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How To Prepare Your Property for a Fence Installation

Did you purchase your home and soon build a list of things you hoped to complete? You may want to remodel your interior and work on the exterior, such as expanding your outdoor living space, reworking your landscaping and installing a fence. However, you should understand how to prepare your property before your contractors start working.


Get a Survey

Before you start researching fencing near me, you should find your boundary markers. You do not want to encroach on your neighbor’s land, and you don’t want to lose property because your fence is inside your property lines. When the developers created your lot, they placed property pins under your yard that signify its boundaries, and you can find them with a metal detector.

However, for the most accurate property lines, consider getting a land survey. Choose a survey reputable survey company with experience in residential real estate.

Clean Up Your Property

Before you install a fence, remove any debris from your yard. Then, prune and care for your landscaping. Remove any branches, bushes, rocks or other plants from the property line. Remove any personal belongings or structures along the property line. You should also consider leveling the ground.

Identify Your Local and HOA Regulations

Research your city regulations, including permitting requirements. Also, if you are part of a homeowners’ association, find out what type of fencing you can install.

Mark Your Property

You also need to clearly mark your irrigation or sprinkler lines. The city should also come and mark your electrical and plumbing lines. You don’t want to have to replace these lines or pay fines because your contractor cut them.

Let Your Neighbors Know

Before your fencing contractors start traipsing along your property and bringing in supplies, you should let your neighbors know that you plan to have a fence installed. You never know, your next-door neighbors may offer to split the cost with you for their part of the fencing.

As you complete your plan and preparation, search for the best fencing contractor you can find.