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How to Use Store Fixtures to Boost Bakery Sales

Store fixtures are a great way to liven up your bakery and attract new customers. However, they can also be expensive and complicated to install.

Whether you are a new bakery owner or an experienced baker, learning how to use store fixtures can help boost your sales and create a brand that will appeal to your target market. Here are some tips to get you started:



Signage is a great way to communicate the benefits of your bakery’s products and increase sales. It can also help customers feel a sense of loyalty to your brand and build trust.

The right signage will raise awareness of your store, inform customers about your goods and services and let them know about special offers. Whether you use chalkboards, printouts, or a digital board, keep the signage simple and easy for your staff to change.

Fixtures can be a great way to entice consumers and increase sales by giving them a clear view of your product lines. They can also highlight new arrivals, seasonal promotions, and highly-demanded items.

Display Cases

Display cases are a great way for people to look at your bakery products. They also help keep your food fresh, which boosts sales.

You may also use them to display products you need help selling elsewhere. If you have a lot of chocolate mint cakes but just a few mint cupcakes, combine them to increase sales.

Countertop, floor, and corner display cases are all available. They are available in widths ranging from 36 to 96 inches and heights ranging from 77 to 77 inches.

Depending on your business requirements, they’re available with either front or rear access. There’s also a variety of shelving options, from single shelves to multi-tiered systems.


Lighting can help your bakery products stand out, enticing customers to purchase. However, it is important to use lighting wisely to avoid compromising the quality of your baked goods.

One thing you want to keep in mind when lighting your bakery is color consistency. Fluorescent lights, for example, have a green-yellow or magenta cast that can give off a less-than-pleasant effect on your baked goods and store interiors.

Fortunately, you can correct the problem by using daylight-balanced LED fixtures in your bakery display cases. This will ensure consistent light colors throughout your store, helping customers feel comfortable shopping for your tasty treats.

Counter Displays

Counter displays can boost your sales, whether your bakery is large or small. This is because they make your products stand out from the rest of the store, increasing impulse purchases.

The key is choosing the display that best matches your product line or design. For example, choose a counter display with hooks to hang your sweets from the top of the case if you sell candy.

Choosing the proper lighting for your bakery can also help boost sales. Ensure your display cases have warm lights and bulbs that reflect well so your baked goods look as delicious as they taste.

Aisle Displays

Aisle displays are ideal for showcasing bakery items and drawing customers into your store. They are also a great way to promote your products and highlight new offerings.

These retail fixtures are usually made from wood, metal, or plastic and can be designed to stand out in a crowd. They can feature branding, trays, and other items that break the visual monotony of a shelf.

Another retail fixture often used in convenience stores is a clip strip, which advertises several small products on a single strip. They occupy less shelf space than most other retail displays, which are great for cross-selling.

Similarly, aisle violators are a great way to draw attention and increase sales. They can be placed near the front of the store or at the end of each aisle to encourage shoppers to stop and shop. They can also include pull-off coupons, samples, or other promotions to encourage shoppers to purchase additional products.