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Lessening The Impact of Hurricanes on Homes

Hurricanes are natural disasters that can leave you vulnerable to wind, rain and flying debris damage. Solutions are available to lessen a hurricane’s effects.

Plywood over the windows is one of the most common solutions. It can reduce the damage to windows and save you money on repairs.



One of the most common ways homeowners prepare for a hurricane is to board their windows. While this is an effective way to lessen damage from strong winds, it should be a temporary solution.

The best way to protect your windows from a hurricane is to purchase impact-resistant windows that resist high winds and flying debris. These windows will withstand a range of currents from 50 mph to 150 mph.

When hurricanes hit, impact windows are the first part of a home to consider. Inspecting your property for any broken windows and replacing them with new ones is essential.


Hurricanes can cause severe damage to your roof, and taking steps to lessen that risk is essential. It includes ensuring that any loose or damaged shingles are secured before the storm hits.

Moreover, ensure any damaged or missing flashing is replaced, and all hardware is securely fastened. It will prevent water from entering your home and causing severe structural damage.

Hurricane rain comes in high volumes and can cause significant damage to your roof if it’s not designed to withstand the forces of the wind. It can also erode and weaken shingles.


Your gutters are one of the most crucial components to check and maintain during hurricane season. They help protect your home from rain and wind damage by diverting water from the foundation.

Gutters that are clogged or have other drainage problems may not work correctly during a hurricane. It can lead to leaks, which could cause damage to your roof, siding and windows.

Inspect your gutters and downspouts regularly for dents, holes, sagging and other problems. Pour a little water into them and see if they are flowing well. If they aren’t, remove any obstructions and test them again.


During hurricane season, doors play a significant role in protecting your house. They help in keeping the water out and avoiding floods.

Moreover, they also protect you from the security threats of high winds and flying debris.

Impact-rated doors are designed to withstand the intense winds and heavy objects thrown at them by hurricanes.

They undergo the Miami-Dade High-Velocity Hurricane Zone test to verify their strength and resilience.

In addition to that, they are also better insulators than standard doors. That means they help you save on energy bills.


Your garage is integral to your home but can also be vulnerable to hurricane damage. The Florida Division of Emergency Management says that the space opened by a garage door in a storm can cause significant pressure changes to the rest of your house, leading to the collapse of walls or a roof.

Clear away tree limbs and debris around your garage before a storm hits to lessen this damage. They are heavy and can quickly become missiles that pierce holes in your garage door or tear open a window, potentially letting water into the garage.

Alternatively, you can strengthen your garage door by attaching braces. These long bars reinforce your garage door and help prevent gale-force winds from breaking it apart.