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How to Win Yard of the Month

Is your front or back yard turning into a jungle? Is it hard for your yard to get noticed among your neighbors’ updates? Or are you a landlord that wants to give your tenant’s yards a boost?

Yard of the Month contests put your yard in the spotlight. They help you stand out from the crowd. These competitions can also help you take care of a neglected yard and renew its vitality.

Not sure how to win? We have tips below. Keep reading to learn all about a yard of the month contests and how you can win with ease.


Creating Impressive Landscaping

Start by deciding on the overarching theme of your yard and plan your landscaping accordingly. Research plants, trees, and other ground cover that fit the climate zone and microclimate of your area. 

Research plants, trees, and other ground cover that fit the climate zone and microclimate of your area. Clear and level pathways, add seating areas, and feature water features such as bird baths, waterfalls, and bubbling fountains.

To win Yard of the Month, it is important to create a visual masterpiece in the front yard. Check this landscaping installation service to achieve this with a professional touch.

Adding Eye-Catching Decorations

Start by choosing decorations that complement the size and overall look of your yard. Consider larger items such as garden sheds, arbors, and statues along with an array of colors or lights to help draw attention to your yard. 

Add a few smaller items such as birdhouses, gazing balls, and bird baths to add interest in different areas of your yard. Even small decorations such as flowerpots, wind chimes, and windmills can help make your yard attractive. 

Keeping Your Lawn Maintained

To keep your lawn in tip-top shape, start by choosing the right lawn care products for your type of grass. Regularly mowing your lawn and edging around edges and borders will keep your lawn looking neat and tidy.  Water thoroughly and frequently to ensure your lawn gets the water it needs to stay healthy and green. 

Apply fertilizer and appropriate weed control products twice a year for optimal growth and health. By following these simple steps, your lawn will be the envy of your neighborhood and you will have won Yard of the Month with ease.

Plant Seasonal Blooms and Greenery

If you want to win Yard of the Month, it’s important to plant seasonal blooms and greenery in your yard. Start by selecting plants that will thrive in your local climate, soil, and light conditions. Plant a variety of flowers and plants that have bloom times throughout the season to ensure your yard will be vibrant and colorful all year.  

Plant a border of greenery such as evergreens around your garden to provide contrast and further define the space. With seasonal delight and attention to detail, a beautiful yard is achievable in no time and is likely to win the coveted Yard of the Month title.

Win The Yard of the Month Award

Being Yard of the Month is an amazing way to recognize an individual or family’s lawn.  By following a few easy guidelines such as keeping your front lawn looking nice, regularly mowing and weeding, watering your grass and lawn during dry spells, and planting some trees and flowers, you can be sure to win Yard of the Month. So start sprucing up your lawn today!

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