, five-star hotel, you no doubt left impressed at the incredible sense of luxury and comfort. Returning home can be something of a disappointment, it can leave you yearning to return to those extravagant surroundings.

However, there’s nothing to say you can’t make your home a luxurious space itself. Don’t assume this will require a lot of money, luxury can be attained affordably by planning correctly and making the right choices. Check out this guide and instill a sense of luxury through your house.

Add some new Furniture

Furniture is one of the most important elements of an interior space. It can act as the centerpiece around which the rest of the room is designed, or it can be used to augment existing stylistic choices.

If you’re looking to add a sense of luxury to your home, one of the most effective approaches is to add some new furniture. Something like a four-poster bed or a leather sofa can give a space an immediate sense of class and elegance. If you’re worried about the cost, don’t be. Check out some discount furniture options, you’ll be amazed at some of the deals you can find.

Explore Other Senses

Luxury isn’t just about what we can see. If you want to truly make your home more luxurious, you will need to harness the power of the other senses.

Smell is incredibly important, certain scents can trigger specific emotions and affect our emotional mood and mental state. Using candles or diffusers to introduce some fragrance into your home can be a fantastic way of elevating the sense of luxury. Scents like vanilla and lavender are always popular, these will make your home feel more comfortable, welcoming, and sophisticated.

Touch is important as well. Think about the fabrics and soft furnishings you use. Soft materials like silk are perfect for creating an irresistible sense of luxury. Choosing the right bedding is vital. The sign of a true luxury hotel is always a comfortable and decadent bed, so you should strive to replicate this in your home.

Play with Colors

It’s impossible to overstate how important colors are for interior design. Colors can elicit different emotions and feelings in humans, which makes them perfect for establishing mood, tone, and atmosphere. For example, red can make people feel hungry, while blue can make people feel calm and tranquil.

For luxury, you can’t go wrong with gold. This creates a sense of wealth and prosperity, perfect for your opulent interior design. Purple is always a good choice too, this color has links to royalty and aristocracy, it can be used to transform your home into a palace.


Don’t assume that a luxury home is only for celebrities and royalty. In fact, you can make your home luxurious by using some basic and affordable interior design tricks. Add some new furniture, explore other senses like smell and touch, and experiment with the color scheme in your home to transform your interior space and rival the most expensive luxury hotel.