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Main Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Ignore The Plumbing Issues At Your Home

When it comes to home ownership, many people don’t know when to conduct repairs. They may wonder whether it’s time to replace the house siding or resolve their plumbing issues. If you ignore the problems with your plumbing system, they could lead to costly repairs and water damage. In this article, we’ll explore the main reasons why you should always take prompt action.


The Problem With Clogged Drains

Clogs can cause water backup, which can damage your pipes and create unpleasant odors in your home. They can also encourage pests such as cockroaches and rodents, which are attracted to standing water. Due to their droppings and bacteria, these creatures can pose health risks for you and your family.

Ignoring clogs also puts more pressure on your plumbing system, leading to increased wear and tear on the pipes. This could eventually result in expensive repairs, or the need for a full system replacement. If required, seek help from local plumbing services that offer a 100% lifetime workmanship guarantee. They may also provide emergency services, upfront pricing, and clear estimates.

The Problem With Leaky Pipes

If you have leaky pipes, the water can seep into walls, floors, and ceilings, causing mold and mildew growth. This not only damages your property, but also poses health risks to you and your household. Another problem with leaky pipes is increased utility bills. Even a small leak can waste gallons of water every day, adding up to hundreds or even thousands of gallons each year. This not only wastes precious resources, but also increases your monthly bill significantly.

If ignored for too long, leaky pipes can compromise the structural integrity of your home’s foundation. The constant dripping of water could weaken it, and cause cracks in walls and ceilings over time. These will continue to expand if left unchecked, leading to major structural damage. In turn, this would require costly repairs that could have been avoided.

The Problem With Faulty Water Heaters

When your water heater stops functioning properly, it’ll cause significant inconvenience and discomfort for everyone. The problem will be likely to worsen over time if not addressed quickly. This would lead to increased energy bills, as the inefficient appliance uses more power to heat up the water.

Ignoring a faulty water heater can also pose safety hazards. They include gas leaks or electrical problems that may result in fires, explosions, or electrocution. In addition, it could cause damage to other parts of your plumbing system, leading to high-priced repairs. A professional plumber would be sufficiently trained and experienced to diagnose and fix these problems quickly and safely.

The Problem With Mold And Mildew 

Fungi thrive in damp and humid environments. It often manifests as a result of leaking pipes or poor ventilation. Mold and mildew not only cause unsightly stains on walls and ceilings, but also poses health risks. Inhaling mold spores can lead to respiratory problems such as allergies, asthma attacks, and other chronic lung illnesses. The longer mold and mildew go untreated, the more damage they can cause to your home’s structure. They can weaken drywall, warp floors, and even compromise the foundation of your house.

It’s therefore important to fix leaks, and improve ventilation in areas like bathrooms or kitchens that have high humidity levels. This will help prevent mold growth from occurring in the first place.

The Problem With Faulty Sewers

Sewage backups are a common consequence of clogged or broken sewer lines. This not only causes unpleasant smells and health hazards, but also results in damage to your property. Water damage from backed-up sewers can ruin carpets, furniture, and even the structure of your home.

Broken or corroded sewer pipes can cause leaks which ultimately lead to mold growth in your home. When left unchecked, these infestations may spread quickly and become expensive to clean up.

The Problem With Faulty Sump Pumps

The sump pump is an essential component of any home’s plumbing system. It helps to remove excess water, and prevent flooding in the basement or crawlspace. However, a faulty sump pump can cause serious issues if left unchecked. Should your basement become flooded, it could cause significant damage to your property – including furniture, appliances, and other belongings.

A faulty sump pump may lead to unwanted mold growth in your home. Basement flooding can also result in big-budget repairs that may not be covered by your insurance policy (unless you’ve purchased additional coverage specifically for floods).

The Problem With Faulty Garbage Disposals

These can cause clogs in your pipes, leading to backups and flooding, which would be inconvenient and expensive to repair. These units can emit foul odors throughout your home. This happens when food waste gets stuck in the disposal. When it begins to rot, it causes an unpleasant smell that permeates throughout the kitchen and beyond. This would be unpleasant for your household, and make it difficult to entertain guests or enjoy meals in your own home.

In addition, a malfunctioning garbage disposal could create a breeding ground for bacteria and other harmful microorganisms. The food waste in the disposal creates a warm, damp environment that’s perfect for bacterial growth. This could contaminate your entire kitchen area if left unchecked.

The Impact on Your House Value

If the structural integrity of your home is compromised in any way, it’ll decrease the overall value of your home. Potential buyers may be deterred from purchasing a house with major plumbing problems, as they may view it as an expensive and time-consuming fix.

Outdated or energy-inefficient plumbing fixtures (such as toilets and faucets) can lower the value of your home. In contrast, modern fixtures that are designed to conserve water can increase the appeal of your property. This especially applies to environmentally-conscious buyers who prioritize sustainability in their purchasing decisions.

Rather than being something you can’t afford, plumbing repairs are something you can’t afford to ignore! By properly stewarding your home, you’ll maintain its value and preserve your quality of life. In turn, your plumbing will serve your household and meet its needs for many years to come.